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Hey, I’m a tree.
I basically write sadfics and slice of life. My prose is poetic and my poetry is prosy, and damn I love surrealism. I’m hoping to be a writer of some sort when I grow up (jk I already am grown up… and ooooooooooold… and now depressed about how grown up and old I am [well not that grown up and old but in college])
If you leave me a comment or reply or pm, you’ll be like my favorite person ever

I love Japanese, French, and polish culture. Flip America, I’m splitting myself in three and moving abroad. Also, if you’re from one of these countries, I probably want to be your super awesome amazing friend but am just too awkward and busy to do it.

I’m basically a fangirl, so if you ever want to talk about any fandom ever (I’m in so many fandoms it’s scary, and if I’m not in one that you’re in, I can join it overnight), my pm box is open.

I’m a pc gamer because I’m too cheap to have a console. I don’t have a steam because I’m a steam hater (jk, I have a steam, I’m just never on). I enjoy playing on the dead and forgotten platforms (flash, gba, etc.) as well as indie games. I guess that makes me a hipster along with all the other hipster things I do (although I don’t act much like a hipster and have an endless supply of hipster jokes)

I’m a mod and admin on several groups, and it would be fantabulous if you joined some of the groups I’m a part of:

Flash Games
Weekly Contests
Sword Art Online: Remastered

Much like with fandoms, I listen to basically all the music ever created in every genre. From classical to metal. Pop to bluegrass. Everything. If you ever want to talk about music just shoot me a pm (are you starting to get the sense that I want you to send me pm’s?)

If you’re wondering why I followed you, its probably because I liked one of your stories or your blog. I read 90% of all stories on my kindle, so I usually forget to favorite and upvote a story.

I usually try to keep my blog clear from irrelevant blog posts and full of content that’s still enjoyable to read. feel free to read through it, and I always appreciate comments.

I can be a bit standoffish (this partially comes from the fact that I’m super busy and partly from the fact that I’m… well, standoffish) but really, I want to be your friend.

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    Good day, Miss!

    I'm the Hard-Pressed Scribe. If you'd be comfortable with it, I'd like to employ you as one of my personal but largely editorial advisers. You seem like a superb addition! The job is quite easy and by no respect time-consuming, I'll just randomly PM you when I want your opinion on something.

    Hey!:pinkiehappy: I posted a new story called Emerald's Struggle! Go check it out!

    If you want to:fluttershysad:

    Let's try to get this Story featured!:yay:


    It's true!:raritydespair:

    whale that escalated quickly
    i kno trees arouse you

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    After the long journey I feel so empty. But I know I will be filled

    Things I drew

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