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A group for all those sci-fi fics about ponies! There aren't a great number of them, but I'm quite fond of sci-fi and when they're good they're really good! So have a group! Anything involving future technology, aliens, time travel, dimensional jumps through things other than magic, etc, belongs here!

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Is this group still active??

Hey, I just posted a revision for one of my old stories and I was wondering if I could get some criticism feedback. It's called Infernus Astartes: Ruinous Son. I'm really curious as to seeing what people think about it.

After seeing Cyberpunk 2077 for a buncha times, I'm convinced to join and read Sci-Fi stuff filled wih ponies.

Is it still sci-fi if the magic is scientifically explained?

Do you guys have any storys about humanityof earth ending up in equestria? Ps sorry if I,m brackish any rules

Um, quick question. Hypothetically speaking, if one were to be working on a story that features both time travel and dimensional travel very prominently, as well as a mix of absolutely everything else in all of the other folders as minor plot points, where would one put it once it's sufficiently developed?

O - key, mee's has arrived, and with a Vengeance.
Naturally, I did post a story that should be here.

It seems like the banner's disappeared. I saw a (I think) recent site thing saying that Group banners would now need to be uploaded instead of linked files, did you forget to change it?

Hey, can even Magic Science enter? Oh, God, the possibilites! Wait, how about Pony Science!

#####: You misunderstood.
Me: Science Fiction. Magic is considered to be part of Fantasy and Fiction. And some great magic tricks are explainable by science.
#####: Impossible, they never mix!
Me: Tell that to my second pony OC who is a unicorn who uses magic to find science!
#####: That's confusing.
Me: Remind me to pour all of my items in FictionPress site. Then, I'll link all of the unexplainable items there.
#####: Why are you even here then?

(And then the world exploded because a few scientists learned highly advanced sorcery and magic by manipulating specific energies from specific elements.)

Hi Sci-Fi Ponies. Nice concept - good to see more groups with a science fiction bend to them.

Added my own story, but it's about both time and dimensional travel, so...I put it in both categories. Hope that's okay! :derpytongue2:

Anyone know of any good Firefly/MLP crossovers? And I mean an actual crossover where either Serenity either lands in Equestria or the characters from each series interact with each other.

greetings! I'm glad I found a large Sci-Fi themed group to share my story, Legacy, with. It's just starting out, but I have high hope for it as I go along!

Steampunk isn't future.

We all know the story of Hearths Warming Eve, but the legend all ponies know isn’t the whole story. The pegasi war against the windigos seemed doomed to failure until they discovered that the unicorns had constructed an artificial sun to hold back the winter. When a small group of physicists join up with the might of the pegasi military in a drive to the north, the true cause of the endless winter will be revealed, and the origins of the crystal empire explained.
'The Brightest Shine'

I think that there should be a Steampunk Folder in this group.

how do I submit a story to this group? :rainbowhuh:

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