Warning: The following story you are about to read contains mentions of violence, death, the afterlife, F/M, M/M, sex, talk of sex, suicide, and figuring what to do with eternity. If you are uncomfortable with one or many of these things, you know where the exit button is. 

Neither Gallus nor Sandbar expected to die at the age of 18 and 17, but at least it was dying while saving the world. With their lives over, all that they expected was a simple slip into darkness for eternity. Never did they imagine that what awaited them was paradise for their deeds and actions.

Of course, one doesn’t just accept or come to terms with their sudden death. Especially at such a young age. There are regrets, questions, and discoveries about oneself that come with the prospect of being welcomed into Heaven. Some of these experiences can be welcoming and others can be sorrowful moments in an otherwise bright and happy world.

Yet, perhaps the biggest experience is one that will see the two bond past the flames of friendship and into the waters of love. After all, everything is possible in the afterlife. 

Co-Written by: Rated Ponystar
Edited by: TheAncientPolitzanian and Babroniedad
Cover Art by: LupiArts

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Twilight Sparkle had assumed the glamour was all there was to her cousin...but somewhere along the line she--and so many others--forgot that a glamour was also another word for façade, and under that façade was a real person.

It was something that, for the longest time, even Glamour herself had forgotten, too busy being everything her parents expected...

But sometimes all it takes is just one person to really look beyond the mask someone wears and find the heart and soul of who they are, to help them see the truth of themselves and cope with what that uncovers. Glamour Shot considered herself beyond lucky to have that one person in her life, because it had opened her eyes to things she would never have come know and treasure otherwise... and in the end, she didn't care what she had to do, she would, if it meant they could be together.

A sidestory set in the universe of Cross The Rubicon, courtesy of my lovely and amazing editor/writing partner--she did such an amazing job on this one! This story delves into the nature of a side character introduced in one of the winter break chapters: Twilight Sparkle's cousin, Glamour Shot. Rubicon is not required, but highly recommended since the character was really meant for that story.

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This story is a sequel to Incarnate

Twilight Sparkle is now the sole of the throne of Equestria. With the exchange of power though also comes a change of the guard and those that loyally served the Solar and Lunar princesses. While much of the palace staff chose to stay on to assist the new ruler some positions required change following retirements and resignations. One such opening was the Captain of the Royal Guard. There were many qualified candidates available, but with so much uncertainty only one Twilight truly trusted above all others to get the job done better than the rest. Tempest Shadow.

After some talking and convincing, Tempest accepts the position, but that does not mean the guard and the rest of Canterlot is ready to accept her.

Takes place timeline wise following Season 9 and includes my own tweaks and changes that occurred in Incarnate months earlier.

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This story is a sequel to Spiderman Equestria's Hero: Rise of the Insidious Six.

Spiderman.... the hero of Canterlot city, the warrior of the multiverse; may finally meet his match.

Rykers' worst inmates have escaped and are now on the loose again; can Adam, and his friends, defeat them and send them back to jail before they bring the whole city down.

Spiderman is in for a some great adventures in this season; musicals, team ups.... and maybe even a wedding. All coming in this, the third season of Spiderman Equestria's Hero.

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(This takes place before The Ridonculous Race and Season 9 does not exist yet and this has no connection to My Little Total Drama)
Discord with the permission of the princesses, got Chris to make the newest Total Drama season in Equestria.

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Ditzy Doo knew not what to expect when moving to Canterlot. New School, new people, new life. The reality was that leaving Cloudsdale was one of the scariest things her and her family had ever done.

The universe has a strange way of working things out, as she would learn. Strange, but beautiful.

Mostly strange, though.

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After weeks of favors, hassling, and outright begging, Rainbow Dash has finally convinced Starlight Glimmer to help her with the perfect birthday gift for her favorite fan/sister, Scootaloo. But Scoots gets a lot more than just a day of flying, she also goes on her first date. . . with Applejack. (Disclaimer: romance story with mild lewdness. Supports AppleDash head-cannons. New writer so mistakes are probably plentiful, so please let me know of any errors. Thanks and enjoy!)

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Working at the friendship school as student counselor has kept Starlight away from spending time with Trixie. When she finally gets the chance to pay Trixie a visit, Starlight notices that she is acting weirder than usual. In order to save their relationship, Starlight comes up with a plan to find out what is going on with Trixie.

She wasn't ready for the answer

Based off the "arrival" prompt from Bean's writing group. And now time to give the special thanks to these beautiful people because they are beautiful and everyone needs to know it.

Bean besto editor

Gadot,Biké,Sledge for their sicc feedback

Sinner boi for his help with the title

Rdt,Mykola, poison joke, waywardfallout and gamu for being swell proofreaders

And everyone in the BWG discord server for their awesomeness and support. Stay classy.

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Three years before the Conversion War, a group of pony students studied under Professor Jacque Dubois in Maine. Although most of the ponies have long since dropped out, five remain in the program as relationships between Equestria and Earth sour. Some of the ponies involved have come away with the same ideas and ideals as they did before the program began, eight years prior to the War. But not all.

It is now 2050. Equestria has lost the Conversion War. Princess Twilight has surrendered to the combined nations of Earth. Professor Dubois has been a soldier for three years.

And now he comes face to face with some of the students who came back to Equestria.

(No, this is not one of those creepy professor-student relationship stories. This is an attempt at a good look at a proper relationship between students and teachers/professors, even when some of them were on the other side of a war. The romance tag is for a straight - and clean - pony x pony relationship within the story. Alternate universe because some stuff in the Negotiationsverse happened differently than in the prime timeline.)

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The mane 5 are very skeptical about twilight and starlight new nicknames and jokes and wants to get to the bottom of it, inspired by keeping up with the kardashians.

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