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This is a more organized group for shipping stories, including the most common of shipping couples, regardless of the characters involved. Please make sure to insert stories in the proper folder. If you find a story with a pairing that is not listed, please be sure to speak up. Please don't ask for folders to be made of pairings that don't have any stories out there. Seriously, what would be the point of making a folder for stories that aren't available to fill it?

Please try to just put proper romantic shipping stories in here. Comedies and other types of shipping stories work fine as well. Try to avoid placing anything mature and/or anything that is clop-related. There's a different area for clop-fictions. This organized group is for the magic of pure romance. Or funny romance. Or adventure romance. Well, you get the idea.

Isn't being organized amazing? Just ask Twilight and Rarity!

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Hi, everyone! Glad to be here! I hope you’re having a wonderful day full of inspiration. :pinkiehappy: Expect some stories from me soon!

i noticed there's no SpitDash

In similar groups why doesn't anyone mention the most shipped couple possible OctyScratch or LyrBon

Where's GilDash?

Wat... FlutterMac is here... So why no SoarinDash?!? That's a common ship now days!

I just came up with how to pull my very own Spirity off.
remains to see how it works out and if it gets any popular, but still, I think I managed to get past all the standard Canon Problems with the ship.

376939 Exactly.

Fitted into the High-School Movie format.
Why else would they bother inventing him?

376934 Good thing, not every Pony should be shipped with any Pony you found a fancy for the other day.
You have been here for a lot longer them me, I just joined in time to publish my first story here in the Year of the Horse, as I was told of lately.

In a sense, I think you could see Luna wed to two different spouses already, on the one side, we have Celestia with whom she is ruling Equestria, on the other it is the Loyalty to Equestria. Kind of funny in these days, since it would be a FillyFooler ship on the one hoof, and a Honourbound ship on the other.
From our side, maybe you could see Celestia and Luna as 'King and Queen', they kind of acts out the roles as well, just look at how they split the power and how they use their respective powers?

The FleshLight isn't truely a Romantic ship, Flesh merely chose to jump ships, as a Luitenant to first Sunset, then to Twilight. He jumped, because he saw a chance for something better for both himeslf and the school, loyalty or not.
I think it was a wise choice to jump ships, since Twilight was clearly the better leader of the two, and there was no other choices to hope for at the time.

I guess it would be Hillarious with your Cranky ship, even if you had to crush the heart of poor Matilda, if she is still in the picture at the time?

It was a High School movie, and as such the ship was required to fit into the form of such a movie.
otherwise, any other character, like Vinyl Scratch could have played the part just as well. She later is revealed to be friend with the mane six, anyway.

Heck, even ie could have played the part, since she proved to be good, she isn't merely the fool or clown she was in the show, maybe there is hope for her, after all?

And that flash and twilight are the about the same age and he helped twilight thouht some tuff time but that doesnt prove that she likes him

Yes and no at the sames time

376908 When it comes to shipping, I am very selective on who I would ship. When I first became a Brony two and a half years ago I was no fan of any shipping. While I'm not the type that will ship ponies for any little reason, there are some ships I do like. I brought up Soarin' and Fluttershy simply because I don't think RD would be a good match for him. Would I actually write a story where Soarin' and Flutters are shipped, no. One pony that I would never ship with anypony is Luna. To me she has this regal personality and I simply don't see her as a pony that should be shipped.

You mentioned a dead and pointless ship. To me that is Twilight and Flash Sentry. I have seen a lot of horrible, nasty and pointless ships but to me that is by far the worst one possible. This might sound sick but I would ship Twily with Cranky before I would Flash. To me, he is simply a character that was brought into the spotlight (positive or negative) because of his interactions with Twilight in Equestria Girls.

376887 What Ponies would you ship the two with?

Does Dash go with Flutters or Pinkies?

Oh wait, doesn't Pie any Pony?

376868 Guess it is good we are all different.
I'm glad someone give me a hint on who they are.
Commonly just need a good premise from which I can start the ship of from, which I thought I had.

Apparently, there are Ponies who enjoy the ship, or are they just telling us in order to see how many you could troll into writing a story about a dead/pointless ship?

Seems there are those who ship anything that move, or they thought it was, possibly while in a feverish rant?

No josh to much appledash shiping

376852 Rainbow Dash and Soarin really don't make a good ship in my opinion. Soarin' is more of a laid back guy while RD is more brash. I would ship her with Spitfire but then again that is just me. If I were to ship Soarin' with any pegasus, it would probably be Fluttershy.

372204 There is?
I never got to this Dash-Ship(at least not yet)

367967 You are much too kind towards the flesh sentries?
Either way, I like the image.

365217 I have this ship, somewhere out there at sea.

362166 If you give as a few leads, the details, who was it about?

How about a folder for Rainbow Dash :heart: Soarin?
Seems like a popular enough ship to go by?

So much appledash shipping

Personally I like Twilight x Celestia the best. Anything involving Luna I don't like and to me the only thing Flash Sentry should be shipped with is a guillotine, preferably a very sharp one with a basket for his head to fall in.

Twilight X Trixie is like best ship <3

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