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Without dedicated staff on hand, Fimfiction would be a ship (heh) without a crew, destined to crash at any time on a rocky shore. The guys below all contribute in various ways to making sure the site stays functional throughout the day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Oh, and please don't bug us about being on the staff team at the moment, we're always on the look out for good members to pick up when we need new people!




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Comment posted by Darksoul85 deleted 6 days ago

where do I ask for someone to accept my submission? Cause nobody apparently is doing so for me.

Midnight is confused

¿Cuál es el problema con las historias con formato chat? ¿Se ve mal al escribir en general?

I'm unsure about which point I have to add the sex warning tag on T rated stories, because the definition in the help is relatively vague. (to me, whether implicit or explicit would include characters having children since that implies that parents of the character had sex)

So, are innuendos already too much?

Or does it have to be explicitly said to have happened off page? Does the amount of detail matter? (like, is "we slept with each other" already too far or not)

Is there a limit on submission attempts

a few months ago i recieved a messages from the mods saying that i should change things to my story if my story is not related to my little pony. THe question is, WHAT can i remove to do so?

I read the story rules, and it says copywrite lyrics are against the rules in stories, not just plaigerism.
(I'm not on staff, just wanted to let you know.)

Do any of the administrators or staff know why Winterwatcheralways and Nocturnalis Storyhart have been locked from their accounts?

Please delete my account

quick question is there a way to download all the books in my library(book shelves) in one operation or should I just go and do it with a site down-loader
thanks Foaly

I can't join any groups, i keep getting this error message You cannot perform this action any more right now, is it only me is it a glitch in the site?

Quick question: Where should I go to request a new character tag? I have a story that has Pistachio (from the Best Gift Ever special) as one of the main characters, and there's not a tag for him. It's not a huge deal. I was just surprised seeing as his scene was one of my favorite scenes from the special.

So I have an account called ‘KamikazeKawaii’ and I haven’t used it in a while. I’ve been trying to log onto it but I’ve forgotten the password and I’ve switched emails, so I’m completely locked out.
I’m using this account as an acting one. I’d really like to be able to use my old one. Please help

Hi Sleepy Panda,
I don't care for adware or spyware or anything of the like to be installed on my computer/phone/tablet. Intrusive stuff like that doesn't appeal to me. I've sorted it out now.
Take care S.P.

Why would you disable cookies?

I was trying to get onto fimfiction and for some reason there is some bogus cookie information that has just popped up. I tries to disable the 'cookies' and its locked me out of using the site.. I tied to undo it and it can't be accessed. Is this a legitimate 'cookie' from fimfiction or bogus junk. If it is real it doesn't work to undo the changes. It said it would limit what could be done. It's done more than limit, it's blocked the site from even being used. I get a blue bar stating 'cookie consent' and nothing else is accessible.

Need help and information.

PS posted this to Knighty via my email account a sec ago and I just finally found a way to post here to the other admins/moderators. Other than that I can't do anything else.

I’m here to say that the writer Connercooper DID have a pony in the first chapter of his new story Upgrade. It’s a doctor Ratchet and has a Abyssinian who both are apart of the MLP world. So if his band could be lessened do to being a misunderstanding and trolls unfairly attacking him that would be great

I think that's something different. There's two things listed under Rankings: Rating and Word Count.

Word Count is what you were referring to. When it says your story is 25000th that means, I believe, that there are 24.99K stories with more words than yours, and however many more after it with less (I think there's over 200K stories on the site).

I'm trying to clarify what Rating means and how it works.

the rankings work for story's is this: they are based on how many words are on your story.... I think.

Uhh.... Wut happened to the story approvers?

Can someone explain the ranking system in the statistics and how they operate and what it means when it says your story is ranked 1,234 or whatever?

Why doesn't the Mean 6 have a tag?

I need you’re help, please go to my profile and you’ll see what I mean.

I was not being rude to anyone.

I learned my lesson

I need help right now, they are attacking me, even though I don’t do anything.

Hi. Some users are trying to indirectly harass Jetfire2012 and subtly attack religious people in the comments of this blog post:

This happened because some anti American, pro riot personage (Like Wootmaster) found his account and started sharing it in anti American, pro riot groups.

Thanks for the help anyway.

I'm not staff here, but as an author I think T is perfectly fine for that. There's a reason you have access to all the content warning tags for a T story.

M is usually for explicit sexual or grotesque descriptions, or anything you want to shield from people who keep the M filter on.

Hello, I just want to ask is it still teen rating if I somewhat describe drug abuse and someone dying from lung cancer, or do I change it to Mature?

Maybe so, but I still believe those laws are ridiculous.


DMCA laws make it difficult to allow copyrighted materials such as music and lyrics to be featured in stories here. It's not you that would recieve the copyright claim, it's FiMFic that would get the claim. Unless you want FiMFic sued, it would probably be best not to include copyrighted lyrics in stories. Besides, it's much more fun to make up your own. Have you tried? It's really quite enjoyable.

Probably because Knighty gets notifications on this site ALL THE TIME, and only responds to the urgent things. (Just a guess)

Comment posted by Deus Foalt deleted June 11th

There's this one question I wanna ask. About Knighty. I've seen many people send messages or comments to him, asking him for advice or to solve problems or small requests and so on. But in all those years, he never answered them. Not even me when I once asked him about a problem or two. The only times I saw him answer was when he posted the descriptions of the My Little Pony episodes and added his own opinion to them. I also saw his last comments from yesterday about something and it didn't look good.

Tell me, why doesn't he answer the people?

Not unless you say you don't own them!

Copying lyrics you dont own is stealing.

Stealing = story gets taken down.

This is for all the staff: I heard Dinodisneylover1's stories were taken down because of lyrics from other media. I say it's unfair! It's interesting to see even the mlp characters singing songs like those. That sort of rule needs to change, otherwise this entire sight will know longer be such a great site. So please have hearts and change the discriminating rule against other media lyrics.

I'm having trouble uploading images and videos on my kindle


You've got the mature filter on. Turn it off, you'll see your story then.

Also if you don't seem to be getting replies to PMs, then either a. they've read but didn't reply, b. ignoring them, or c., and most likely, you've been blocked by them.

Try commenting on their profile. See if you can.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Not sure if this is where we report weird glitches, errors, bugs, strange occurrences or not, but for the last few weeks I've been running into a handful of increasingly problematic errors, and I can't narrow down if they are site side or user-side.

A few weeks ago, right at the time I was trying to post a new chapter to my story, the website had some sort of hiccup/lag spike/crash. Ever since then, I've run into a growing list of issues, including, but not limited to:

-I update weekly (Fridays), and yet, since then, if I do a random search on the site for stories with certain tags and use one of the tags my story has, my story no longer shows up in the search. At all. Like its being overlooked by the search function. (noticed it by accident, when looking up stories with the same character I'm writing about.)

-Some of my PMs seem to be getting lost in transit--they seem to send just fine, but evidence suggests they aren't getting to their recipients.

-Just now, I was reading a PM, and when I went back to my own profile, it lists me as having 1 story (accurate), but when I click on my stories to see them, it throws up an error that "no stories were found matching your search." However, if I go directly to the page for the story via a url, I can post and read and edit and all that.

This persists both on my PC and my iphone, so I'm not sure what's going on, but...Its a tad glitchy and kind of annoying. At present, like I said, I'm trying to narrow down whether the problem is on my end, or on the site's end.

Starting today, I'm having a constant "1 unread message" notification on the upper bar, despite having read all messages already, and it won't go away no matter what I do.

When searching for stories, can it be possible to filter the stories? Like 'Complete', 'Hiatus', 'Incomplete', and 'Cancelled'? It would make it easier to find good fic to read.

are the groups promoting things such as spa vacations and other typical advertisment? Then yes, it is ok to report them. also, check out the user profile too, and see if there is a link in their bio. Usually, these are spam bots I deleted a story thinking that no one liked it... and now I'm getting all kinds... well, people letting me know that they did like it. I checked the rules and it said to ask a moderator to help me get it back. The title was along the lines Fight for the Crystal Empire... something close to that. Thank you for your help.

I deleted a story and now I regret it. If one of you could help me get it back that would be great.

My e-mail notifications suddenly stopped working, though I haven't changed anything.

Comment posted by ______ deleted April 10th

Having issues with the filter switching back on

Has the Library glitch been fixed?

I think they edited it. Also, I don't know wether to report some groups that are not about MLP, and have no related content.

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