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Does the pm limit still apply to the new version of the site?

Comment posted by Muggonny deleted Saturday

Honestly, I'm not a fan of the new horizontal rule design.

The plain version, while it might be boring, you could literally use it for any story you write. If a person were to write something as unserious as a comedy, the decrotive horizontal rule would ruin the tone. I would prefer it if we had options to choose between the horizontal rules we want, that way we're able to fit it into the story the way it should be able to.

Yeah, but it might happen again. I've had that issue before and it caused me loads of problems.

Turns out it's an issue with autofill. Going into your phone's settings and deleting the autofill data for your fimfic login should resolve the issue.

I am, but I suppose it doesn't matter anymore. I just rewrote a new description anyway, since I don't think I can get my original back.

Is this where I go to bring up an issue with the website? I don't think the "continue reading" box is functioning as intended. It will show stories that I've caught up to or finished. It doesn't seem to register that I've read the latest chapter.

Oh, I think that's a bug on your end, if I'm right about what's happening. Any chance you're on an iPhone?

Why did you remove the pictures from the character tags? This seems like a downgrade as far as browsing goes.

Having an issue when trying to edit the a story description on my phone. Can't seem to change it to anything other than my username. Anytime I change it, the moment I press safe changes, it goes back to being my username. I don't know what's up, and now I can't remember my original description for the story.

Can you help me out, and also maybe recover my original description of the story?

my library says I have one unread chapter in my tracking folder but I can't find he darn thing! How do I fix this?

a new bug seams to have shown up as of about 14 hours ago.
the auto chapter count / reading auto check mark is not working for me.
now I do use IE (no I will never use corm) I have clear all my history cookies and back files for IE still not working.
and yes I even cleared the hidden files.

PS fixed it seams to be a dill file causing the problem I dug around in the coding for the history a bit erased it and now it seams to be working.
if it shows up agene I will get all the info I can as this may be the log in problem.

thank you for the help I looked and it was not showing but now at this time it is.
who knows it is windows after all.

Yes, we can still embed YouTube videos, as well as a few other things now as well, such as Soundcloud music or even Fimfiction stories.


T Run for the Roses
The landlord of Ponyville’s public house, the Run for the Roses, recounts events in the village in the week following Applejack’s disappearance.
8686 · 25k words  ·  121  1 · 666 views


The “YouTube” button’s still there, it just changed its look to reflect the additional embedding options. If you’re on a computer, the button should be in-between the “Image” button and the “Quote” button. If you’re on a mobile device, it’ll probably be in a drop-down menu on the far right side of the BBCode bar:

Hope this helps! :twilightsmile:

so we can not post YouTube links now??

Can anyone tell me if the character themed formats will be coming back? I really miss those.:heart:

I’v been using the mobile version of this website and with this update... Where is the recommended bar? Or whatever shows sequels, related stories, and groups attached to story?

My only complaint, promise!

New update and I can't figure out how to post a blog on mobile...

ok thank you.

Try these groups:
The Proofreader Group
Overly Exstensive Editors
Looking for Editors

Small Note: Try to be more formal than “please help”. People usually won’t respond to stuff like that. Try to be specific on what you need help with. If it’s just simple proofreading, you can explain that you need help with word and punctuation errors and all the other whatnot.

I need a proofreader. please help.

I leave the site alone for a few weeks and I come back to a glorified Reddit...

JK love the site updates:heart: My only issues are some of the images are broken and the design will take a while to get use to.

I don’t want to complain but this new update has really screwed me over from the new buttons to weird messages that I received a year and a half ago and popping up as new; its a nice look all new and such but please don't make the same mistake that a lot of game developers make, sacrificing gameplay(website functionality) for graphics(better looking site) I also want to ask why was the site revamped in the first place is it like trying to keep up with something like a trend or something of that magnitude?

So uh, since the update, it shows that I haven’t read any of the chapters, for any story I’ve Favourited or am currently tracking. And I have no idea what to do.

Huh. I don’t know what’s changed but I now have all the buttons on the bar. Thanks guys!

Story Approver


Yes. It’s a bug. For now just click past it. Ignore it like it doesn’t exist. :pinkiesmile:

It shouldn’t be physically preventing you from anything.

I get a message saying sever error when i click the pm icon, would you happen to know why

I’ve written some stories lately, and I’ve been trying to post them in the various groups that I’m in. But I can’t seem to add them to any folder, when I click “Add Story” it does nothing. I’ve been able to add stories to the groups before, so I don’t know why this is happening. I also don’t know if this is happening to anybody else or just me.


Since the update I haven’t had any buttons above the comment text field. The buttons for emojis and such. Like so:
I’m using an up-to-date browser (specifically IE v.11, fully updated) and I’ve already cleared my cache and cookies.

Nevermind, it was simply the browser I was using; It works on Mozilla Firefox
I’m having the same problem, what browser are you using? It works on Firefox!!

I am trying to write a story but I can’t find the save button when I edit a chapter
I am writing on the computer if that helps

Hi, Is there an appropriate location to make comments about site updates, or is that here?
Moving the Download link is mildly inconvenient and Doesn’t really work properly on mobile devices anymore.
Overall I like the updates but that one has changed single click downloads to Click->Move->Click (on desktop)

Story Approver


This is a known issue. Thank you :twilightsmile;


Did you get this issue resolved?

POSSIBLE BUG, I have noticed that in the "About" tab that the date registered spot says June 9th 2011 for everyone.

Hey guys it isn’t letting me open my messages this is what I get each time I try to open them up:

Invalid response format: SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input. Please send this whole message to knighty:

Why whenever I try to save an edit to my story nothing happens? I’ve done everything I’m capable of doing (including reading, and rereading every word of the help) so I was only wondering if anyone else was having this problem and if anyone knew what’s goin’ on/how to fix it... It’s starting to become pretty annoying

I can’t sign out from my profile. Every time I click logout it just doesn’t work. May I get some help here, please?

i want the old stuff back

Comment posted by YellowStripedBat deleted June 5th

When's that site update ? I miss live reader count. There's something so satisfying about knowing how many people, apart from yourself, are reading your work.

3046 you can get Adguard or other programs

3046 I agree as someone who mostly uses the mobile site

Right. I hoped I'd never have to do this but you really have got to do something about the ads on the mobile site.

Not only do they lag it to hell, I just got hit with a redirect ad.

~Skeeter The Lurker

3042 thanks for the offer but i got it sorted ^^

3041 You can send me a PM if nobody has contacted you yet.

Could I please speak with someone? I have a question but don't want to ask publicly


3039 Try messaging me.


3037 Is it happening with everyone, or just a specific person? If you can't contact specific people but PMing other people works, then you've been blocked.

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