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I would like to propose a new tag, the displaced tag for stories about the displaced so a new displaced story isn't lost among other new uploads


Is this allowed for a E rated story?, the author is unsure how much is aloved.

Is there a way to exit groups that are 404'ed considering they still appear on a user's profile at the groups section?

When searching for stories, you can remove the tag “Anon” using the bar on the right.

Hi I need a bit of help I keep getting "Signature is expired, the time on your computer or device is likely incorrect. The difference is 2588 weeks" every time i try to post a pm/comment or update my story, Now I've tried logging out & back in, making sure my browser is up to date(Firefox) with addons turned off & nothing works. Had to use a different browser just to post this hahaha

any ideas what I need to do to fix this? As firefox is my main browser I want to keep using it for this site, is it me or is something going on with the site?

Thanks in advance for any help

Just to say My computer is up to date & so is clock & date as well(just incase, anyone suggested that idea :twilightsmile: ) & sorry if I'm posting this in wrong place I just don't know where to ask this sort of quest.

Just a heads up for anyone that comes across the same problem as me, I managed to fix the problem but had to re-install my browser(firefox) to do it :twilightsmile: Just wanted to thank Wanderer D, for taking the time to help me, thank you :pinkiehappy:

is there a way to blacklist a certain type of story? i'm not a fan of the ones featuring the character "Anon"

Does the Anthology tag allow each chapter to be a separate event if they all connect to the same overall story. Like making your own fan episodes of the show and lumping them into a collection. I'm just checking before I go through with said fan episodes.

Comment posted by Tael_Spinner deleted July 21st

Hey, if anyone of you is gonna approve a story, I'll tell you once you PM me.

And before you approve it, I wanted you to pre-read the story, and tell me what are your opinions.

Site was down for a minute. Time to riot.

Hi there, I was hoping to get an update on approval for my story? It has been a couple of days already and I just wanted to know when it would be approved. Thanks!

Even though I just recently revamped my account here, it was originally created back in 2014 and I only uploaded 1 story called The Sabre Saga. Since my account has technically been active all this time, I was wondering if I could get that story restored. Thank you.

I have been block by someone and I really want to talk to him, is it possible to talk to him?

I have four stories submitted, I know because when I go to edit, the option to revoke their submission is given, but when I go to my page and try to find my stories, they aren't there.

Can't create a group. Used different browsers, they all come up saying this:

Stories are disappearing from my favorites and one story labeled "Cargo Cult" keeps popping up in said favorites section even though I haven't faved it, can anyone help me with this?

I clicked on it first time purely out of curiosity. Ever lost, it best to start pressing every button.


I was wondering if its possible to hide notifications popping up in the top toolbar.

Recently, I've been seeing my stories, stories I've worked hard on be added to bookshelves like 'Crap Stories' or "Dead Don't Bother'

It's... really quite disheartening. If people wanna do that, then whatever. But I don't want to see it. The ability to hide or disable them would be wonderful.

Does anyone around here know how to request for new story tags to be added? As well as who to go to for that?

how long, for a story to be approved? just wanna ask
thank you in advance hehehe

never mind i found out how to do it now i just need to tipe 1,000 word luckily i am at 600 something

Well, I can tell right away that you're linking to a folder on your computer, not something on the internet. None of us can click that. See how it says "file:///" at the beginning? That means it's pointing to a location in your computer.

So this news to me. I just got on after work and apparently while I was working one of my followers asked what happened to Moonking. I'm not going to argue or try to go against it, but I'd just like to know why he was banned and his story Demonking removed.

hello hehehe first time here

Who do I talk to if my account has been hacked?

Hi, I haven’t logged on in years, and I realized I had some stories that I think I had deleted. I’d love to get them back to just read my old work again. I don’t exactly remember the name of one of them, I believe it was along the lines of “A Wolf’s Escape”..if you could bring it back I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

For the last few days Tracking states that I have 2 extra unread chapters than I should have. I would appreciate it being fixed. It is surprisingly annoying.
I have included a link to a Screenshot to show what I mean.

I'm about to submit my first fic as well. What is the usual turnaround time from submission to approval?

Is it possible for me to find out if any of the stories I watch or have written to see if they were ever featured? I saw one of mine was but I am curious about the others. Thank you!

Excuse me? There's a bug on this website. I try to insert images in the comments, but for some reason, it won't let me.

Excuse me I just submitted my first story and was wondering how long it will take to get approved.

Not sure where else to put this; but the photo album module for the user pages hasn't worked with deviantart since they did their big upgrade. Can this be fixed?

I think something's wrong with the mobile version. The top bar won't go away when I scroll and my available viewing area is cut by teo thirds.

hi i am trying to get [url=file:///K:/star/la/the%20auido%20diary%20of%20celestys%20claset%20frend.docx]this story in and it is not leting me can you plz help.

:applejackunsure: They need to find a way to do something permanent about that guy.

I just saw a few of his posts today, he's gone now though

You guys should really consider setting up a system of IP bans. Whoever this person is, they show up every few months or so and post graphic porn into popular threads when the Mods are offline. :applejackunsure: They get banned, then show up later and do it all over again.

This may be the most petty tag related thing to mention, but the 'Pirates of the Carribean" tag is misspelled. Should be 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Though I do rather like that the spelling mistake involves an 'arrrgh'.

They need to put in an Anon-A-Miss tag in.

I owe you five bucks. I had no idea the stories I'd been tracking had changed their ratings.

Five bucks says you have view mature set to off. That is what usually causes that.

I'm not sure what's going on, but my tracked story section has told me for three weeks that I have unread chapters, but every time I try to click to see what they are, there's nothing there.

Fair enough. I'll see about that tomorrow, spent more time than I meant to on a story I hope to have out tomorrow. That's if I don't grind the hell out of Destiny first anyway.

There's a feature for tagging, in your a story, another story as a prequel. I haven't tried it out, but it may work to just tag the other story as the prequel to yours (idk if you can only tag your own stories or if you can tag any story).

Although you'd have to ask a moderator/story approver to be sure, I think that if your continuation is your own work, and not a copy of somebody else's work, you should be fine. I would certainly still get the permission of the author who's story you're continuing, but if you're not posting somebody else's creative work as your own on your account, I honestly see no problem.

I guess that's a no then to the fast method of continuing Undead Retribution even if the author were to say yes. That's disappointing but whatever. Someone might want to do something then about that other story I was thinking of then that copied The Scent. If it helps finding it at all the MC was in a herd with Chrysalis and Nightmare, started a male revolution, and fought Daybreaker at the end.


Don’t Post (Content)

  • Stories that plagiarize other stories. This means intentionally copying another author’s words and presenting them as your own.
  • Stories you did not write. If you are not the original author or a co-author, you cannot post it, even with permission. This includes “novelizing” a comic, movie, game, etc. that you did not create. For example: a Halo crossover with the same plot, scenes, dialogue, etc. but with the characters replaced by ponies.

So can anyone tell me what the policy is or whatever on copy and paste stories? I remember reading a story that for a few chapters copied almost word for word the story "The Scent: Lust of Mares" and basically put the genders in the same exact role as it, that was about a year ago and I can't remember the story. There is one I want to try and do a continuation of called "Undead Retribution", but other than needing the author's permission I can't remember the other requirements and I have a habit of reading over important details so I would like to avoid screwing myself over.

that's all well and good, but it's not defensive authors doing the harassing

when i started The Crystal War, i got one dislike within the first 5 minutes. i can only guess that it was the same user who tried trolling me in the comments. in my newest story, i got another troll in my comments who complained about my story image, suspiciously the same day as i got another dislike on it. i looked into both of those users. neither of them had any stories or blogs, and had other trolls following them. they did nothing but dislike and leave insensitive comments on stories

there are people on this site who hate this fandom. if there was a record of their habits, we'd be able to cleanse this fandom of those trolls, making harassment a non-issue. i think we can all agree that NO harassment is the BEST thing

Hopefully not, it would probably be best, if that wasn't a feature of the site.
I know it might be cool to talk with someone who disliked your story to see what they didn't like, but that's what the comment section is for. Keeping likes and dislikes anonymous prevents defensive authors from harassing users, I think we can all agree less harassment is a good thing.

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