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For some reason I can't post a story even though I meet all the requirements. It's more than 1000 words, it has a short description and a more detailed and longer big description. Have I been blocked from posting stories? I haven't really done anything that warrants being blocked, as I've mostly been passive on this site for a couple months.

I know that, I'm just asking cause I'm a curious person. The question I'm asking is just hypothetical.

3297 Pretty sure that is like impossible, their would have to be some difference. There's absolutely no chance two people could write the exact same story with all the same words at the same time. One of them would have to be plagiarised

I know the situation I'm about to state will probably never happen but I'm just asking out of curiosity. If two fimfiction writers wrote one story separately and that one story has the same words. The two writers never meet each other and they both wrote the same story out of creatively coincidentally. If the story is published in two accounts, would the staff do anything about it?

Y'all need to do something about this. Why is this user still here with a name like that?

I am currently unable to send pms,and when i try there is a message that pops up saying "There was an error in the request," is there still a limit, if so what is it.

It's still bringing me to the bottom of the page

It keeps bringing me to the bottom of the page when I'm reading?

Comment posted by Cutest Boxer Dog Ever deleted August 13th

Scroll down. You'll see more than views. You'll see your stories Rankings, the number of bookshelves and how many are tracking it, its general statistics, and more.

But, if that's not what your looking for then lower your standards and accept the new statistics area. It can't be helped and being stubborn will not help anyone, especially not you.

No that's not it. It was a stat chart that showed how your own story was rated compared to EVERYONE ELSE

Its not gone, laddie. Click the arrow next to the view count and like/dislike bar. Then click Statistics.

Sorry bout that I was having a day. But seriously, why was that removed? I LOVED looking at my stats and seeing where my story was ranked

Hey! I’ll PM you. stuck with a username I cant change it in the sight! anyone who can help me out? I don't want the user name to be what it currently is!!

Alright, who's the IDIOT who got rid of the tracking, viewers, and story ranting statistics under our personal stories? WHAT THE HELL? Stop messing with my infos

How do a put a google doc into a chapter? I can't seem to find the button

How do picture permissions work on this site? If we want to use a drawing from, say, Derpibooru or DeviantArt, would we have the ask the artist and get permission directly, or would linking them/their profile be enough?

I do want to say that I'm not talking about cover pics, if that makes a difference.

Is anyone else having problems with the unread chapters (Either appearing as read, or read chapters appearing as unread) and the read all button not working properly? I am currently running the most recent build of Firefox and have had this issue on both Mac and PC, on 3 different machines.

Thankyou. I now shall make a religion dedicated to you. All will know your splendor! Your grace! Your essence and its purity!

All Hail Saakra! Worship that plot!

Saw the button, thought I'd say "Hi!" Also, I wish to know why I can't indent paragraphs anymore? In some situations, it becomes rather hard to read. I can't use TAB anymore as well as using the SPACEBAR to indent.

Rest in Peace TAB button and SPACEBAR. Rest in peace.

I'm pretty sure document.execCommand("insertText",...) is for "responsive design mode" which is the undead zombie corpse of Netscape Composer. It's for editing the HTML of the webpage, like element.appendChild(document.createTextNode(...)) but more retarded, and only available when the Node Inspector is active. I say this, because that's why your tag buttons broke. They now use a function that wrongly assumes document.execCommand("insertText",...) is how to insert text into a textarea. In reality, you have to modify the "value" property of that textarea. :applejackunsure:

BBCodeEditorController.prototype.insertTags = function(open,close) {
	let t = this.textarea;
	t.value = t.value.substring(0,t.selectionStart) + open +
		t.value.substring(t.selectionStart, t.selectionEnd) + close +
BBCodeEditorController.prototype.insertText = function(text) {
	let t = this.textarea;
	t.value = t.value.substring(0,t.selectionStart) + text +

Microsoft uses some weird sort of t.selection.createRange thing so that code only works on everything aside from IE.

Minor issue: header selection on the avatar customization page.
It says to click the header that I want to use but clicking the cards does nothing. For reference, I'm using an up-to-date version of IE.

for some reason I can't logout of my account. Every time I try it takes me to the homepage but leaves me logged in.

Everytime I tap the space bar it post a blank comment. It's starting to get irritating.

Does the pm limit still apply to the new version of the site?

Comment posted by Muggonny deleted June 17th

Honestly, I'm not a fan of the new horizontal rule design.

The plain version, while it might be boring, you could literally use it for any story you write. If a person were to write something as unserious as a comedy, the decrotive horizontal rule would ruin the tone. I would prefer it if we had options to choose between the horizontal rules we want, that way we're able to fit it into the story the way it should be able to.

Yeah, but it might happen again. I've had that issue before and it caused me loads of problems.

Turns out it's an issue with autofill. Going into your phone's settings and deleting the autofill data for your fimfic login should resolve the issue.

I am, but I suppose it doesn't matter anymore. I just rewrote a new description anyway, since I don't think I can get my original back.

Is this where I go to bring up an issue with the website? I don't think the "continue reading" box is functioning as intended. It will show stories that I've caught up to or finished. It doesn't seem to register that I've read the latest chapter.

Oh, I think that's a bug on your end, if I'm right about what's happening. Any chance you're on an iPhone?

Why did you remove the pictures from the character tags? This seems like a downgrade as far as browsing goes.

Having an issue when trying to edit the a story description on my phone. Can't seem to change it to anything other than my username. Anytime I change it, the moment I press safe changes, it goes back to being my username. I don't know what's up, and now I can't remember my original description for the story.

Can you help me out, and also maybe recover my original description of the story?

my library says I have one unread chapter in my tracking folder but I can't find he darn thing! How do I fix this?

a new bug seams to have shown up as of about 14 hours ago.
the auto chapter count / reading auto check mark is not working for me.
now I do use IE (no I will never use corm) I have clear all my history cookies and back files for IE still not working.
and yes I even cleared the hidden files.

PS fixed it seams to be a dill file causing the problem I dug around in the coding for the history a bit erased it and now it seams to be working.
if it shows up agene I will get all the info I can as this may be the log in problem.

thank you for the help I looked and it was not showing but now at this time it is.
who knows it is windows after all.

Yes, we can still embed YouTube videos, as well as a few other things now as well, such as Soundcloud music or even Fimfiction stories.


T Run for the Roses
The landlord of Ponyville’s public house, the Run for the Roses, recounts events in the village in the week following Applejack’s disappearance.
8686 · 25k words  ·  122  1 · 704 views


The “YouTube” button’s still there, it just changed its look to reflect the additional embedding options. If you’re on a computer, the button should be in-between the “Image” button and the “Quote” button. If you’re on a mobile device, it’ll probably be in a drop-down menu on the far right side of the BBCode bar:

Hope this helps! :twilightsmile:

so we can not post YouTube links now??

Can anyone tell me if the character themed formats will be coming back? I really miss those.:heart:

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