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Without dedicated staff on hand, Fimfiction would be a ship (heh) without a crew, destined to crash at any time on a rocky shore. The guys below all contribute in various ways to making sure the site stays functional throughout the day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Oh, and please don't bug us about being on the staff team at the moment, we're always on the look out for good members to pick up when we need new people!



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Comment posted by The Reverse-Flash deleted November 6th
Comment posted by Cosy Purity deleted October 10th

3388 Have you been shown how to yet?

Comment posted by LunaFan183 deleted October 2nd

Never mind. I found it.

Kinda complicated but a brilliant puzzle when the problem is solved.

On the phone version, I can't figure out how to write a blog post. Am I stupid or do I have to sign up to write a quick blog note.

(I finally got Fire Team Harmony to see a video I made. That's why I want to make a blog post.)

Comment posted by Cosy Purity deleted September 28th

I'm currently on mobile, and I just had a video ad pull me from about halfway through a chapter all the way to the bottom of the page. Is this just a Bethesda 'perk' of the video ads, or a bug of sorts?

Hello sorry but i have a problem, i was told my story has a password on it and so people can't read it. is there anyway i can take that off? I would like it to be open for everyone to read but I'm not sure how.

Probably one of the story approvers or a moderator.


Dangit, I figured out what was wrong. The 250 character limit on short descriptions is a lie. Shrinking it just a few characters more, the error went away. Works now!

Who would be the best person to get in contact with about approving a cover image that may be borderline NSFW?

Just a quick FYI, didn't know where else to put this.

I noticed today that Fimfic has video ads, and these ads slowed down my browser marginally (my computer isn't the fastest to begin with, but it was still noticeable). Even though I've had my ad blocker turned off for this website for years at this point, I've had to turn it on for Fimfic on account of the video ads.

This is just to let you know, more than anything. Like if video ads are a thing now, more people might be turning on their ad blockers (or maybe they've always been a thing and I've never noticed >_>).

Wow. How stupid can I be. I thank you very much. That was indeed the issue.

Is "view mature" enabled in your settings?

I'm not sure if I'm in the right place for this so I apologize in advance if I am; however, when I visit my profile, my homepage states I have two stories. Which is accurate, yet when I click on that hyperlink to see my stories, it doesn't show either of them, it states something along the lines of "No stories were found matching your search". This could be my fault and I could just be stupid and not be purusing the site correctly. It's been some time since I was last here and the UI has changed significantly.

I am using Firefox. I have logged out, cleared history and cookies, killed Firefox, and restarted, getting the same result. Am I just not navigating correctly?

I can't seem to create a new story. Submitting the form just redirects me to the login page with nothing but the message "You are already logged in!"

I tried logging out, and then logging back in, but it's still just redirecting me to the login page.

Using a fairly recent version of Palemoon, which is a Firefox fork.

Can anyone tell me why user Torulf21 is banned please? He was one of my favorite writers.

I found something weird: I was writing out a PM to someone and sent it. I checked my inbox to make sure it was sent properly when I noticed that under the receiver's avatar it said "6 days", even though I just sent it a few seconds before. Is this some kind of glitch?

This isn't a report, but I had to thank you all. You've put together and managed a wonderful website here and I'm glad I'm a part of this. Thank you for all the work you've put into this, all the time and effort that was used. You guys are bloody amazing!

How do you change colour when you are writing or commenting?

What happened to Alexstrazsa? Why isn't he a Moderator anymore?

If they appear to be sent, you are not blocked.

Hi I'm one of those members who arn't tech savy.
Just wanted to know. How do you know if a fellow member has blocked your private messages.
My PM's appear to be sent to the recipient without a problem. There is nothing to indicate otherwise.
At this point I assume my fellow member has other priorities.
Don't get me wrong, I don't believe there is any reason WHY I should be blocked by the recipient. Obviously just don't want to correspond with someone who would prefer not to correspond with me!

I just wanna know if there will be a fimfiction app?:rainbowdetermined2:

who do i need to talk to about my login stuff i have two other accounts tha need a reset on passwords and stuff and i cant access them so i need a little help?

`Yes. You can do that, if the rest of the story is mostly English

They need to give you a link too.

Does anypony knows what to enter unpublished stories when somepony gave you the password? If you don't ask the cute boxer dog I will cry 🐶

Hi I have a question about the reading feature. It works in my iPad and IPhone but it reads really fast. When I activate the read screen feature it reads normally in a good pase cause I set it like that in my settings but no matter what I do I can't make the reading feature in the site read slower. Is there a way to fix that or is it a thing that will be addressed later on when the website update itself?

Guten tag, Guten tag.

Now, I am taking Dutch as my world language class, and am going to be going as an exchange student to Germany. I have a tiny little question though;
Can I use dutch phrases in my stories? Example being, Guten tag, meaning "Good Day" in Dutch. I also don't mean the whole STORY. I need to know this, because a character in my story will be native German, with her second language being English. Also, this is more of a side character, and will only be in a couple of chapters. I am really confused, cuz I don't want to confuse the audience by throwing in a language they've never seen before. If not, welp that sucks for me. If yes, than ladee da, I can show off how much I'm learning.

Gummibarchen es gud, ja? Ja ja!

God I'm stupid XD

How long do story approvals usually take?

For some reason I can't post a story even though I meet all the requirements. It's more than 1000 words, it has a short description and a more detailed and longer big description. Have I been blocked from posting stories? I haven't really done anything that warrants being blocked, as I've mostly been passive on this site for a couple months.

I know that, I'm just asking cause I'm a curious person. The question I'm asking is just hypothetical.

3297 Pretty sure that is like impossible, their would have to be some difference. There's absolutely no chance two people could write the exact same story with all the same words at the same time. One of them would have to be plagiarised

I know the situation I'm about to state will probably never happen but I'm just asking out of curiosity. If two fimfiction writers wrote one story separately and that one story has the same words. The two writers never meet each other and they both wrote the same story out of creatively coincidentally. If the story is published in two accounts, would the staff do anything about it?

Y'all need to do something about this. Why is this user still here with a name like that?

I am currently unable to send pms,and when i try there is a message that pops up saying "There was an error in the request," is there still a limit, if so what is it.

It's still bringing me to the bottom of the page

It keeps bringing me to the bottom of the page when I'm reading?

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