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that's all well and good, but it's not defensive authors doing the harassing

when i started The Crystal War, i got one dislike within the first 5 minutes. i can only guess that it was the same user who tried trolling me in the comments. in my newest story, i got another troll in my comments who complained about my story image, suspiciously the same day as i got another dislike on it. i looked into both of those users. neither of them had any stories or blogs, and had other trolls following them. they did nothing but dislike and leave insensitive comments on stories

there are people on this site who hate this fandom. if there was a record of their habits, we'd be able to cleanse this fandom of those trolls, making harassment a non-issue. i think we can all agree that NO harassment is the BEST thing

Hopefully not, it would probably be best, if that wasn't a feature of the site.
I know it might be cool to talk with someone who disliked your story to see what they didn't like, but that's what the comment section is for. Keeping likes and dislikes anonymous prevents defensive authors from harassing users, I think we can all agree less harassment is a good thing.

is there a way to see which users dislike a story?

Yes. That (entirely undocumented) thing right there.
Thank you.

You know what would be super?
Having the top menu bar frozen in place, so no matter how far down a page you scroll all the search functions and user stuff is still just there.

i would like to bring to your attentions the posts related to the user above. for evidence please take a look at the story "imagination is a weapon".

I'm honestly not sure if I should ask this here but...

Is there a possibility of creating a chapter publishing schedule mode? I mean a way to take chapters from an already authorized and posted story be able to be scheduled for their publishing. I'm just curious.

Hello, who would I contact to restore a deleted story?

Just one chance.

~Skeeter The Lurker

What's the approval wait time? I've been waiting more than a day.

If I remember correctly, somewhere in the rules for stories I believe they mention a word limit. Hope this helps.

I want to put an image I created in my story but my deviantart urls say it's invalid, and there aren't anymore I can use. Help?

Who do I contact about site technical issues? My notification bell has a one indicating there is a notification there, but there is no notification.

Okay, so. I got logged out of my account that I've effectively been logged into for years because of cookies. So, I have no idea what the password is and have no idea how to log into the email account to recover it. In the process of trying to recover my account, I found another account I apparently had that I had forgotten about. I was hoping somebody could help me get into my main account, TryingToSortThePieces. Please and thank you.

Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted September 27th
Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted August 24th
Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted August 6th

Yeah I'm being targeted on here like right now

I found this but I'm not sure if it still works. However, if you search around that group, you'll probably find plenty of things.

Ah, thanks. Mind sending me a link?

Pretty sure you need to use userscripts for that. There's a group on here dedicated to them if you want to poke around.

Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted September 23rd

How do I disable the panel on the left? It gets stuck open and blocks everything.

Typo on the Cookies page:

“I have more questions

Contact us at if you have any questions that answered here”

Should be “that AREN’T answered here”.

-Super Trampoline

Not sure where else to really ask this aside from the FAQs, but a while back there used to a way to do various things to the site, like change the interactive pony to someone else aside from Rainbow Dash. Can that still be done?

How do I say sorry to the Aurthors in Fimfiction?

i have an idea for image posting, we keep what we have still but also add it so you can "choose file". Because I can't use photos from the "photos" ap on my mobile device without doing some annoyingly long process to do it

So I just submitted my first story. Took me an hour to figure out how to actually submit the thing since I kept getting an error that I didn't have all the sections filled out.

There should really be a step-by-step guide for publishing stories in the FAQ.

Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted June 27th
Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted June 23rd

How long do stories take to get approved? I'm waiting anxiously for my first story to get approved.

I'd like to report that I can not upload a story, or new chapter. I have no idea what is happening but I hope someone can find an answer.

It keeps saying I'm over the word limit when I'm only a little over two thousand.

Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted June 27th

This is a bit of an obvervation and a question rolled into one. The FAQ does not have a Link in the Stories section regarding the time it takes for Proof Readers to go over a first story.

I know people are busy and have lives to live, but what is the estimated time it takes? Having submitted my first story, i am left wondering if the time table is hours, days or weeks for a proof reader to aprove or deny my first story.

Futhermore, if it is rejected, do i get a notification explaining why it is rejected and the opportunity to correct any failures.

EDIT: Use the image embed function to the left. It's the green and blue icon. I don't use Imgur so I don't know what kind of content it supports but I'm guessing that it must support some kind of video that you'd use the other embed for.

Hi. I really hate to post on this thread, as it may make me seem like an idiot, but I have a minor technical question.

I was writing a blog post and tried to embed a couple of screenshots I had saved to Imgur -- which the helpful text box clearly says is supported. However, every permutation of the link I tried (obviously I did a basic copy-paste first) gave me "Invalid URL". This did not happen when I embedded a Youtube video on the same blog, nor was embedding Imgur content a problem for me a week or so earlier. Is there something I missed or is it the site?

Hey, guys. I was just trying to submit a new story, and have filled in all the appropriate blanks (short description, long description, and well over 1,000 words in the story), but am unable to do so. Could I have someone take a look at it and see if everything is on order? I'd much appreciate some help.

edit: Nevermind. Forgot to hit publish on the chapter.

Comment posted by Splash Surfer 216 deleted April 15th

There are two ways to see what messages you have that are unread:

1. Unread messages, when you're looking at your list of PM's, will appear as a brighter color than the read ones.

2. Underneath the inbox buttong, there'll be an option for "select". Hover over it, click "unread" and an x will appear next to any message you haven't read.

Hope that helps!

Hi! I don’t know where else to really ask this. But on my PMs, it says I have 1 unread message but I can’t find it for the life of me.

Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted April 11th

I'm not sure who would be best to deal with this one, but there seems to be an issue between either Firefox 58.0 and the CSS you guys are using or one of the add-ons I've got - I'm guessing Zoom Page WE or Zoom Image. One way or another though some of the stories, when I go to view them extend past the page border, or at least past the right border for the title and menu area. It's not all the stories, so I'm not sure what's specifically causing it, but some of them I have to zoom the web page out or scroll it right to read all the story, others are fine with my default settings. No idea if anyone else is having similar issues either so it's entirely possible there's some wackiness with how my machine is set up or something.

I was about to contact the proofreader in I'm afraid to post my fiction for the negative feedback it might receive. What's the best course of action? from the help menu, but there's an error 404. What should I do?


I don't plan on using this site anymore, so can I have my account deleted?
Addendum: I also lost the password to my really old account Psycho-genius brony, so could that be deleted too? It doesn't respond to me using password reset, even though I used both of my emails.
It's really edgy, so I would like it gone as well.

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