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Without dedicated staff on hand, Fimfiction would be a ship (heh) without a crew, destined to crash at any time on a rocky shore. The guys below all contribute in various ways to making sure the site stays functional throughout the day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Oh, and please don't bug us about being on the staff team at the moment, we're always on the look out for good members to pick up when we need new people!




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I've been curious about something I've seen a few times. Why would it show that someone has a certain number of blog posts but then when you click on the link to see them, nothing is there?

I am having trouble with the audio. It is getting really high pitched and really fast, it's honestly not pleasant on the ears. Is there a way to fix it or change it?

FiM Fiction doesn't need to expand but it hurts that nobody is learning from the establishment on what is good and bad ideas for how a superior fan fiction site can exist.
1. sorting and crossover system.
2. AO3 story formatting and notification system.
3. Everything that makes great. The ease of use, emojis (Twitch/Discord emotes can work), creative writing ability, ability to see what chapters you've read, the group format...

The staffing would be the hard part. Maybe have the absolute staff on top and a ranking system where seasoned writers can critique someone's work? Get to a certain rank to be allowed automatic publishing?

On a side note: Why is there no poggers/pog champ pony emote?

Don't have a source but I think knighty first mentioned it years ago.

FanFiction is terrible, but that doesn’t mean FimFiction should have to pick up the slack. I certainly would want any other fandom on this site. It would be to crowded and not at all the neat, fun site I know now. It is for FIM after all. Also, is it possible to elaborate or source when and how the site thought of bringing on more fandoms?

So... One of my unpublished stories just kind of vanished... I think may have been in the approval que (I may have had it auto-approved I honestly don't remember) but I never got any sort of PM explaining what happened to it... It's just gone...

(I Feel like if it was taken down by a moderator I would have at least gotten some form of notification... Right?)

Comment posted by Nightspawn deleted February 17th

Have you ever tried to use Fanfiction? I have, and it's a terrible, clunky site to use as an author. FimFiction is by far the superior product in terms of use and readability.

FimFiction began the process of getting ready to bring in multiple fandoms and then just... stopped. I don't know if it was legal issues, coding issues, or something else that caused them to stop, but stop they did. And as I said, it's a damn shame because I really believe this site could handle be a welcoming place for many fandoms.

Well, the site is called FIMfiction. It was founded for MLP and will probably continue to be for MLP as long as it exists. Other fandoms can either use fanfiction or their own website, lol.
I will say I don't think MLP nor this site is going to die out either, considering there are still thousands of fans (and fan-created content for other fandoms whose shows have ceased production) and especially with the possibility of getting G5.

I keep getting an error message stating that

You cannot perform this action any more right now

and wont let me save any more stories to Favorites nor Read It Later.

Is there any particular reason why the site hasn't expanded to accept stories from other fandoms?

Having used some other sites, I can say with some certainty that has the easiest to use and browse format anywhere, and it would be a damn shame to see such a well-done website slowly wither away when it is so close to being so much more.

On a related note: Friendship is Magic is over. We don't have to move on but I think this website has the best fan fiction format and it would be a waste to expand it.
Notable example would be that when you click on a fic you don't immediate hop in and have to remember where you were at last. Y'all have it to where I can see the full description of the fic and its chapters as well as what chapters I've read.

Fix your notification system, branch out, and maybe you can have a superior fan fiction website. Better than and AO3!

Is there something up with Gmail?
For some reason since December 14th last year, my Gmail stopped receiving email notifications of comments and PMs on here.
I know I didn't clicked anything on Gmail by accident to make it stopped receiving emails. At least I don't think I did..
I checked all over Gmail's spam folder and made sure the "receive email" option is toggled on for my account on here.

Is this happening to other people too?

How should I deal with a story not starting off with all the main characters and not starting off mature but might get mature later? Should I make it mature from the start, or edit it later and put it in the title?

Is it fine to make a finale more mature than the rest and just put Mature in the title and leave it teen? Or what?

Could we possibly have Homestuck added to the series list?

I want to have a rule that says no swearing in nice conversation.

Please message me, and we can talk about it more

I believe notifications only appear for two days or something like that, and after that they disappear. I could be wrong, but I believe that's the way it works.

Hi some of my notifications i received just randomly disappeared does anyone know what happened cause I didn't delete them or anything?

I found something probably worth mentioning. I considered reporting someone, and decided to look at the potential reasons for doing so. I decided not to, but I noticed that one of the options is Bot Accont when it should be Bot Account. Thank you!

Did someone say sockpuppet?

Haha very funny and I’m not Connercooper smartass and it’s not just his resent stories it for times before and I’m tired of him getting his stories taken down for a stupid reason or another. And he’s a good writer just some people like being trolls for the sake of it cause they got no life. And no not directed to you just the people who pick on him for no reason cause again they have no life

Yeah, this totally real not-connercooper-sock-puppet has a point about all the ponyless pro-KGB stories that he constantly tries to force through moderation while whining about his total lack of talent.

Im saying this to you all and doing this is for a friend of mine Connorcooper, LEAVE! HIM! ALONE!!!!! Hes got enough going on for him with life hes doesn't deserve the crap your putting him threw!!! Hes just trying to have fun with his stories and we are trying to enjoy reading them! But he cant with you guys keep deleting his stories unfairly! Just let him make stories and leave him ALONE!!!!!!!!

I did
But I don't now

Ok, just wasn't sure if you needed a hoof :twilightsmile:

I already got the issue dealt with

A little tip: press the search button first, type whatever you want, then search again.

In that group, go to Members. If you click on their name, rather than taking you to their user page, it will tell you whether they are a member, contributor or admin. From their, you can change their status in the group.

you know. I wonder when we will ever get a search that works. I try to find a story I know the name of put it in the search bar, and Get result thats are not even close to what I put in. not even in the sense it has a word of what I typed.

Do you know how to get two different users administrators of the same group?


Thanks for the help. I did finally get it to work, though I'm not sure how.


Another thing to check is if its got a transparent background.

That tends to make the site image uploader freak out and break.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Is it possible the file size is too big? You might try uploading a test image with lower resolution to see if that's the problem.

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but I'm having trouble uploading a cover image to my story. I haven't submitted the story yet, but every time I add the cover image, I get a 500 error message.

The site has a bug

Hi! I got signed out of my account somehow on my laptop, which made me realise I don't know my password, nor do I have access to the email I used anymore so I can't change it. If someone could help me change both of these things that would be great. Thanks.

(Am posting this from my phone)
(resolved, ty knighty)

Comment posted by Darksoul85 deleted Oct 20th, 2020

where do I ask for someone to accept my submission? Cause nobody apparently is doing so for me.

Midnight is confused

¿Cuál es el problema con las historias con formato chat? ¿Se ve mal al escribir en general?

I'm unsure about which point I have to add the sex warning tag on T rated stories, because the definition in the help is relatively vague. (to me, whether implicit or explicit would include characters having children since that implies that parents of the character had sex)

So, are innuendos already too much?

Or does it have to be explicitly said to have happened off page? Does the amount of detail matter? (like, is "we slept with each other" already too far or not)

Is there a limit on submission attempts

a few months ago i recieved a messages from the mods saying that i should change things to my story if my story is not related to my little pony. THe question is, WHAT can i remove to do so?

I read the story rules, and it says copywrite lyrics are against the rules in stories, not just plaigerism.
(I'm not on staff, just wanted to let you know.)

Do any of the administrators or staff know why Winterwatcheralways and Nocturnalis Storyhart have been locked from their accounts?

Comment posted by Artist deleted Dec 20th, 2020

quick question is there a way to download all the books in my library(book shelves) in one operation or should I just go and do it with a site down-loader
thanks Foaly

I can't join any groups, i keep getting this error message You cannot perform this action any more right now, is it only me is it a glitch in the site?

Quick question: Where should I go to request a new character tag? I have a story that has Pistachio (from the Best Gift Ever special) as one of the main characters, and there's not a tag for him. It's not a huge deal. I was just surprised seeing as his scene was one of my favorite scenes from the special.

So I have an account called ‘KamikazeKawaii’ and I haven’t used it in a while. I’ve been trying to log onto it but I’ve forgotten the password and I’ve switched emails, so I’m completely locked out.
I’m using this account as an acting one. I’d really like to be able to use my old one. Please help

Hi Sleepy Panda,
I don't care for adware or spyware or anything of the like to be installed on my computer/phone/tablet. Intrusive stuff like that doesn't appeal to me. I've sorted it out now.
Take care S.P.

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