Twilight Sparkle (You) desperately flees from the latest in a seemingly endless line of predators: The Humans. For years they've stalked the unicorn through the refuge of the whitetail woods, each time waiting for the moment her guard drops to strike. Exceptional teleportation keeps her just a hair ahead of her assailants again and again, but just what happens when that luck runs out?

Prequel to "Staying out of trouble", "The chase" explains just how Twilight ends up in her future situation as well as explores under just what circumstances friendships can form.

"The Chase" Is complete so updates should be fairly regular as I find the time to edit.

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Being an Element of Harmony is exhausting, and in dire need of a vacation, one of the bearers crafts a plan to get away from the stress. But before she does so, a few matters must be settled: where she'll go, how long she'll stay, and which will human take her place.

She never planned on her friends getting the same idea...

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The equestria girls is helping Nevermore trying to fit into human life when nevermore find out about something mythic is going on he try to handle the trouble but he fear he didn't know enough about it and he wish he could know more as possible

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A young woman catches the eye of a stunning vampiress and finds herself transfixed, longing for the undying embrace of Twilight Sparkle, the former Regent of the Night.

Inspired by a conversation between Monochromatic and myself ages ago.

Preread by Meridian Prime.

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Sunset is princess Celestia's faithful student but, she is not destined to wield the element of magic and so is sent on a mission to research another world through the mirror she is obsessed with. Will she discover the magic of friendship while in the other world or will she go down a dark path to become an alicorn?

A fanfiction where Sunset doesn't run away but is sent away like Twilight in Ep 1. Every 1 year in the mirror universe is 4 years in the MLP universe.

Current Planned Major Events Timeline (Short stories will happen between them based on MLP show)
These are still subject to change (Eg season 1 end and start maybe combined) each season is 1 school year until after season 3:
Season 1 start: Sunset goes into the mirror world. Beats up a bully named Gilda getting her expelled, This causes the main 5 to trust her.
Season 1 end: Principal Celestia realises that she isn't this worlds Sunset, investigates and finds her wealth. She confronts her and this ends up making Sunset reveal she is from another world to the main 5 who accept her at the end of the school year.
Season 2 start: Focused on the creation of the CMC who start high school, bullying of Diamond Tiara and, resulting family stress
Season 2 end: ANON A MISS reason: Jealousy not because they think she's evil. Ends with Diamond/Silver becoming friends with CMC (essentially anon a miss combined with season 5 ep 18)
Season 3 start: During the events of the canterlot wedding invasion Twilight and the Element of magic enter the human world. Gilda finds the element and uses it to become super powerful. Twilight and Sunset team up to defeat her
Season 3 end: The Sirens but they team up with diamond dogs and gilda. This will possibly change to mirror dimension Sunset coming back to Canterlot and the shenanigans from doppelgangers making life harder for each other. They connect the 2 worlds together with a permanent portal in Sunset's home which finally stops the difference in time (Ie 1 year in 1 world is 1 year in the other)
I have lots of other Ideas for unique stories but they will likely only be 1 chapter and not multiple.
After season 3 the story will cover my take on the Equestria girls movies and specials.
Might have sunset be adopted at some point (Season 1 end?) but not sure yet

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This story is a sequel to The Redshirts Defend Canterlot

The First Order has come to the "aid" of Equestria. They make the vital mistake of sending in Kylo Wren as well as a legion of stormtroopers.

Could be worse, they could've sent in a horde of Redshirts...

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This story is (kinda) related to my series Harmony Quest but everything you need to know will be hopefully explained through this story. Also this is not completely canon to the series. Just similar.

You are a 15-year old teenage boy named Ash. By sheer chances with no logical explanation, you’ve got into contact with Princess Twilight Sparkle, after human technology was secretly spread into the pony world.

You questioned how this happened, but as a pony-loving frantic, especially for the pony you’re talking to, over time, you develop a sense of affection and bond with somepony you’ve only ever looked up to as a character.

Now... She’s right in front of you, with the question: “You want to be my friend?”

Inspired by a story named Letters From a Friend.

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For all to long the false Empire Order has ruled over Inamorta, bringing naught but chaos in it’s wake. When Order causes this disorder, The Chaos Empire strikes. Now, Order fights a two front war as we rise up. We must unite if we are to take out Order! And tonight, we march!

For we are the Archidons, with bows so accurately piercing they shall fall before they get a chance to stand!

For we are the Swordwrath, swords so sharp limbs will sever at mere sight!

For we are the Speartons, born to die, but not before them!

For we are the Magikill, and today we summon Unity!

And we march, to take back our land, to push out the Chaos invaders, and to bring glory to our Empires!

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After Sunset committed suicide due to Anon-a-Miss, her friends along with Crystal Rose travel the universe to find her lost soul.

NOTE: This is parody of Disney's A Wrinkle in Time

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Deep within the Equestrian Guard, there exists an elite force, deployed for strategic defensive operations. These are the ponies...

Who are totally nothing like that force I was just talking about.

They're not even ponies actually. They're dudes standing on two legs, 5'10" at the shortest. How did they even end up in this mess? That's not my job to tell you.

But the elite force that I mentioned sucks at their job, so now it's up to these guys to clean it up.

Follow the likes of Haggard, the loose Texan cannoneer, Sweetwater, the nerd with as many wits as he has bullets, and Redford, the Sarge' with a retirement date that no one seems to care about, through the eyes of Preston Marlow, the new, yet extremely capable, guy in the squad, as they fight to save Equestria, and by a possibly their own world, again.

Part of a unit known as Bad Company, this not-so-special specialist team of soldiers, armed with their skills, a heavily armored car, and all the guns that they could pack into it, form up with a heard of ponies to stand a chance against the forces of a force which I will not disclose at this time, but is undeniably bad.

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