Limestone Pie should be dead. She should definitely be dead and buried under a pile of rocks. Instead, she's now walking on only two hooves, dealing with hands and most worryingly, in another dimension with no way home.

Given the option of studying at a prestigious magic school or disappearing, she wisely chooses the former, or so she thinks. Her new found dorm mates are insane, most the professors despise her and the lessons are about as interesting as well, farming rocks. And that's before you consider her new self-appointed older sister, stalker and pet.

Welcome, Limestone Pie, to Hogwarts.

(Plush made by Little Broy Peep. This is an act of fun fan fiction, NOTHING SERIOUS, thus excessive criticism will just see the comment deleted)

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On a warm summer day, the people of New York got a shock when a portal open right in the middle of Central Park. This was all thanks to a purple unicorn who tried to create a window to Earth. It didn’t work. At first the humans thought it was invasion, so Celestia and Luna had to explain it wasn’t, it was just a mistake thanks to a unicorn.

The humans had a hard time accepting that there was another world with anthropomorphic ponies that could use magic and Celestia and Luna had to explain that they weren’t dangerous. It wasn’t easy, but they managed it. For three years, Equestria and Earth has had a steady relationship.

Then one day, while watching Lewis Hamilton become Formula 1 champion for the third time, Celestia had an idea, which was to challenge the campion and the other teams with their own team. Could they do it?

This my new story, that's all.

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Joe Biden, or Sleepy Joe, is running for reelection. Against Donald Trump.

And so far, he's not winning.

In order to win the Senile Showdown, he's gonna have to do something wild.

Rated T for cringe use of slang.

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This story was commissioned by Caladis

Despite her lineage and ongoing best efforts, Flurry Heart has always struggled to make a romantic connection. When left to her own devices, she tends to over share and overwhelm prospective stallions with her desperation and foal-like quirkiness. Unable to find a true special somepony or take the Crystal Empire throne without getting married, her life as a princess is beginning to look bleak. But her hope is rekindled when she meets Equestria's only resident human who seems to share many of her bizarre proclivities.

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Twilight, the best magic student at her school, is sent in search of 5 girls with talent in magic to join her academy.

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Two sisters, from our world, wake up to find themselves in the world of the Equestria one morning. One is smart and a bit of a shut-in and the other has a wild imagination and great with kids.

Now, stuck in the town of Ponyville as young Bat Pony fillies, the two sisters must survive and prepare for the upcoming arrival of the Elements of Harmony.

Let us join the adventures of Apple Snow and Apple Lily as they try to survive in a magical world very different from their home world.

First five chapters take place during the Cutie Mark Chronicles.
Cover Art belongs to DragonChaser123.
Character Design belong to Equestria-Prevails.
Some Characters will be LGTBQ+
Enjoy. ^_^

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Welcome to a brand new series I'm planning on doing, this series will have Episodes of the game and is one of the first books in the franchise, the past Genshin Impact book was hated so hopefully you like this more, the series will be on Wattpad but it will also be here

In case you're wondering though, yes the game is not completed but there will be new updates for future books as soon as it is over

Also there will be a few Choose Your Own Adventure books too for Hangout Events, I don't know what it's about but it'll be worth the read too, hope you enjoy

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Cherry Blossom becomes a pokemon trainer and travels throughout the Reorro Region, meeting friends, battling gym leaders and villains along the way.

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This story is very simple and tart
Zecora tries to win Anon's tender heart
In a world where mares take charge,
and stallions are meek by and large.
Please don't point out the meter, don't be so morose,
it is by accident that I unlearned how to write prose.
Wrong drug and wrong dosage to boot,
Suddenly yielded this weirdly-rhymed fruit.
And if your interest still isn't yet gone,
Then, well, why don't you read on?..

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In an most unexpected turn of events, the Queen has woken up this morning to discover an alicorn in her bed. Just what is the meaning of this?

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