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There are plenty of tales about humans finding themselves in Equestria, but how about when the opposite happens, and multi-hued talking horses end up in our dreary, boring world? If you've ever found yourself pondering that conundrum for more than thirty seconds, then this is the group for you! This is where you can find, and discuss, stories that deal with such wondrous scenarios.


what is this i dont even --- weird or random or clop
trollfics --- self explanatory
Conversion Bureau --- only if it takes place in a contemporary or near future setting
dark/tragic --- self explanatory
human ponies --- ponies are transformed into humans when they enter our world
Equestria on Earth --- Equestria is just another country on Earth; includes alternate history.
General --- the average pony on earth story
"My Little Dashie" inspired stories --- pony foal is raised by a kindly human
other --- anything that does not fit into the above categories

Please don't spam the forum or drop random memes.

Content restrictions: (added 2022 July 2):
Stories must contain ponies on Earth/some other non-Equestria human world.

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thank you for adding my story here, it is an honor :)

Why is there a 'General' and a 'Main' category?

402820 Trust me, you're not missing much story wise.

288708 If you want us to watch it, why start with the complete 2nd season?

Can we get a folder for stories where ponies get turned into objects and (not humans or ponies/horses) animals when arriving on earth? Maybe even getting mistaken for a plushie or dog.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a Rarity on Earth story? :raritywink:

Why "Mummy, there's a Changeling in my closet!" is in clop folder?
In that story Chrysalis just trying to feed on little girl's love, not to rape her. And even at this she fails miserably.

Hey everyone! Just dropping in just for constructive reviews about my story, (I just wonder if it involves too much on the actual humans and not the pony....)

I would like to think of any future story I do involving Ponies in Real deals with them coming from their world to fight a war against humans or in the near future, ponies take over and they become the dominate ones on the planet.

Thank you for getting back to me, i'll add the story to those folders.

308880 crossover or human ponies MOSTLY crossover

I would put that one into the "General" folder.

Since the characters are humanized, it would go into the "human ponies" category, though you could also get away with "other" since it is a crossover as well. Speaking of which, I don't have a folder for that! Easy enough to remedy.

Umm where would this fit I wonder

Applejack is sent to the ancient human world in the middle of the kingdom of Mycenae

Hi there,

I have a story I am interested in submitting to the group but I'm not entirely sure if it fits.

Basically it's Applejack being transported to Earth after an accident with the elements of harmony and meeting Nathan Drake from the 'Uncharted Series' of games. All characters are humanised and the other mane six ponies are slowly appearing as well.

Would that fit here?

Hello guys I liked the idea of this group so decided to drop in looking for some honest reviews of my story and to make some friends.

Why can't there be any "Bite Me" crossover stories? If you guys don't know what that is, watch this:

Umm, my fic is simply twilight appearing into the real world... that fits noon of the catagories!

Could we have an 'other' folder? I have a fic almost ready that doesn't fit into the other categories.

Working on a Human-To-Equestria-Pony-To-Earth etc story for this group. Enjoy when I finish

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