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Humanized ponies! Ponies fall to earth! Lets have fun!

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Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted Nov 14th, 2021

For a bottle of Captain Morgan?

For those who see this, I was wondering if anyone could check out my story that I have so far and tell me your thought about it if that's ok with any of you?

336122 That is why a certain pink mere ventured there, again and again; with her very special missions.
336016 I do play both varieties.
Butt, wait; I do love how you placed Pinkie, right there.
310327 I hope so too, for the both of us.

I'm curious, is Canterlot High considered o be on eart, since it clearly was humans attending the classes?
is this far all ponies who end up on earth?

is this group for Humanized ponies or normal ponies (or both)

You do realize Earth is very much a Death World compared to Equestria, right?

Is it any kind of Earth or simply our Earth?

I hope my tale is appropriate for this group.

any1 got the link to PiE thread on 4chan ?:applejackunsure:

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