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Humanized ponies! Ponies fall to earth! Lets have fun!

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Stories must contain ponies on Earth/some other non-Equestria human world.

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Comment posted by annonymus deleted Nov 14th, 2021

For a bottle of Captain Morgan?

For those who see this, I was wondering if anyone could check out my story that I have so far and tell me your thought about it if that's ok with any of you?

336122 That is why a certain pink mere ventured there, again and again; with her very special missions.
336016 I do play both varieties.
Butt, wait; I do love how you placed Pinkie, right there.
310327 I hope so too, for the both of us.

I'm curious, is Canterlot High considered o be on eart, since it clearly was humans attending the classes?
is this far all ponies who end up on earth?

You do realize Earth is very much a Death World compared to Equestria, right?

Is it any kind of Earth or simply our Earth?

I hope my tale is appropriate for this group.

any1 got the link to PiE thread on 4chan ?:applejackunsure:

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