Case #140721, regarding the experiences of agent Jasper Heaton, alongside associate John 'JD' Daniels; after finding themselves transported to an unknown alternate world called 'Equestria'. These events were described by investigator Rory Ellis, agent Jasper Heaton, alongside associates John 'JD' Daniels, and Milo Crane after their return.

Equestria, the land of friendship, harmony, and of course, ponies. One been through many disasters, of villains and foes, all defeated and put to rest. Or reformed, befriended, and settled into their lives with newfound warmth in their hearts.

But, how difficult a task does this become when the world begins to change, begins to resist the natural order of harmony and togetherness? When something unknowable worms its way into the earth, and sets up shop. An inevitable end. An open, slavering maw. All reaching, grasping, hungering for those who are alone. Desperate. Craving something bigger than themself. For those who want to save it.

For them, their Fates are already sealed.

hey ho everyone, haven't written ponyfic in literal years and this is what I come back with. this is going to be choc full of ocs, and the first pony seen that isn't is Luna in the (currently) in-progress chapter 6. I do have quite a few plans for this and where it'll go, so please, enjoy!

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Lives are controlled. Communication is monitored. Anything deemed improper is censored. If you want to send messages in private, you need to do it physically, with couriers known as Runners.

Rainbow Dash is a Runner. It's not the greatest job, but it's for a good cause.

The government is hunting Runners. If they think you're carrying information they don't want you carrying, they'll come after you with everything they've got. They have nigh-limitless resources at their disposal: enforcers, vehicles, surveillance. Your life will be on the line until you submit. They will find you and they will hunt you down, and your only defense will be your wits and your ability to run.

Now it's the greatest job.

An experiment in atmosphere, entered in the Science Fiction Contest II because it inspired me to finish it. A thematic crossover with Mirror's Edge; no non-pony knowledge required.

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This story is a sequel to The Ghost of Coltistrano: Restless Peace

The horrors of the Crystal Empire are behind them, when a tenuous peace maintained by thin bonds unraveled at the mere mention of age-old pains, but the world has fallen silent. Every rumor, every whisper, pulls Silver Spade along the trail of his own mistakes, guided by his guilt, into a trap not even he can prepare for, leaving those around him to ask the most terrifying question: can ghosts die?

The kindling has been set. A flame of vengeance stands at the ready. The blaze will swallow all our heroes have built unless they can stop it. It's the end of Equestria's haunting legend, and the birth of something more.


This is it, the final installment of The Ghost of Coltostrano! What a ride this series has been, and one I never expected to make it this far. I want to give a special thanks to Odd_Sarge for supporting the series since the beginning, and to the ever-talented Siansaar for their work on the cover art.

Thank you, all!

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Years since it hadn't happened and suddenly, someone has decided to do it. And here I wanted to switch job... Oh well, I hope I'm not too rusty...
This one will be tricky, especially since I'll probably have to work with... her.

I started this story in 2015 and never got around to finish it. I hope that publishing this english adaptation will give me the motivation to finally finish it. You've all been very kind so far with my mistakes.
Goal: 1 chapter/week, on saturdays!

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This story is a sequel to G5 Adventures in Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island

After Opaline's reveal, and hearing of how Misty worked for her for the past several months, the Mane 5 and Misty are called back to Warnerstock, where they reunite with the Animaniacs cast for a new adventure. Determined to help some of the Mane 5 and Sparky regain their trust in her, Misty wants to help the Warners uncover the truth about a mysterious crystal in their castle, which gives them magical powers over nature and some abilities of all three pony kinds. But Opaline wants to claim Warnerstock and its magic sources for herself, so our heroes must ban together once again to save the worlds they love... all while recovering some secrets about the past.

(This is my first fan-made story not based on an actual movie, so wish me luck!)

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Ponyville is a small town on the edge of the map, deep within the Equestrian Steppe - but the town is vulnerable, and a plague will soon ravage it.

Three healers, each with vastly different methods, show up in town on the eve of the outbreak. Will their efforts be enough to stop it? Can they truly save Equestria?

This story will have sporadic updates - the tale will end on the twelfth day. Estimatied 30-40k words by the end, but we'll see what happens!

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The New World Saga (so far)

0-530 BLB| The Beginning: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/524853/the-new-world

536-38 BLB| the Revolution: [Coming soon]

538 BLB| The wars of independence: [Coming soon]

729-731 BLB| Fall of the Crystal Empire: [Coming soon]

0 ALB - 70 ALB| The Lunar wars : [Coming soon]

A thousand years, since the discovery of the New World, the nation of the American Federation is engaged with it's rival, the Northern Socialist of Republican States. (NSRS)

But while that, The New World consist of species, mainly the human species.

Since the incident between Equestria and the entirety of the New World continents.. The Federation would make a move, that would make the New World continents followed suit..

A move never made since the Colonialization period...

A permanent alliance.

But first... Lets start our story at the day of Nightmare moons return..

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The main six are unprepared for Nightmare Night's actual appearance an of another as Ponyville citizens are taken captive

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Politics is dirty. You make a deal there and a stab here, that's how one rolls no matter their leaning. And His Excellency Prime Minister Expedient's social and realpolitik skills are about to be put to the test if he is to carry out his promises to the Canterlotian people.

To reform their democracy, and bring about a better country in the ruins of a long gone and disunited Equestria.

But before him lay traps and political foes, both from within his party of the United Canterlotian Party, and from his opponents across the floor. The Constitutional Reforms are the topic of the day, and he has a chance to push through and carry out his plan...

And only his tongue and wits, can get him out of this ordeal electable.

Inspired by the hit game coming out of Sordland, Suzerain and that one time that eating salad with a judge convinced her to support my dictatorial version of the constitution. 10/10 Most Realistic Politics simulator.

Despite using Suzerain as a Cover Image, this story takes set using the geographical map provided by Equestria at War.

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Queen Haven has received a tip-off from an unknown source about strange goings-on on the subway system that runs beneath Zephyr Heights. Disguising herself as a normal citizen, she heads down to investigate. Little does she realise, this investigation will take her on a horrifying journey into the unknown, one that threatens to be the end of the line, so to speak...

Loosely based on the now-defunct theme park attraction Derren Brown's Ghost Train, an ambitious but ultimately flawed attempt to reinvent the ghost train.

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