When Twilight Sparkle is summoned alone to Canterlot for a top-secret meeting, she expects the fate of Equestria to be on the line once again. As it would happen, she was only half-right.

The human world of Earth has lived in the shadow of Nanites, the microscopic machines unleashed nearly five years ago in a world-changing event. The multinational Agency known as Providence is the last hope in the never-ending war against the Nanite-created EVO monsters.

And it now seems that Equestria and the Elements are joining the fight alongside Providence's secret weapon...

An amnesiac, teenaged, weaponized EVO...named Rex.

Generator Rex Crossover, set during Season One and in Season 4 of FIM. Will have gore, swearing, epic action, and some romance. Some OCs are an added bonus.

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Dragon Lord Ember took her throne from her father when she won the power of the Bloodstone Scepter, ancient magic capable of controlling dragons' minds.

In a world linked to Equestria, a very different version of Ember chafes under her father's leadership, waiting for her chance to truly wield the instinct-controlling power of the long-lost Bloodstone Crown.

Their two worlds are about to meet. And only one dragon will stand between Equestria and the deadly, unforgiving call of the wild.

* * *

Recommended by brokenimage321! "A moving story about inadequacy and adaptation. And it has some of the best combat scenes I've ever read, in any genre, period."

An entry for the Imposing Sovereigns II contest (prompt: Ember, War). A huge thank you to Skywriter for prereading assistance!

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Instead of being defeated and turned to stone, Discord made peace with Equestria, opting to rule a land where condemn criminals and outcasts are banished to.

But of course, all things are relative. After all, Discord's tyranny is benevolent compared to the warring Queens, Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon

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“For I would rather betray the world, than have the world betray me.

Thrown away by the outbreak of war, the heroes of Equestria face themselves against one of the most powerful and destructive force they had once reckoned with many times before.

Not only that, but everyone is against the century long monarch of harmony. Armies are being put up. Coups are being held. The dictatorship of one’s nation against the people is getting stronger by day, by night.

With reasons, come actions.

And with that, begins the saga of the war that will separate friendships and tie new ones.

Thrown into chaos, war is everyone’s refuge.

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Redemption is a long and complicated process, as a former supervillain Princess of the Night would tell you. For some, it doesn't come without a major shift in priorites in their life. For others, they simply wish not to change.

Diamond Tiara is in the latter camp, being a spoiled brat of a bully, she had everything she wanted and didn't desire such a thing. She knew it was wrong, but didn't care.

It would take three fillies and a devious scheme to make her see the error of her ways. The Cutie Mark Crusaders would rise and strike fear into her twisted and corrupt heart.

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Twilight awakens one morning to find a newspaper detailing that the Canterlot Mint has been robbed, and the prime suspect in the case is somepony very close to her heart: Princess Celestia! Now, the purple pony must work with her friends to help clear their leader's good name and find the true culprit.

Hope you enjoy!

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A year ago, a few months after the changeling invasion, a pony, only calling himself Joker, turned up and started to spread chaos.

He killed ponies, planted bombs, hurt the ponies of Equestria and the mane 6, badly.

Twilight is determined to find out why he did these things, she wants to understand, maybe even rehabilitate him. She goes in with a recorder and decides to interview him, listen to their conversations as Twilight tries to dive deeper into this pony's head and hopefully make sense of his madness.

Only question is, can she trust what he tells her?

NOTE: This is just a story I do when I feel bored. This is just a pony version of A Joker, not THE Joker. So don't go into this story if you expect a perfect replica. This is purely for fun, some light writing so to speak. This is just a version of A Joker. Please keep that in mind before you read. :pinkiecrazy:

P.S. The Joker is not Cheese Sandwich. :rainbowlaugh:

This story is inspired by:

The killing Joke
Dark Knight Rises
DC Comics

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As Princess Celestia's reign comes to a close, her final fear must be conquered.

Celestia's health has been declining; her royal duties have worn her thin. Princess Luna is painfully aware of this and tries her best to persuade her elder sister to retire. But fear of the unknown keeps her from doing so.

In the meantime, an ancient evil known as the Gorgon Sisters break from their seal of over one and a half thousand years in the center of a Saddle Arabian sand storm. They eradicate a search party, catching the attention of the two sisters.

Not wasting a second, the princesses go to investigate. But with the ability to petrify the body in fear and being able to kill instantly with a drop of their blood, can the Gorgon Sisters truly be defeated?

Entry for NaPoWriMo 2019

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Discord, as it turns out, was more slippery than the girls expected. Teleporting away at the last second and leaving a dummy statue behind, Discord waits until the unveiling ceremony of a new stained glass window to unleash his final plan. After all, if he couldn't defeat the Elements as a whole, he'd just have to permanently separate them. He'd throw in a few others too - including that pesky princess - for some extra flavor. Once they were cast across the veil between worlds, he could deal with them separately. Divide and conquer, as they say!

In a different place altogether, Oliver Rhine's simple and dead-end life is roughly interrupted by a bizarre group of people stumbling into his workplace, pursued by delinquents with strange abilities. When the dust settles and Oliver learns about these strangers and their mission to return home, he sees an opportunity to escape this dirt-hole life and experience a real adventure. But why should these so-called "ponies" accept a stranger into their fold?

And all the while, Discord watches with glee. Digging up and reintroducing the power of magic to a world that had long forgotten it, he sets his new human minions upon his foes. Either they would triumph and find their way to him, or they would fall short. Either way, he was in for a wonderful show.

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This story is a sequel to A Gift To A Princess Holiday’s Heart

The new year has come in Sunset’s World. Twelve new months, a lot of things can happen this year. Sunset’s first activity she wants to do with her friends is what she calls snowball warfare. Tons of her friends are invited and it wouldn’t be a new year’s celebration without the Princess Of Friendship.

Thanks to Daniyel099 for editing this.

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