Sweetie Belle has a regular life in her home of Ponyville. She has a loving family, good friends, and is ready for the summer holidays. But when she and her friends make a trip to the crystal Empire, she discovers that her father is one of the most legendary Kings in history.

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This story is a sequel to Steep Tail Wind

Captain Phantom Wing is back once more for his last adventure. He is attending IPAC aboard the Regal Moon. Not too much of surprise to him, something goes wrong when the carrier is attacked by rebels from Griffonstone. He and his fellow Bolts must fight with the crew to regain control of the carrier. Little does he know that the rebels have a surprise planned incase the Bolts do recapture the ship. This plan will make sure the Regal Moon sets for good. Will Phantom and his friends survive or is this the mission that finally does them in?

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Alexander Looming is one of many, many skeptics who gave in and reluctantly used a PonyPad to keep up with modern times. But as his equestrian adventure derails before the tutorial can finish, and the ever-evolving CelestAI denies his game even existing, Alex must rally together his virtual friends to find his place in Equestria Online as society begins to face a mysterous force that threatens to change both Equestria and Earth forever.

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After a violent explosion transports a team of pro-conduit freedom fighters and a tyrannical New World Order to Ponyville, the fighters need to stop the order from taking over Equestria, and learn to live in a world full of anthropomorphic equine where humans were once thought to be extinct.

Here's a few things to bare in mind so there's little confusion:
- The events of InFAMOUS 2 and Second Son take place at the same time
- both scenarios end with the heroic ending, only difference is Cole doesn't activate the RFI killing himself and "all" conduits
- I'm changing names of some places:
> Manhatten = Empire City
> New Orleans = New Marais
> Manhatten Event = Empire Event
- This follows the MLP theory that the show takes place in a post-apocalyptic earth
- This universe has roughly the same technology we have (I.E. electricity, computers, cellphones, cars, airplanes, helicopters, etc.)
- This is in the middle of season 2
- let me know if there's anything else you're confused about

It may be alot to take in, but try to bare with me
Also if you don't think it's good, just keep in mind that writing is not my greatest strength :/

I'm also bound to make changes every so often whether it be big or small, so be wary of that.

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A retelling of Twilight's Kingdom inspired by PrinceWhateverer's Frailty.

Celestia, Luna, and Cadance must make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that Twilight will be able to emerge victorious against Tirek. Twilight will be given the greatest responsibility anyone pony can be given; to be the protector, and ruler of all of Ponykind.

Warning: Grossly overpowered Twilight ahead, if you don't like that turn back now!

50 upvotes and I'll write a sequel, so be sure to like and share this story as much as possible if you want that to happen!

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Your mom escapes from Tartarus to seek revenge on Celestia. A collab with Phoenix Quill.

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As a world champion street racer from Japan, 19 year old Blade Striker enters into a Equestria street racing tournament in Ponyville against 59 other ponies, represented by Princess Celestia. 5 races, 5 regions, and new and created tracks. there's just one little ruling problem Blade has that he's never had to face before.

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This story is a sequel to Screw The Rules, I Have Pony Collection

Maximillion Pegasus invites all of the world's best duelists and more to his newest Duel Monsters tournament, held at Canterlot High. Having all of the best duelists in one place will make it easier for Pegasus to study these new Equestrian cards. But some of these cards have a will of their own, and are not content in their current state.

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This is an unofficial sequel to the Animation Equestria divided: Reunited by space oddpony,

Due to a last minute spell cast by Rarity ]in the nick of time, Twilight, Rarity, Fluttershy did not die, but they must now act quickly to defeat the cult of laughter once and for all. They may have had their final stand but with the new spell and some help, they've now got only one more chance to stop pinkie and her cult of laughter so they can restore peace to the forsaken land that is now ruined by strife and civil war.

Although, the original animation is related to mortal Kombat, the actual story and animation has little to do with it, besides the mane 6 sharing some similarities with the characters in mortal Kombat, so it will not have a crossover tag
edit 13th June 2018: added a drama tag, removed mane 6 tag and added a Fluttershy tag.

check out his guy's animations, they're really good.

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Applejack doesn't pay any mind to the fables about The shadowy Forest, though she pretends to for Granny's sake. Nothing they say about it makes a lick of sense and Applejack heard its been proven to be a perfectly safe place time and time again, by explorer ponies during the day. It's just a story meant to entertain adults and scare little fillies into obedience.

So when she travels home with Applebloom after a long week, she scoffs at the rotting wooden fence that blocks off the shortcut through the forest. Even if it was raining pretty hard and the night was dark, they wouldn't have any trouble getting through.

There's nothing to fear.

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