After weeks of searching, Rarity had just about accepted that Opalescence was gone for good.

Until one night, her feline companion returns.

And she's not quite the same as when she left.

The feline monstrosity you see in the background of the cover art comes from here:

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She's a clever contrivance of carnal convergence, completely committed to coerce companionship and community into her cold and closed castle of a heart. Crumbling the cornerstones of morality and civility in her crusade for comrades. Come follow the calliope's croon, compiled notes of conviction and cordiality, soar in her castle's cloisters under her compassionate gaze. She can convince all the cute fillies and colts into the comfort of her calloused cuffs, cut from constructing paradise, complete now for certain. Who could compile such a complex contraption to condescend all creations? Come, complete the caper, it could be no other convict than Carnival Cat.

A reimagining of Sand Josieph's classic character.

A sequel to Meeting the Parents
With elements borrowed from Realitycheck's Nyxverse

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Twilight Sparkle (You) desperately flees from the latest in a seemingly endless line of predators: The Humans. For years they've stalked the unicorn through the refuge of the whitetail woods, each time waiting for the moment her guard drops to strike. Exceptional teleportation keeps her just a hair ahead of her assailants again and again, but just what happens when that luck runs out?

Prequel to "Staying out of trouble", "Chase" explains just how Twilight ends up in her future situation as well as explores under just what circumstances friendships can form.

"The Chase" Is complete so updates should be fairly regular as I find the time to edit.

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This story takes place after Season 6 Episode 01 “The Crystalling – Part 1” and “Rainbow Rocks”.

Something has gone wrong with the Crystal Mirror and it just so happens to be on a day when Princess Twilight is rolling out the red carpet for a high level delegation from the Dragon Lands led by Princess Ember.

Could Twilight have made a mistake when she rigged up Celestia’s book to the portal?

Who or what could now end up coming through the portal …?

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This a tale long forgot about a beast that once roam this earth destroy everything in it path including pony it's feast on heart it grew strong and greedy ,but this beast was seal away by the ancient order of the alicorn this beast now sleep in the darkness part of pony hell waiting to awake to see it revenge full fill ,and kill any alicorn left.

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Deep within the Equestrian Guard, there exists an elite force, deployed for strategic defensive operations. These are the ponies...

Who are totally nothing like that force I was just talking about.

They're not even ponies actually. They're just four dudes, standing on two legs, 5'10" at the shortest. How did they even end up in this mess? That's not my job to tell you.

But the elite force that I mentioned sucks at their job, so now it's up to these guys to clean it up.

Follow the likes of Haggard, the loose Texan cannoneer, Sweetwater, the nerd with as many wits as he has bullets, and Redford, the Sarge' with a retirement date that no one seems to care about, through the eyes of Preston Marlow, the new, yet extremely capable, guy in the squad, as they fight to save Equestria, and by a possibly their own world, again.

Part of a unit known as Bad Company, this not-so-special specialist team of soldiers, armed with their skills, a heavily armored car, and all the guns that they could pack into it, form up with a heard of ponies to stand a chance against the forces of the Storm King, because I couldn't think of a better semi-canonical army for them to fight.

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Something wicked this way comes...and Twilight could feel it.

She could feel it in her heart.

She could feel it resonating within her very being.

And now, she and her friends must band together with other-worldly characters in order to fend off the demon that threatens their worlds.

But...will it be enough?

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Spoiler Warning Season eight final
Starlight is sitting in her office. Bored and left alone with her thoughts.
Thinking about one strange and even evil filly.
But as her anger died away, the curiosity took over and a lingering question started to grow inside of her:

Why had she done it?
She didn't stand alone to face such a question.
A certain Cutie Mark Crusader is eager to dive into the enigma, that is:
Cosy Glow.

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Equestria has survived several invasions throughout the millennia... but what happens when they're stricken by an army that they can't defeat? Alien parasites that go by several names-- symbiotes, Klyntar, the list goes on. Blank Page-- a unicorn with a tattered past who wants to map out the Badlands, and Tempest Shadow-- pardoned commander of the Storm Army who isolated herself IN the Badlands, must come together along with several familiar and new faces to protect what's left of Equestria...

T-Rated for minor body horror, sexual references, and violence.

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I feel like the only pony in Equestria who remembers that magic's not safe.

Some ponies would tell me that ain’t fair, and they could be right. We live in a world where everything but death can be cured, in cities that could stand on sunbeams and alongside creatures that defied explaining.

I don’t want to take wonder away from folks.

I just wish they’d stop forgetting curses were real too.

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