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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


She Talks to Angel Review (Spoilers for American Fans!) · 2:45pm Yesterday

Well folks, this is it for now, the last of the early airings in China. There may be more next weekend, but as of this moment the synopsis' for them have not been revealed, so that means I'm going to stop here for now. Now, our writer for this episode is Nick Confalone, the same Nick Confalone who brought the Equestria Girls franchise to new heights, before he brought it all crashing down and struggling to get back up. His writing for the show was a mixed bag last season "The Maud Couple" felt

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Potty Training Tales (Collab with Latecomer) - Currently ongoing

The Griffon Who Came to Mount Aris (Sequel to "A Tale of Two Lovebirds") - Coming soon

My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic: Stallion Edition (R63 fic with show canon stallions) - Next chapter will be released at the end of July

First Sleepover Between Friends (One shot sequel to "Scootaloo's First Friend") - Birthday present for Matt 11, coming August 1

Party Pony Proposal (Oneshot CheesePie sequel to "Class for Two") - Stay tuned for more details

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2764239 Thank you. I had planned to see them.

Now, if synopsis' are not revealed for anymore episodes, I'll stop after them since I don't wanna go into an episode blind when it's airing early. If links are still up by the time information comes out, then I'll probably watch through episode 24 (assuming the trend of early releases continues).

The 17th and 18th episodes of Season 9 have recently been leaked.
* The Summer Sun Setback
* She Talks to Angel

2761358 Probably Rainbow Dash, she either has a really amazing episode or a really terrible one with little flucuation.

Yo SPB12, I managed to find English speaking versions of S9 Ep. 14-16 if you're interested.
* The Last Laugh
* 2, 4, 6, Greaaat
* A Trivial Pursuit

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