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Welcome to the official group for Hitch Trailblazer, the only stallion with the voice of James Marsden!

Feel free to post stories regarding Hitch here! Or talk about him. He's pretty cool, ya know.

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Me before seeing the movie: Eh, I get the feeling Hitch is going to be another Spike. A doormat who gets ragged on constantly and is way too full of himself. The typical macho idiot male character you see everywhere these days. He'll be a total wimp who can't stand up to Sunny. It's gonna get old fast.

Me after seeing the movie: Casually jumps into the screen, scoops up Hitch, and walks away. This is mine now.

Hitch is best pony.

i think we all are

He looks less superiority-complex to me and more Flynn Rider-esque. But I'm curious to see how he actually turns out.

Perhaps his story will be learning to not be so pompous and smug. A cliche lesson, yes, but an important one.

At least move the fic to mature stuff

Shoutout to Crystalbreeze for adding fucking porn to the group

I'm happy somebody made a Hitch group :D Alongside with earlier Sunny and Izzy groups now we only need the group of the third mare G5 character (who I don't know the name of personally)

yea, he looks a bit snobbish, but eh it is what it is

Why is it I have a feeling he is going to be smug and full of himself. That look on his face just reeks of somepony with a superiority complex. I'm not sure how to feel about a male lead but couldn't they have gave him a better design?, one that doesn't look like so full of himself?, maybe someone like one of the construction ponies in Ponyville?

Don't quite know how I feel about G5 yet. Will wait and see. #g5stallionsmatter

>recognize him
I hope he stubs his hoof on a Lego dresser. Then I can recognize his pain with mirth.

441648 Don't know much about the Character yet but when we do... then I'm sure we'll get some.
At least form me that is.

K peeps we need some fics up in here

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