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While I admit that he looks more full of himself than 2000s Eminem, he's the only G5 stallion we've got so far, so yea. Recognize him.

I wonder if someone will write something with this character...

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He looks less superiority-complex to me and more Flynn Rider-esque. But I'm curious to see how he actually turns out.

Perhaps his story will be learning to not be so pompous and smug. A cliche lesson, yes, but an important one.

At least move the fic to mature stuff

Shoutout to Crystalbreeze for adding fucking porn to the group

I'm happy somebody made a Hitch group :D Alongside with earlier Sunny and Izzy groups now we only need the group of the third mare G5 character (who I don't know the name of personally)

yea, he looks a bit snobbish, but eh it is what it is

Why is it I have a feeling he is going to be smug and full of himself. That look on his face just reeks of somepony with a superiority complex. I'm not sure how to feel about a male lead but couldn't they have gave him a better design?, one that doesn't look like so full of himself?, maybe someone like one of the construction ponies in Ponyville?

Don't quite know how I feel about G5 yet. Will wait and see. #g5stallionsmatter

>recognize him
I hope he stubs his hoof on a Lego dresser. Then I can recognize his pain with mirth.

441648 Don't know much about the Character yet but when we do... then I'm sure we'll get some.
At least form me that is.

K peeps we need some fics up in here

#G5StallionsMatter lmao

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