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A group for G5 stories and a place to talk about the new generation.

Some ground rules. Don't post links to new leaked episodes/movies etc. Be careful about spoilers. We can only fully talk about once it officially released. Stick to site rules. Enough said.

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This was my Reaction when I found out about G5

everybody favorite lightskin in the club now


Understandable and based on very logical reasons.

Need to see an actual movie trailer before I try to write a G5 story

I'm trying not to doubt Hasbro. Probably G5 will make our jaws drop.


Indeed it was. I was one of the doubters myself until I saw Mare in the Moon. Never looked back.

I don't know, I was tiny when G4 started. :rainbowlaugh: But Tartarus, yes, I'm excited!

Kinda feels like that. I'm not even surprised that most people are not so sure when it comes to G5 or even hate it, because, if I remember well, G4 was all the same before they released the first episode.

There's talk of the site being expanded to cover all realms of fanfiction. It's an exciting time to be a brony/pegasister. Is this what people felt when G4 was announced?

Post a link?

Question: since the pic is already public knowledge by now, maybe we could consider changing the banner to that wide pic that was released? Might look a bit nicer than the standard bg.

My story is rated Teen yet I can't add it in the Teen-rated folder for some weird reason.

I think I'll join this one just for the halibut.

I'll show myself out now.

Knighty is on Discord. Or you could PM him if needed.

There's tons of stories based on previous generations, though. If we ask Knighty really nicely, he might just add them for us.

I'm pretty sure will we will get a new tag for G5. But I'm not sure if we get the same for older generations.

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