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Zipp Storm is one of the Royal Pegasi Sisters who can really give a really great impression. In his role as a sister, we should honor our respect to her abilities and awesome personality from the film being released this fall.


1. Be respectful to each other.
2. All stories needs to involve Zipp herself.
3. Put any mature NSFW related stories in its folder only.

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In his role as a sister

You might want to change that.

She is a close second favorite G5 pony for me. I am even thinking of tying her with Sunny, like Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

Speaking of Rainbow Dash, while she is similar to her in terms of flying and such, she's also the opposite of her in that she doesn't have the ego of Rainbow Dash and doesn't even like being popular.

Same honestly, my favorite in G5 Is Zipp, and NO not because she seems a lot like a certain multicolored Pegasus I adore to a fault. That was my only fear, people were connecting her to Dash and that got me really sad, I wanted a fresh mew character to adore not that same one just recolored.

Yes, she really deserves more love! I mean without her, I don't think the hole plot would have progressed at all!!

only 83 members, poor zip, she needs more love.

When I first saw Zipp, I thought she would be full of herself but she wound up being the much better sister. Pipp, she is too much of a diva and didn't seem to take things seriously.

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we gon make this the OG group

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