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Buck Swisher

CB enthusiast, Zecora enjoyer. My creative process sucks.

Proud to be one in a million, but the other 999,999 people prolly hate me for it.

the best song in existence

this might actually be my favorite song ever. click to be blessed.

The best G5 pony...no cap

Stuff I wrote


Yooo, you clicked on my user page! Dope!

Welcome to the home of Fimfic's only Breezy enthusiast!

aight, who am i?

I'm just a brother who came on here during qurantine. Yeah, I still remember that.

To be honest, I'm on here reading way more than I'm writing. When I do try and write stuff, it usually sucks and I don't put it out. I'm not the best writer. I like doing it, but I ain't great at it. I'm also here to meet new homies, cause why not, right? Pretty sure most people on here could use a homie.

Biggest thing about me is I love music. I mainly like rappers from the early and mid-2010s, like Em, Wayne, Drake, Logic, and NF. I also love R&B, which is why, as you might already know, I like Chris Brown. He's the homie.

Yes, I'm really a Chris Brown enthusiast. If you can do me a favor and not judge me for that, that would be awesome. I know some people are gonna stay away from me because of CB's past, but I just like his music, and I don't beat women. Cool? Cool.

I'm also a Bucks fan. It used to be in my name, but I changed it a few years ago to what it is now. Love watching them, even if I get way too invested and end up overly pissed when they lose.

I don't really got a favorite character or anything, but I did put pictures of some of the ones I think are cool on the side of this page. If I was gonna have favorites, I'd say that's where you'll find em. I also mess with the color green, cause it's just that dope.

You read all this? And you're still here? Wow. Dope.

I guess I should wrap this up by mentioning that I'm working on being a better writer. I'm not gonna suck forever (hopefully), and who knows, maybe someday I'll actually have a decent following on here. One can dream, right?

Thanks for stoppin' by. Peace for now, homie.


Help out my homie Lucky Seven! · 2:01am Yesterday

Click here for Sev’s blog

What’s good family!

My homie Lucky Seven is going through some things right now, including having COVID, and he needs some help. I won’t bore you with a bunch of details. Just know he’s tryna make rent, and he needs some folk to pitch in for that to be possible. He’s a really dope person, and definitely doesn’t deserve to be in a position like this.

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And yet effective. You’re wise without even trying!

And it wasn't even intentional.:rainbowlaugh:

Your new profile pic’s angry stare finally broke me into submission

Thanks you, I knew you'd come around eventually.:twilightsmile:

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since you made it this far

bust a move my brotha