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The best pony...no cap

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since you made it this far

bust a move my nigga

Ayo, Buck here.

I came to Fimfiction in May 2020.

I didn't wanna reveal myself too much, so I dubbed myself YouAverageBookNerd and grabbed a picture of Rainbow Dash before heading into the world of Fimfiction.

I've gone through a few name and pic changes, but overall I'm still a guy that likes to read and write, and if you tryna make a new friend I'm always down.

I'm from Orlando, but I love the Milwaukee Bucks. Even though I go crazy over every game, it's a good kinda crazy.

I've been through a lil bit since I got here. I've dealt with COVID, toxic users, and depressed users. I've made a lotta friends, and there are a lotta people I still look up to on this site. I'm hoping to maybe be a musical artist one day, cause I love music. I mainly like rappers from the early and mid-2010s, like Em, Wayne, Drake, Logic, and NF. I also love R&B, which is why I really like Chris Brown.

Chris Brown is the homie.

I've had my moments in my life, but I try to value everyone else here. I am always here to talk if you feel down, and there ain't a single thing about you that I would judge you for. If you need something, hit me up.

Another thing you should know is that I would like any Patriots fans, Raptors fans, or Red Sox fans to know that I will argue with you about your team. Just sayin'.

My favorite pony is Cadance, and my favorite villian is Sombra, which I think is ironic. I also like the color crimson and am always looking for some good fan art.

I'm also tryna write more stories. If you like em, please leave a like and maybe a comment, cause the love goes a long way.

Peace for now.


yea i did that · 9:07am August 8th

EAce Is The Place
Ace is the place with the helpful hardware...ponies?
Buck Swisher · 3k words  ·  134  16 · 1.5k views

Yeah, I got no regrets on this one. Enjoy.

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I feel ya. I been writing, recording a lil, having thoughts here and there about writing something else on this site...lotta stuff.

Bout to start my junior year, so that's exciting. Really just tryna get to work on my mixtape tho.

Glad to hear you're ok. I've had a few ups and downs recently, but overall not bad. At the moment my brother and my dad are away in London, so it's only girls in the house. I'm taking advantage of the peace and quiet for as long as it lasts. :rainbowlaugh:

Hey, glad to see you checkin' in on me. I'm doin good, and glad you like my music. How's it been for you?

Hey, it's been a while. How are you?

Also, I found your Spotify playlist and I've given you a follow. Time to enjoy some music.

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Book of Musical Quotes

Don't be gone too long
Cause you won't be there to love me when you're gone
Don't be gone too long
Cause who's gonna love me when you're gone

-Chris Brown, Don't be Too Long

Church is where I found God, but it's also where I learned to judge.

-NF, 10 Feet Down

Mama called me destructive
Said it ruined me one day
Cause every woman that loves me
I tend to push them away

-The Weeknd, Real Life

Another day in the life
Used to have to scrape to get by
Now my community's gated and I
Made it and my neighbors say hi

-Eminem, Believe

They say everybody plays the fool sometimes
And if I got to I don't mind
I'll be the best damn fool for you
No lie
And girl I lose it every time
There's something about you baby
I swear that it drives me crazy
I'm stuck on stupid, I'm stuck on stupid
And I might need help
Cause I can't think of nothing else, you got me
Stuck on stupid, stuck on stupid for you

-Chris Brown, Stuck on Stupid