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Boopy Doopy

Starlight is the best pony... buy me a coffee? Or maybe join my discord? PM me for story requests/commisions?

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  • 3 weeks
    I Am Not Sombra book available for purchase

    Hey! It's a book called I Am Not Sombra that you can buy here if you want! It's a bit on the expensive side ($13.99 USD + shipping & taxes brings it to around 20 dollars and change) so it's going to have to remain paperback for now, unfortunately. But it is now available to purchase, so if you'd like to... I'd really love it if you did c:

    10 comments · 121 views
  • 4 weeks
    I Am Not Sombra Book

    I am still working on an "I Am Not Sombra" physical book copy (for 5 months, I know!) but I was wondering in the meantime, if one were created and published on, say, Lulu.com, would you be willing to buy it? Right now, the page count is expected to be 248 pages, and I have cover art for it in the works...

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    6 comments · 156 views
  • 8 weeks
    Alex and Sombra

    Yup, both Alex and Sombra can relate to this...

    This wonderful piece of art was brought to you by MayhemMoth, who's story about Sombra, Shadow of a Doubt, you should definitely read.

    4 comments · 141 views
  • 12 weeks
    It's the start of a sequel

    Here's the start of a sequel to I Am Not Sombra. When it's the worst sequel of all time, it's not my fault. You've been warned (also, it's keeping the same writing formula as the original, each chapter being broken up into quarters)

    The Ruler of Ponies and Men

    Cover art to be added soon

    0 comments · 174 views
  • 18 weeks
    Sombra Sequel?

    I've been thinking about it, and I do want to do a sequel to I Am Not Sombra. Problem is: I've no idea what kind of plot a sequel would revolve around other than general points, or what to do with it (other than a chapter for Cadance's trial+pardoning). I'm open to suggestions though if you have any and want to send them my way.

    Also read Applejack Is An Interdimensional Alien

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About Me

Name: Boopy Doopy
Age: 18-22
Occupation: Insurance Agent
Education: Associate's Degree
Hobbies: Reading/Writing/Guitar Hero/Football

I write stuff. I like to think I'm pretty okay at it, but I'm kinda not. Prone to severe procrastination. Reading comments is what I live for, whether on my story or on other people's stories. Live in US Central Time Zone (-6:00 UTC)

Favorite Food: Chicken Fried Rice/Pizza Rolls
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Color: Dark Green
Favorite Book: Me And My Little Brain (John D. Fitzgerald)
Favorite Book Series: Pendragon (D.J. MacHale)
Favorite Story on FimFiction: Oh To Be Old Again/Shadow of a Doubt
Favorite Band: Alice In Chains
Favorite Song: Semi-Charmed Life (Third Blind Eye)/Fight For All The Wrong Reasons (Nickelback)
Favorite TV Show: My Little Pony/It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia/Better Call Saul
Favorite Movie: My Life As A Zucchini/Spirited Away
Favorite MLP Character: Starlight Glimmer/RedHeart/Cheerilee/Holiday
Favorite MLP Episode: Yakity-Sax
Favorite MLP Season: Eight
Favorite MLP Ship: StarBurst/Sombra x Radiant Hope/ LoftyDay

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