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Boopy Doopy

Yeah, I'm the one who writes those trans stories... Feel free to join my Discord.

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Name: Boopy Doopy
Age: 22
Gender: Girl
Occupation: Insurance Agent
Education: Associate's Degree
Hobbies: Reading/Writing/Guitar Hero/Football

I write stuff. I like to think I'm pretty okay at it, but I'm kinda not. Prone to severe procrastination. Reading comments is what I live for, whether on my story or on other people's stories.

Favorite Food: Macaroni and Cheese/Popcorn Shrimp
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Color: Dark Green
Favorite Book: Me And My Little Brain (John D. Fitzgerald)
Favorite Book Series: Pendragon (D.J. MacHale)
Favorite Story on FimFiction: Oh To Be Old Again/Shadow of a Doubt/FiO: Homebrew
Favorite Band: Stone Temple Pilots
Favorite Song: Glide (Stone Temple Pilots)
Favorite TV Show: My Little Pony/Better Call Saul/Squid Game
Favorite Movie: Shark Tale/Spirited Away
Favorite MLP Character: Starlight Glimmer/RedHeart/Cheerilee/Holiday
Favorite MLP Episode: Yakity-Sax
Favorite MLP Season: Eight
Favorite MLP Ship: StarBurst/Sombra x Radiant Hope/LoftyDay

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Yes, I have. I see all and know all.

Oh no, she’s spotted me.

Wow, that's amazing to hear! I didn't know I had that kind of impact! And seriously, thank you for the kind words. I only write stories that I would want to read myself.

  • Viewing 47 - 51 of 51
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