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Congratulations on having the three best series of sci-fi humans encountering ponies on this site.

Just wanted to say that I read the Prequel to My Little Apprentice and LOVED it! I am also really enjoying My Little Apprentice as well! Keep up the great work as per usual <3

Also, you are my favorite author who puts Humans in their stories! ^_^

Geez, I didn't even realize all those fine sci-fi fics were written by the same person lol. Followed.

How about a story, oh ye who pens the heavens? I may have left comments on your stories, but I do not remember. I think you might find this amusing.

Years ago, I saw a story in the featured box. As you might guess, it was one of yours. It's name was The Last Pony on Earth. It had maybe 10 chapters, which I read, enjoyed, and then patiently waited as each new chapter was posted. Some time later, I saw another story called Friendly Fire in the featured box, and I fell in love with that one too. Now, my memory is hazy on a good day, so any time based contradictions are due to that. Some time after I finished FF, I saw a story pop up in the new box, called Message in a Bottle. I read that chapter and knew I had found another winner. But the author's name caught my eye. It seemed... familiar. A quick peruse through your stories revealed why.

I have been reading MiaB, by the way. Love it to death. I just thought, as I got caught up on the last few chapters, that you might find this funny, as I did, as I was reminded of it.

Keep up the amazing work, my man. You are a cut above the rest, and I look forward to getting into your Friendship is Optimal series. That looks particularly interesting. Take care!

Dang, missed this comment. It's called scrivener. I mostly use it for composing stories, structuring narrative, keeping track of characters... that kind of thing.

For actual chapter-level editing, I like Microsoft Word's tools better. I typically export from Scrivener one chapter at a time, edit, then upload to google docs for prereading before posting from there to fimfiction.

It sounds complicated when I say it like that.


  • Viewing 109 - 113 of 113
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