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Last Pony on Earth Series

  • The Last Pony on Earth One day, Earth. The next, everyone is gone and I'm a pony. What the heck is going on? by Starscribe 107,577 words · 15,073 views · 1,612 likes · 72 dislikes
  • Founders of Alexandria Four months after the end of human civilization, six ponies come together to rebuild. They learn that the apocalypse has not made friendship any easier. by Starscribe 107,598 words · 5,168 views · 807 likes · 42 dislikes
  • The Eternal Lonely Day Human civilization ended on May 23, 2015, when everyone on earth became a pony. In the years and centuries that followed, what would humanity become? by Starscribe 159,319 words · 4,689 views · 608 likes · 36 dislikes
  • Earth Without Us Human civilization ended on May 23, 2015, when everyone on earth became a pony. This is the story of how they lived, how they died, and what they achieved. by Starscribe 153,575 words · 2,756 views · 435 likes · 36 dislikes
  • PaP: Bedtime Stories Earth used to have humans living on it. Now it has ponies, some of which used to be human. It will take ten thousand years for every human alive on earth to return. A lot can happen in that much time. by Starscribe 152,106 words · 1,372 views · 183 likes · 19 dislikes

My Little Apprentice Series

  • My Little Apprentice When a remarkable spell summons a human mind into the body of a unicorn filly, Princess Twilight Sparkle does the only thing she can think of: Take on an apprentice. by Starscribe 101,515 words · 13,143 views · 1,328 likes · 41 dislikes
  • My Little Apprentice: Apogee Second Chance has her memories back, and now the responsibility of an entire civlization rests on her shoulders. Can she save her old world without betraying her new one? by Starscribe 95,356 words · 3,075 views · 392 likes · 11 dislikes
  • MLA: Perihelion Living in Equestria proves to be more dangerous for Second Chance than she could've possibly imagined. Now an old enemy has followed her from an Earth destroyed by war. Can she save Equestria from suffering the same fate? by Starscribe 83,232 words · 2,044 views · 206 likes · 11 dislikes
  • Harmony Defended When Equestria is threatened with an invasion of all its greatest enemies, Celestia and Luna are forced to turn to the only ally with a chance of helping them: Humans. The only question left now is whether any of Equestria will be left to save. by Starscribe 204,414 words · 4,081 views · 496 likes · 28 dislikes
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Oh, no problem. I've definitely got the impression that I've written some characters to be extremely frustrating. Reading them can be quite the chore sometimes. I don't take it personally.

I find your penmanship quite tasty and easy to process.

So I have come here to formally thank you for all your horse words.

To apologize too, I can sometimes be a little too exasperating and critical nitpicking other people's work and talking like I know better. Talking without restraint and hoping for the best.

That's just my way of demonstrating when I have come to be invested in a story.

I hope you won't judge me poorly for it and maybe even find some of my comments helpful in some way.

Either way I enjoy writing them as a way to express myself so no worries if that is not the case.

Thanks for the stories!



It's more like an agnostic Left Behind with ponies as the main characters because TF is an extremely easy way to create character drama. I actually did sorta create my "own" TCB, but believe it or not that was the universe of My Little Apprentice. Although in neither of those stories is humanity actually destroyed or even wholy converted (and only a small fraction ever become ponies in MLA's case) because I just didn't think that outcome was realistic for a sufficiently determined humanity.

  • Viewing 90 - 94 of 94
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