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State of the Scribe: December 2022 · 2:56am Last Friday

Hey pones, hope you all had some great holidays!

This last month was a sacred time for writers everywhere, NANOWRIMO. I won! That probably isn't a shock to anyone who can see how many chapters I post in a typical month, but I digress. I'll talk a little bit about that at the end, since I know plenty of people just want to quickly check in with pony-related plans.

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I've been asked several times to explain what I've written. When you've got three million words published somewhere, it can get daunting to someone who has no idea how to approach it. I hope to be able to explain everything I've done here, in a way that's accessible for a new reader.


While most of what I've done on Fimfiction has been in the form of serial fiction with lots of sequels and side-stories, I've also told several stories that are complete narratives unto themselves. I'll resist going too long here, and restrict myself to a single sentence about each one.

Message in a Bottle
A hard-scifi adventure story that looks at what the future of human space exploration might look like, if one hapless probe landed on a place that looks like Equestria. At first.
Luna is a Harsh Mistress
The ongoing story of what would've happened if Nightmare Moon was banished to the moon with her entire invading army, instead of going by herself.
Second Sunset
What happened to the human Sunset Shimmer when the pony arrived on earth to take her place.
Through the Aurora
The ongoing story of a human programmer swept up into an atmospheric experiment to arrive in Equestria as a hippogriff and somehow find her way home again.
Elements of Harmony
When Starlight Glimmer rewrote the timeline, the consequences were a cascade of disasters that erased the peaceful Equestria that Twilight Sparkle knew. Somehow, she has to put everything back on her own.
Another hard-scifi, this one looking at a likely future of increasing IoT contentedness and augmented reality, in a world where every human is assisted by a an AI pony called a Synth that interfaces them with their digital world.
Friendship Abroad
A freak storm drops the Young Six in the United Kingdom, and relations with the locals quickly take a turn for the worse.
Voyage of the Equinox
An ongoing CYoA space adventure story about the first Equestrian interstellar voyage.
Strange Alchemy
A Noir investigator tracks down some of the strangest mysteries in Canterlot's seedy underbelly.
Secrets of the Mane Six
An urban fantasy story where Twilight discovers that her closest friends aren't what they seem.
The history of Equestria is actually one fabricated by ancient human powers. Now they've returned to collect on their investment.

Last Pony on Earth Series

Perhaps my best known work on Fimfiction, this series begins as a survivalist fiction, telling the story of a former human who awakes transformed into a pony, practically alone in her former city. This series follows her and the other survivors over many years, as magic and technology change society in many different ways for the refugees who return from old earth.

The Last Pony on Earth
Founders of Alexandria
The Eternal Lonely Day
Earth Without Us
Bedtime Stories

This series also includes a number of side-stories, which can be read anytime after Eternal Lonely Day. Each of them focuses on some specific aspect of the world, such as what Earth looked like during the period of changeling rule (Evoli Victorious), or what it might be like to return as a Breezeie (Little Problems). One tells the story of what the second collapse of civilization looked like, and what life became under the rule of a superhuman AI (Meliora). Knight of Wands is difficult to explain, and should be read last.
Evoli Victorious
Little Problems
Knight of Wands

Friendship Is Optimal

This fan-universe within MLP lore chronicles one possible scenario of what the world might look like if the technological singularity occurred at the hooves of a AI designed to "satisfy human values through friendship and ponies." [See the original by Iceman here if you haven't].

I come from a Computer Science background myself, and at first I was driven by a desire to see my own experience better reflected in the stories of this little universe (Futile Resistance). Then I wanted to tell the story of the people left behind in the first story (Broken Things), and touch on AR and some other emerging technologies the original left out.

Life Support tells the story of terminally ill children fighting for their chance to emigrate. After that, I wanted to talk about what someone with tons of money might do if they saw the end of the world coming (Momento Mori). Then I wrote about what Celestia might do with GPS devices to capture people otherwise reluctant to Emigrate (Recalculating). I'm currently writing about what pirates and hackers might do with Equestria, and what Celestia would do with them (Homebrew).

Futile Resistance
Broken Things
Life Support
Memento Mori
Optimal Game Master
Memory of Forever
Drowning in the Digital Sea

My Little Apprentice Series

This series represents my earliest writing on Fimfiction, though I'm still proud of this little story. My Little Apprentice tells the story of a desperate survivor arriving in Equestria from a post-apocalyptic earth. Her home isn't dead, though--the war goes on, between two deadly transhumanist factions. Will the conflict destroy Equestria as well?
My Little Apprentice
Harmony Defended

As time went on, this universe acquired a number of side-stories, which chronicle other parts of the world. One of those tells the story of Nightmare Moon's rise to power in this strange world of technological cross-contamination (Evening Star Also Rises), while another describe's Sunset's arrival on Earth (Steel Solstice) and her eventual contributions to the war (Sunset Campaign). A few tell other, more subdued stories, like Lyra's contact with humanity (Can you Hear Me Now) or what a post-war future might look like (Pax Humana).
Evening Star Also Rises
Steel Solstice
Can You Hear Me Now?
The Sunset Campaign
Pax Humana

Friendly Fire Series

This little series began its life as a quick contest entry, but grew into my first attempt writing a thriller story. It describes a world where Equestrian lore and magic is a hostile pattern, which transforms all humans who see it into creatures who can use magic themselves. It follows the twists and turns as various powers on Earth and Equestria fight over the future of mankind.

Friendly Fire
Unwilling Recruit

A story taking place entirely in Equestria but showing the relationship between changelings and ponies in this world is also ongoing.
Child of the Invasion

The Last Migration

The deeply political story of Equestria's world divided by a catastrophic volcanic eruption, which pits Equestria against a hostile neighbor with far more experience in war.
The Last Migration
The First Republic

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Hi! I don't have anything of substance to say, I just really really like your stories! They make me laugh and smile!

That is an amazingly cool idea! It might be too cool to be pony, in fact--the idea of banishment to the far future would be pretty interesting in the context of science fiction in general. Can't promise if I'll get to use it or not, but it's a super cool idea. If I do I'll try to remember this comment and thank you.

I love your stories and own two of your hard copies : )

I don't write like I used to and wanted to pitch a character idea to you to use as you wish:

A lot has been done with Luna and the moon, but I thought it would be interesting to imagine a world where instead of being banished a few hundred thousand miles, she was banished into the distant future. Like the spell chooses an arbitrary time of 50% through the total age of the universe. Instead of a fairly familiar moon she end up experiencing something like this:


In a universe where all the stars are long dead and all matter has long ago evaporated due to proton decay life still exists, but only as magic which does not rely on matter. Exotic ecosystems of magic field creatures exist in orbit around black holes feeding on their Hawking radiation like plants on sunlight. Adapting to this strange world makes Luna a queen in her own right, and she soon takes for granted the abilities present in all local life. Abilities to change the speed at which one experiences time - slowing way down to soak in the sparse Hawking energy that drives them, or speeding way up to engage in combat with other entities who wish to feed on her and steal her energy.

Many of the things we associate with ghosts? Unexplained cold patches, slow motion figures that suddenly explode into lighting fast motion? Where do you think they came from? Any being from the long dark age of the universe can easily pull energy from it's surroundings, and time manipulation is as basic as breathing.

A Luna returned from this darkness would fairly hold the title Nightmare Entropy. When sanding still to watch or wait her incorporeal form would first appear as an outline of fog contained within the remembered outline of her pony shape. If she became agitated and her personal flow of time accelerated so would the energy leaching, leaving a mare with weight and mass as her outline filled with liquid air. When standing vidual she would appear a statue of dry ice, only to begin moving with a startling CRACK as the now frozen nitrogen/oxygen ice snapped and protested as her joints moved, dragging along whatever was contained in her form.

What would such a character think of or care about? Are the grim reaper images just other creatures from this dark age reaching back to the birth of the universe to recruit colonists? Perhaps they grabbed Luna by mistake? What if the banishment spell links Luna and Celestia by a magical chain to pull her back through time? What if instead of yanking Luna back at the appropriate time, part of that intangible magical chain slipped past the event horizon of the black whole she lived at, dragging Celestia or perhaps the whole world forward in time to find Luna in this strange far distant time?

I don't know if you're interested, but feel free to use any of this stuff to spice up future stories : )

Thanks again for your awesome writing!

Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your stories. It doesn't matter which one, whenever I see an update I immediately click read.

Hi, just here to say I'm impressed, you write a chapter almost every day. I don't know much about writing, but think that's an impressive feat.

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