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Equestria was just a game, one of an endless number of semi-illicit online games created to take advantage of the ubiquity of cheap augmented reality hardware. But that changed, when for no reason anyone knows, the virtual population of Equestria woke up.

Two decades have gone by since then, and the world has been transformed. The former game network has grown to encompass the backbone of trade, infrastructure, and research the western world over. Its vast computational resources have given rise to an infinitely subdivided world of overlays and sublayers, coterminous with the various cities and towns within Equestria. Every person in the modern world is assigned a Synth, a pony personal assistant that adapts to their needs and helps them access those parts of the world governed by Equestria's systems.

It is a world Dakota barely remembers, thanks to an automobile accident that turned most of her body to mush. But thanks to the medical miracles created by joint equestrian-human research, her life is saved by a remarkably new series of implants.

But Dakota isn't content to sit around while her body slowly knits itself together. There are unanswered questions to answer, questions that will ultimately lead her to the oldest mystery of both worlds.

Updates every Saturday.

Sponsored on Patreon by the Illustrious Canary in a Coal Mine. Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha.

This isn't part of the Optimalverse, or any other established fan-universe.

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Queen Chrysalis planned for months to finally take Canterlot for herself. Months of reconnaissance, bribery, and maneuvering to finally lower the defenses of the Equestrian capital at just the right moment. But while her stated goal was always to have enough love to feed the desperate Swarm, the reality of the invasion was something else.

The queen spawned thousands of drones, filling the sky with untrained warriors in order to marshal the greatest forces when the day of battle arrived. But then that day came, and they won. Now what? Most of those drones didn't even matter enough to earn a name, and so they will probably die unremembered. But at least one is determined to make something of herself in her queen's new world. She's determined to understand these strange creatures called ponies, and to survive the invasion no matter what.

Begins during a reimagined Canterlot Wedding. Updates every Wednesday.

Sponsored by TyrannisUmbra on my Patreon. Edited by Two Bit and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha.

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Every student of the School of Friendship had to complete a capstone project before graduating. While the other students wrote songs, baked cakes, and other ordinary things, Ocellus and her friends decided to make their last project together count--they built a ship, and planned to sail it north all the way up the coast to Manehattan. But none of them were terribly good sailors, and they never could've imagined what found them on the water...

Now they've been washed ashore in a strange land, surrounded by creatures they never imagined in their wildest dreams. To survive long enough to make their way home, they might just have to make some new friends.

Writen as a Patreon reward for Vilken666. Editing by the usual starpub crew, Two Bit and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha.

Updates Mondays.

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Twilight Sparkle was only a filly when Equestria detected the enigmatic Signal. A series of increasingly complex mathematical proofs, the Signal transformed from an intriguing curiosity to reliable evidence of extraequestrian life.

And as it happened, Equestria's exploration of their own solar system was nearly complete. With colonies orbiting every planet and large body, and an asteroid belt filled with miners and prospectors, Twilight's civilization was just about ready to turn its focus outward. The signal was less than ten light-years away, within reach of a daring, experimental voyage. A voyage Twilight Sparkle would lead.

Along with a small crew of the most skilled scientists and engineers Equestria could offer, Twilight is determined to uncover the mystery of the Signal, and brave the final frontier for future generations of Equestrian explorers.

A comment-driven, CYoA story. Please use the links provided in the author's notes of each chapter to vote, rather than the comments.

This story is a creative experiment of mine, one meant to explore the general idea that creativity is often most fostered by restrictions. As a result, I've imposed a number of restrictions on the writing of this story, which I'm stating explicitly here so I can be called out if I break any of them.

1. Brevity is the soul of wit
No chapter may be more than 1000 words long. This wordcount only includes prose, and not the questions/rolls.

2. Every choice matters
When a choice is offered in a chapter, at least one sub-optimal choice must be present, with no indication about which is which other than the prose itself. Every chapter should end with a CYoA-style decision tree when possible.

3. Fate is cruel and the universe is heartless
The decision of the vote must be respected. This means any character could be killed, or the entire story could end in failure, if that's what the votes decide. Where numbers, stats, and randomization appear in the text, these elements are not verisimilitude, but are decided by public diecrolls in my discord server.

Note: Because of the unusual production of this story, its chapters won't be edited in the same way as my usual fare. Feel free to point out any mistakes you encounter.

Awesome cover by Zutcha as you can probably tell. Editing stuff by Two Bit and Sparktail, where applicable.

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This story is a sequel to The Eternal Lonely Day

Over a thousand years ago, every human on Earth vanished. The ponies left behind were forced to rebuild what they could, largely ignorant of their new abilities. When a devastating plague spelled the end of the first age of pony civilization on Earth, the changelings were forced to watch helplessly as their food supply withered away.

Queen Evoli's swarm is barely surviving on the measly drops of love they can scavenge from the slow-recovering pony population. But it wouldn't have to be that way, if only somepony who really knew how to lead was in charge. She is many centuries old now, with power and experience that ponies in their short lives cannot imagine. Maybe if the world had somepony like her to rule it, civilization would do better.

At least she wouldn't be going hungry anymore...

A Ponies After People story written for Sparktail on my Patreon, crossposted to Fimfiction. Updates daily until complete. Edited by Sparktail and Two Bit, and cover by Zutcha.

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This story is a sequel to Steel Solstice

Sunset Shimmer's plan to escape the Steel Tower failed—but she is still returning home. Instead of a victorious pony, come back to gloat to her previous teacher about the secrets she had uncovered, she is an adviser to one of the most dangerous men alive: Tesla.

But it isn't a simple invasion; Equestria is under attack by demonic forces, and the Steel Tower has been invited to help. But there's another faction of humans in Equestria, one that is still at war, and one who Sunset suspects are plotting terrible things...

She isn't alone. One of her human friends, now trapped as a cybernetic bat pony, is sent on a covert mission of her own. Equestria may depend on them in ways they never could've realized.

Updates Thursdays.

This story is meant as a companion to Harmony Defended, and to take the place of the long-anticipated revision. I decided it would be better to write something new than to overhaul something that was so long in itself. This story will probably spoil various elements of that one, though the reverse will largely not be true. If all of this seems confusing, you should probably start with my first story in this series, My Little Apprentice. As that story was written in Season 4, this one will not necessarily incorporate the canon of future seasons of Friendship is Magic.

The Sunset Campaign was sponsored by Two Bit on my Patreon, who is generously sponsoring me to clean up my tangled web of previous stories. Sparktail and Two Bit did the editing, and Zutcha did the cover.

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Spike has lived with ponies his whole life, from the very moment he opened his eyes. After experience with his own kind, he's consistently chosen ponies over other dragons. They're his friends, his colleagues, his companions.

But Spike is getting older now, and taking notes and organizing papers isn't the way he plans on spending a dragon's lifespan. He is thrilled to discover there are plenty of ponies who appreciate his talents.

But then he gets his first rejection, and he discovers that even the ponies close to him had different ideas of his place in the world.

Written as a Patreon reward for Vilken666. Proofreading by Two Bit and Sparktail, and cover by Zutcha.

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My Little Pony is more than a franchise--it's propaganda, carefully crafted to introduce the human world to its neighbor a universe away. But instead of slowly influencing a few thousand little girls, the show took off, and built up metaphysical influence that is awaking its fans to latent magical abilities. The powers that be are doing everything in their power to suppress this change, and the magically inclined disappear to secret containment sites, never to be seen again.

Jackie doesn't care about any of that, she just wants to attend a convention with her sister and get them both back home again. But magic is insidious, and even takes hold of those who try hardest to reject it. She should probably just run away, but these ponies are just so dang cute.

Updates daily until complete.

This story is a prequel to Friendly Fire, but since it's a prequel that story isn't required to understand it. Likewise, this story is not required to understand that one. It was written as a Patreon reward for Two Bit. Thank you so much for contributing over the last few months to get this story written!

Cover by the fantastic Zutcha, who has done every one of my covers so far. Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail.

Chapters (16)

This story is a sequel to PaP: Bedtime Stories

Earth has faced terrible things since the Event transformed all living humans into ponies and scattered them across time. Equestria's own demons nearly wiped out civilization more than once, and devastating internal war nearly finished the job.

But now the worst threats are gone, the weapons ponies created to survive them are more dangerous than ever. The superintelligence Athena now rules the world, absolute authority over all civilization. With her power and intellect, she drives the survivors towards greatness, regardless of the body count along the way.

But there are ponies who resist, who yearn for something better. Jackie is not one of those ponies. But maybe they can get her help. It isn't like they have anywhere else to turn.

A ponies after people story. Requires knowledge from 'The Last War' to the end of Bedtime Stories to really make sense, but not necessarily full coverage beyond that.

This story is a patreon commission for the wonderful Lightfox Lowell, who provided the general premise. Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail, cover by Zutcha. Thanks to my wonderful support team for making this insanity possible.

Updates every Tuesday.

Chapters (39)

Midnight Oil might not be the most well-known investigator in Canterlot. She might not have the longest list of solved cases, or the best contacts with the authorities. What she does have are guts, and the street-smarts that come from a life in the underworld. But when her abilities are challenged by her biggest case yet, Equestria's ancient capital might not survive the terror of strange alchemy!

Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha.

This story was written as a commission for FZ6pilot, who created Midnight Oil and inspired the general premise. It will be told in a series of episodes, the first of which will update each Thursday until complete.

Chapters (4)
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