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Xaquseg is the system administrator for FIMFiction, as well as various misc. development, especially related to security. Non-technical problems are probably best asked to other staff members.

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Hi there, Xaquseg. I'm not certain if you're the right person to ask about this, but since you're one of the site coders, I'm hoping you are.

I don't know if this has been asked before, but is it possible to add a 'Side Stories' section to stories' margins, similar to the 'Sequels' section? I see many authors (myself included, which is why I ask) who have written stories in the same 'verse of another, whether it be their own or someone else's, that are listed as sequels when they really are side stories, and in some cases there are multiple (in terms of writing a side story to someone else's, the original author would need to approve and list it themselves, I would assume).
I may be one of the few who actually cares about making the distinction, but just as an example: a while ago I published a side stories anthology to one of my main stories that I haven't finished yet, and somebody commented that I should finish the main story before writing a sequel. It isn't that it bothered me, it simply made me think that having two separate sections would make that clearer to readers.
Is that a possibility we may see in the future?

I don’t know if you can do anything about this, but sometimes when there is a ‘...’ whether it be next to a word or on its own, I’m not exactly sure what causes it, the text to speech reads it as “to the power of.” I’m pretty sure it isn’t supposed to do that. Again not sure what the constant is, but it does it pretty frequently. I use the text to speech as audiobooks so this can really disrupt the flow of the story and hearing those words over and over again can be pretty bothersome.

It’s actually quite funny. I had an issue with the text to speech exactly a year ago on Friday and it was fixed. Not sure if that was a result of my comment or not but thanks anyway. If you could fix this too, that would be awesome. Thanks again.

Dear System Administrator Xaquseg,

Two weeks ago I tried to edit my user page. When I wanted to add a third Favourites Gallery module to it, the website failed to do so and notified me as quoted,

Error: There was an error in the request

I then experimented with the other modules and only failed with the Groups module, which I currently have none on my user page.

The problem ramains whenI tried again today.

Can you help me?

Accurate Balance

Hi question about the site code...was there an update recently? I've been noticing on generic Android chrome browser last week or so, that image load order is causing page reloads.

It's annoying when you think a page is finished loading and try to click on a link when before it registers your tap, it refractors there page and now your tap is registered as on a different link.

I "think"the issue is it is getting the wrong image sizes calculated in the preload so when the full image sizes come in, it has to reformat.

It would appear that one of the groups I'm in no longer exists, but the group still appears in the Group list on my user page. Could you fix this? The group is called Bestial Lust.

  • Viewing 137 - 141 of 141
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