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Xaquseg is the system administrator for FIMFiction, as well as various misc. development, especially related to security. Non-technical problems are probably best asked to other staff members.

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People are mentioning that Text to speech isn't working on T and E stories... but it works just fine for me. (I use Firefox)

I am your 666th follower! YAY

Hey long time no speak, but I figured out how to get T2S to work on safari. Got to setting, safari, advanced, experimental features. I put everything on and it worked for me. Might work for you.

Greetings. I have two suggestions to improve something here on fimfiction.
1. As a writer: They Edit button needs to be a bit wider...
I clicked 'publish' on accident way to often...
2. A Download of the comment section. It's very creative and often makes a story better. I often overlooked something before the comment section pulled my attention to it!

Just thought I’d mention the TTS is still not working right on the T and E stories. Thanks

Edit: That came off more aggressive than it was meant to be lol. I’ve been writing too many school emails recently.

  • Viewing 194 - 198 of 198
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