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knighty is the creator and lead developer of Fimfiction

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This is a list of conventions I have been to and ones I plan on attending in the future as a guest or attendee. I'll also list some other meet ups here.

✓ BUCK 2013 - Manchester
Role: Guest of honour
Write up blog post

✓ Crystal Fair Con 2014 - Helsinki
Role: Guest
Write up blog post

✓ Galacon 2014 - Ludwigsburg
Role: Attendee

✓ BUCK 2014 - Manchester
Role: Guest of honour
Write up blog post

✓ Galacon 2015 - Ludwigsburg
Role: Attendee

Galacon 2018 - Ludwigsburg
Role: Attendee

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Agreed. There's a passage in a Button Mash story which echoes this sentiment, saying we are the ones who keep Equestria alive. 22 minutes a week can only do so much, but we plug the rest. We build 99% of this world, so we shoild cherish and protect it.
Bronies for Life!

Been waiting for approval for a fic since yesterday. Pls help! :(

Can my user name be like, the color of Rainbow Dash's hair? :derpytongue2: Just a thought/wish...

I'm joking, but that would actually be really awesome.

As long as we're celebrating the show's birthday, I figured I should say something. I originally came to this site because I liked the show, however this place is part of why I continue to so eagerly await each episode. Left to myself I'd have probably drifted away over the years. Having people to enjoy and discuss it with kept me anchored. So thanks, to you and the rest of the crew, for giving us this horrifying little hive of scum and clopfics. And friendship, I guess.

But mostly clopfics.

Like, SO many clopfics.
Worrisome amounts of horse vagina.

Have one of you guys noticed how much money Fimfiction make every month via patreon?:pinkiecrazy:

I don't think this side is going to vanish anytime soon:twilightsmile:

Also...my apologies, I feel like doo-doo for not putting this in my previous comment like I had meant to. Oh well, you'll see it here better than if I just 'edit' the other one. I wanted to thank you for making/maintaining this place. :pinkiesmile: I still hope you aren't sick of people saying that all the time.

I second that. I do not want this place to go "bye-bye'' at any point in time. I wanna be 65 years old, in my 'sick' MLP plushie rocker, downing a sugar-free slurpie and still be able to read My Little Pony fanfics. When the current show ends, I wish this place to be where it lives on.

Never let this place die people, even if you only post one story a year that'll be plenty. And if you have no other reason to do so-


Do it for her...she likes stories.

"Never Let Hug Time End.''

Really Knighty, you should clean your comments section sometimes:rainbowwild:

I think Brett Kavanaugh is the biggest joke in American History and I don’t give a fuck if you’re some ultra-conservative religious asshole cuntard.

Go ahead and try to ban me and I don’t give a fuck if any of you remember who I am. You can’t keep me off this website you know it you fucking pieces of shit. Worse comes to worst I just have to use the darknet to come back here so save yourself some time and just don’t try.

There I said it because no one else has done it or is shameless or smart enough to do it yet.

By which lines of the site rules are Five Score side-fics banned?
The author claimed that FimFic had to make a rule banning any more of them but I am fairly positive that I cannot find the rule relevant to this.

(Edited) Is it this one?

  • Stories that are not related to My Little Pony. Your story must be related to the MLP universe at the time of submission, or else it will be rejected.
Site Owner

Right, so I guess we should remove colour, size and all formatting because people can use it to be annoying. Yeah, no. The header tags are great for their intended usages and aren't going anywhere.

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