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knighty is the creator and lead developer of Fimfiction. It's probably best if most requests for help go to other staff members

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This is a list of conventions I have been to and ones I plan on attending in the future as a guest or attendee. I'll also list some other meet ups here.

✓ BUCK 2013 - Manchester
Role: Guest of honour
Write up blog post

✓ Crystal Fair Con 2014 - Helsinki
Role: Guest
Write up blog post

✓ Galacon 2014 - Ludwigsburg
Role: Attendee

✓ BUCK 2014 - Manchester
Role: Guest of honour
Write up blog post

✓ Galacon 2015 - Ludwigsburg
Role: Attendee

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Something's wrong. Every time I try to add a picture or change a picture when I'm editing my story, I get an error. I was wondering if you would help fix this issue and if you can, I would gratefully appreciate it

I'm having issues with changing my short bio on my profile page anytime I try to change it I get the page telling me there is an error with the changes this has been an on going issue for me for the past 2 years now.

Please help Mister Phoenix, he had a story taken down for a BS reason. Thank you if you do, and I won't bother you again unless needed.

I am not sure you are the right person to address this issue, but ads are a little bit breaking site's layout on mobile devices. Can you do something about it?
Ad is stretching page over it's normal width. An unwanted horizontal scrolling appears. I am using Chrome on Android.
It looks like this https://i.imgur.com/dolFbzu.png

2587808 I am happy that you approve. :rainbowkiss:

pretty sure i spend more time on this website than any other, thanks for creating it!:yay:

Knighty's Origins

By: LyraAlluse (AKA Me)

Once upon a time there was a boy who lived in a Campbell's soup can. This soup can was obviously larger than most soup cans; it was at least the size of one of those large dumpsters you find on the side of a building. Some legends say that Knighty actually lived in a dumpster with the Campbell's logo on it. No was is quite sure about the details. In any case, he lived in some soup-related house that was in a random alley in the UK.

His family lived there too. This was a grade a soup can. Top of the notch. The house had a basement where the family trained in the ancient ways of dumpster diving. This is an art that is sadly dying these days. But the Knighty household knew it well. They would dive from the rising of the sun to the evening hours. When they collected enough, they would sell the things they found on eBay or other similar sites. This made all of the family members very rich.

Seeing as they were very wealthy since they knew the hidden art of the dumpster sale, it left them with a lot of free time to pursuit their hobbies and interests. Knighty however, did not have many hobbies at the time. He was more than content to be the neighborhood friendly dumpster diver and volunteer at the local pet shelter when he had some free time.

This all changed one day, when Knighty was dumpster diving and he found a Fluttershy plushie in a dumpster outside of Walmart. The plushie was so cute that Knighty decided to take it home with him and name it Carl. You see, Knighty thought Fluttershy was a guy at first, hence the name. But after looking up pictures of the yellow pegasus online, he quickly learned the real name of his beloved plush. He still decided to call his plushie Carl though. He figured it could be short for Carlita.

Anyway, as he searched up more information about Friendship Is Magic, be began to watch the show. He caught up with all of the episodes that were released at the time and then Knighty had a thought. He decided that his new hobby would be creating a website to put pony fan fictions on. People could also make groups so they could hang out with other bronies. So that is what Knighty did.

These days, Knighty has built a new soup can for himself to live in by the beach. He hangs out in his swimming trunks the majority of the day and updates the site whenever he feels like it. He's already rich remember from dumpster diving and also the ad revenue he makes from his website.

So if the updates are taking a while just know it is because Knighty is being either a professional dumpster diver, a beach bum, or napping in his swimming trunks.

And that is both the origin story of Knighty and how this site came to be.

Hello mate, is there a way for me to delete all of my comments that I've ever made on this site?

It would be nice if a user could see all of their comments ever made somewhere, youtube has such a feature. It would make it alot easier to delete ones old comments.

hey can you ban Hamster_Master he is being an asshole...again

Anybody find it weird that there isn’t a fortnight cross? ..................

No just me okay


I am leaving the MLP fandom as a whole. It had been a blast but tastes and opinions change, as do people. I have been out of touch with the series for too long and wish to hereby delete my account.

Thanks for your time.

Please delete my account. I have not used this in years and I no longer wish to have it. I understand that this will delete all content on the account and I am perfectly okay with this. Thank you and have a nice day.


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