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Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) Crossover

This story is a sequel to The One True King.

A new age of monsters had come at last.

Coexistence, an idea that once seemed to be a fading dream, was made possible, and the Gods of Old had returned to the world of ponies. For a time, all was at peace. For a time, the Titans and the creatures of Equus could live together in a fabled harmony made true. But peace, as all things, could never last.

Ancient rivalries are being made new. Legendary monsters are reigniting a war long-forgotten. Terror is growing on every tide as an old enemy grows in the shadows. It’s up to the heroes of Equestria to form unconventional bonds, discover the primordial evil living beneath their world, and fight a battle they could never have prepared for.

When Godzilla and Kong clash, and until the last king stands.

Cover art by Shrekzilla. Go give this awesome dude a follow!

Huge shoutout to Tarbtano, Great White Prime, ViliK, and of course Shrekzilla for their contributions to the story!

*FEATURED ON DAY ONE, 9/10/2022! Thank you all for the massive support <3*

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*Proceeds to choke-slam the loud mouth into the far wall with enough force to yield a measurable crater in the structure*

"Do you believe now?"

Such Brutally, Such Carnage,,,and I fucking Love It! And it’s just the first chapter none the less.

Let’s Fucking Do This!

AWESOME!!! 😎😎😃😃😃😃

IT RETURNS.... cant wait for more loved the first one

What an epic beginning, woot woot, love it

Wow 😮 that was awesome, I'm surprised that it didn't have V-rexes, Dinosaurs and Spirit Tigers

Constellation animals like Ursa Major are afraid of Titans???


But, the question is....

Who shall live? Who shall Stand?....
'Pause for dramatic effect'
And Who shall Fall?

Theory/suggestion: Godzilla, Kong, Mothra and Ghidorah should not be the only Titans that have small friends/followers
For example
●King Caesar: kirins, chinese dragons or yerens
●Battra: King Aspen
●Abaddon: Queen Chrysalis
●Na Kika: krakens or sea ponies
●Anguirus: bisons or dinosaurs
●Baragon: diamond dogs
●Methuselah: centaurs and gargoyles (scorpan's kingdom)
●Behemoth: ground sloths, mastodons, mapinguaris, curupiras or jaguars
●Scylla: crabs
●Typhon: hydras, cerberus or minotaurs
●Leviathan: sirens
●Tiamat: sea serpents or mosasaurus
●Sekhmet: sphinxes or cats
●Quetzalcoatl: Ahuizotl or parrots
●Mokele Mbembe: zebras, hippos, gorillas, elephants or dinosaurs
●Bunyip: crocodiles or platypus
●Amhuluk: kelpies

Comment posted by L10NO5 deleted Sep 11th, 2022

Fun fact: Camazotz almost killed Kong in the graphic novels.

No one can defeat us!

Shouldn't have said that...

Leafwings, Psychovultures, the flying creatures swarmed the much larger beasts in countless numbers. The Mother Longlegs were practically blinded by the avian reptiles, stomping and rushing forth in an unhinged frenzy as they tried desperately to fight back, to flee. The Sker Buffalo pack faced the same threat, swinging their forked horns viciously to and fro to fight off the Psychovultures. They unintentionally knocked out the legs of the spiders in the process, bringing down multiple Mother Longlegs and crushing them beneath their hooves.

Is it bad that I'm rooting against the spiders?

“Look out!” Shining bellowed, though he was drowned out as the beast rammed its head into the nearest boulder protecting a dragon and two mares. They dove out of the way, the dragon catching his fellow T.I.T.A.N. soldier but unable to save the other. Her screams were quickly silenced as the Skullcrawler opened its jaws, caught her with its lengthy, leathery tongue, and yanked her down its gullet. It gave off a fierce, pain-filled roar to the blackened skies, to the troop below as more bullets penetrated its hide.

This is pretty intense for an intro.

The hatch from one of the tanks popped open, and Bon Bon almost grinned to see a familiar face through the smoke. There was no mistaking the black and gray mane, the famous hat, and the smile that was almost as famous joining the adventuress.

Daring Do driving a mother ******* tank. We've reached the peak of awesomeness.

Mere fodder could never overwhelm a Titan like him.

An alpha.

A king.

Go Kong, go!

Landing on the Titan’s back, he brutally pummeled him, wrapping the bat in a chokehold as Camazotz clawed at his face. Irritated, now infuriated by the beast’s actions, Kong crushed the Titan beneath him, tightened his palms around the creature’s neck, and roared as he twisted Camazotz’s head in a wet, sickening snap!


To several hundred miles off the coast of Black Skull Island, where his defiance had earned the king’s attention. In the dark waves, in his domain, the king swam with subtle intent. His tail waved back and forth, propelling him slowly but surely onto the source of the rival. A potential threat to his rule. One that would not be tolerated, and would never stand for long.

The sea split open, and the rising, jagged spines emerged. Each one of them glowing a violent, threatening blue. The head then burst free, the eyes just as violent. Just as fiercely bright.

And then he opened his jaws and roared, and Godzilla sank back into the waves with war burning in his nuclear heart.

Aw come on, Big G, it isn't like the world isn't big enough for the two of you.

11358457 The bell has been rung... :pinkiecrazy:

11358470 When you've been looking forward to something:

11358514 Great opening following the first chapter! :twilightsmile:

11358526 THANKS! :pinkiehappy:

11358530 Thank ya! Hope you enjoy this one just as much, or even more! :rainbowkiss:

11358533 :heart:

11358662 Not sure on the first two, but there could have been some Spirit Tigers in there! :ajsmug:

11358678 Thank you! :moustache:

11358711 This is a fact, and this will happen! :coolphoto:

11358760 Only one...

11358916 Thought it would be a great opener to include Camazotz in the second story, for this particular reason. :rainbowderp:

11359001 Godzilla won't rest until he alone is king. Until there is nothing and no one who can challenge him. Even Kong... :pinkiecrazy:


Not what I was going for, but-


Was that an At World’s End reference?

Whoo! Action packed from the get-go! No better way to start story! :rainbowdetermined2:

Hat’s off to you, Prime, you came back with a BANG!

I believe that, in the past, you said that this GvK was going to deviate from the movie. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to what you have in store for us.

Let's go!
This was a great start. Talk about starting a story with a bang. Can't wait to see more! :)

11359500 Thanks a ton! Glad you enjoyed it so far! And yep, got some heavy deviations from the film, a lot of changes that I think a lot of you are really gonna enjoy! :pinkiehappy: Looking forward to sharing more!

11359558 Thanks dude! I had a blast with this chapter! :yay:

https://youtu.be/bi2OPrRwSTk V-rex (vastatosaurus rex)
There is a triceratops skull in Kong skull island movie

I was a little bummed that Skull Island was destroyed in Godzilla vs Kong, so it’s good to see its in this story and that Godzilla will fight Kong in his home turf like Kong fought Godzilla in his home turf of the ocean.

11362870 Lotta twists and turns coming! May not go exactly the way you think :raritywink:

:derpyderp2: HOLD UP!... That's Doctor Strange and Iron Twi from the MLP/Avengers Trilogy along with America Chavez making a cameo in the background! What are they doing here? Did they just happen to multiverse jump into this particular universe?

This is only just hint of what’s coming for the three universes in the future.

Hmmm, interesting, what could it be?

My reaction to noticing Twi and Strange from the Infinity Era Universe in the first artwork:
Interesting chapter. It was nice to find out what happened between the events of the previous story and this story. I wonder what Maud just found.

Ah, the entrance to the Hollow Earth has been discovered!

Maud...what have you unleashed?

You also got America Chavez in front of Strange.

Are the Transformers, MCU and Monsterverse trilogies gonna cross over?!

Not 100% confirmed yet
But me and JDPrime had brainstorm ideas about it. It’s meant to tie all loose ends for each of the trilogies. Since they ended in a cliffhanger.
It will be basically JDPrime’s version of Secret Wars.
If it does happen, the story will be longer than Infinity Era.

Comment posted by L10NO5 deleted Sep 17th, 2022
Comment posted by L10NO5 deleted Sep 17th, 2022

Wouldn't be better if this secret war happens after crossovers with Sonic, Mario, Spyro, HTTYD, Zack Snyder Justice League, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Lion King, Kingdom Hearts, World of Warcraft, Kung Fu Panda and so forth?

Wait, where do you see Iron Twi? I though that was Scarlet Witch.

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