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Come Hither

I'm just full of bad ideas*. *By "bad ideas", I mean stories that are pony porn. Just clarifying.


A mythology lesson · 12:49pm Sep 26th, 2013


So I write a story and that means I get to write a blog post, right? That's what that means? Good. I suppose I should talk about Overcoming Rainbow Dash, but that conversation really has to take the shape of two other, equally related conversations mashed into one. They are, of course, anime porn and Egyptian mythology.

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Alas, farewell dear friend.

117 weeks aince you left. We miss you, and your stories. Things happen, people change, so goodbye, and enjoy the rest of your life.

I know you'll probably never read this but here I go.

You inspired me.

Over 2 years ago, I read "Dark Apprentice" and it inspired me to make my own OC. From that seed rose questions.

"How does he know about the Dark Apprentice when Luna has been sealed away for nearly 1000 years?"
(His clan worship Princess Luna and keep the old tales alive)
"Why does he wear goggles when he isn't a flier or doing a job that needs them?"
(The same event that created the Bat Ponies created unicorns who can see much better at night. The downside is that they have heightened sensitivity to light. The goggles protect the eyes from bright light)
"What is he doing in Ponyville?"
(Escaping his clan)
"Where are his clan and why is he escaping?"
(~Spoilers~ :dashsecretsmile:)
"What does he DO in Ponyville?"
(He's a Wizard, Hither and a thumpin' good one!)
"How does he interact with the Mane Six?"
(Friendly Rivalry with Twilight, Business Relationship with AJ, Scares the shit out of Flutters, Standard Party Invite for Pinkie, Indifferent to Dash and Rarity.)
"Anything else?"
(Wants to raise a tower, Never celebrated Nightmare Night under that name, may or may not want to assist Twilight in researching the Magic of Friendship with Benefits :twilightsecretsmile:)

I'm kinda sad we probably won't see you again. I sorely hope that someone else may continue Dark Apprentice, if not by name, but in spirit.

See you in the next life, mate.

Please come back :applecry:

  • Viewing 93 - 97 of 97
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