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I write stories about pony superheroes and cruel and unusual tragedies and pony superheroes who suffer cruel and unusual tragedies. I'm currently looking both fine and OK.



I WAS TAKEN BY SURPRISE · 4:30am Feb 7th, 2016

Okay so the thing I was doing was being on the Seattle's Angels stream thing and I was going to talk about it before it happened but I read the time conversion the wrong way round and it was actually like 2 hours after I was asked to be in it instead of 12 =D

ANYWAY it happened so... I don't know how you access these things, but go for it! I will probably listen to it and regret everything I said.

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Guys, help, I'm such an awful writer I hardly have any Fimfic points for my Fimfic house, and it's fallen into disrepair. Any help is welcome, even if it's just a hand getting rid of that hobo!

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Author Interviewer

Wherever you are, I hope you're doing all right.

Your FimFiction dog is dead! :flutterrage:

1859139 I did not watch the episode =D

When were you gonna tell us that you were M.A. Larson?

No. You don't love him enough. No-one truly does.

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