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The End · 1:32am Jan 30th, 2013

Three times I have considered abandoning The Immortal Game.

That sounds harsh; it is. At no point in the past sixteen months have I suffered any illusions about who’s in control here. I write this story because I want to, and if I didn’t want to, I could stop. It would be a terrible thing to do to you, the reader, but there it is. That door has always been open to me. Three times I considered going through it.

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Bit of an odd question, but does anyone have the original copies of Raven Feather's Immortal Game reading? It disappeared off of youtube a while back, and I've been dying to listen to it again.

1973377 You could try writing a spinoff sequel of your own. This is a fanfiction site, after all.


Likely, as much as I'd love to see something, anything from him, he's been gone for quite a while. I don't have my hopes up.

In your story The Immortal Game, Fluttershy is an Eraterus and Pinkie is a Arcpony. I mention this because I have shifted my headcanon to accommodate these new types of ponies that you have created and I now ask your permission to portray them in any future stories I may conceive?

...where'd The Immortal Game go? It says you have three stories on your profile, but when I click your stories, it only shows two. Sparkle's Law and Twilight Sparkle Gets a Free Salad.

Edit: never mind. Turns out it wasn't showing up on your page on mobile because of the mature content flag. Once I found it separately and ok'd it, it showed up again. False alarm.

  • Viewing 236 - 240 of 240
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