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*waves hand dismissively* Eh. Everyone has their preferences. I may not be a fan of HiE, and I may tend to condemn the entire category more often than not, but just because you have a taste for them doesn't mean that you automatically have a terrible taste in fanfiction. After all, you do have several well-written fics on your recommendation list, and more than those besides in your faves list. HiE fics do tend to suck, and most gorefics aren't that great either, but that doesn't mean you don't have an appreciation for good literature.

...I do have some absolutely terrible fics that I am fond of. I'm not proud either, but I enjoy them, as they are meant to be enjoyed.

Eh. I'm in a good mood, what can I say?


You say that, then you look at my tracks and see 4 (at least) generic HiE fics and at least 3 gore fics. I'm not proud of it.:ajsleepy:

I'd say thanks for the watch, but the damn thing doesn't even work, and it's missing the minutes hand. -_-;

Oh, and you have a decent taste in fics. I approve. ^_^

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