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Speaking Of Stories That Have Needed An Ending For Four Years... · 7:24am Last Thursday

Lez Ponies finally ended.

Some of you may be wondering what that is, and I wouldn't blame you, as some of you are new to the fandom, and some may have not encountered this particular bundle of insanity.

So, let me introduce you to it.

Lez Ponies is your typical HiE Story with a twist: Our Protagonist is a straight woman in a world of magical talking horses, mostly populated by lesbians. The twist is that Kate, our self insert, is incredibly attractive to other women, despite being straight.

And in Equestria, where magic is in the very air, she may as well be made of catnip and tuna in a world full of kittens.

If that sounds silly, it's only because it is. I highly recommend giving it a read, you will enjoy being pleasantly befuddled.

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Crimes against humanity




Thoughts on outrage · 3:59pm Nov 24th, 2012

So there seems to be quite the outcry over the feature box lately. People are disturbed by the fact that clop is getting featured.

Well, I'm not going to talk about that.

I'm outraged over something entirely different.


There is an awful lot of it showing up in the feature box. Ponies getting hurt. Ponies hurting each other. Wars, killing, maiming.

It's almost like a large number of people enjoy reading about violence!

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You have to click on the person's name, and it opens a window allowing you to change their individual status.

Thank you, BTW how did you do that? I'm having the same problem.

That very well could have done it. Looking over your stories I see your more recent ones haven't quite been reaching the 100 upvotes mark that we require as a minimum for the incoming folder. In those cases we ask that you instead send a link to one of the mods to review, and if they judge it to be well-written they will bypass the incoming folder. Just adding stories that don't meet our criteria is a pretty sure way that someone will end up banning you to stop that from happening again. I'm guessing you probably did that with a number of these stories that didn't quite make the mark.

Now, on to the question you haven't asked yet, which is "can it be lifted?" The answer is yes, but I would urge you to pay attention to details in the future or it might happen again.

Edit: knighty seems to have broken groups in some way. I can't change a person's status. I will look into it.

Edit 2: Ah, found it. And done.

That's the thing, don't really recall adding any stores that didn't belong there besides my own clopfics...

I don't remember doing it myself. Did you perhaps add stories to the incoming folder without first checking if they met the minimum criteria? Because that's the usual way to get banned. Generally not for a single offense, but if you added a lot of stories that would have done it.

  • Viewing 239 - 243 of 243
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