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Couple new arts from Nova I wanted to share. · 9:46pm January 8th

I meant to share this back in December, but then Nova completed another piece. So here's both.

Just a little Fancyfleur, because we need so much more art for them.

Rarity in armor.

Writing continues.

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Crimes against humanity




Thoughts on outrage · 3:59pm Nov 24th, 2012

So there seems to be quite the outcry over the feature box lately. People are disturbed by the fact that clop is getting featured.

Well, I'm not going to talk about that.

I'm outraged over something entirely different.


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I'll be sure to catch it. I adore twinkie :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

It isn't exactly Flarity, but the new "Episode 0" (The Best Gift Ever) has some Pinkie & Twilight mini-drama you might enjoy :p

I feel that it could interest you to see these screenshots from an episode:
derpicdn.net/img/2018/4/28/1719344/large.png derpicdn.net/img/2018/4/28/1719385/large.png
The three of them look quite acquainted, don't they? :ajsmug::raritywink:

You're quite welcome. I'm always up for Flarity, so long as it's well written.

Thank you so much for the fav of my new story! That totally made my day. I'm a huge fan of yours and that just really means a lot to me. So, thank you thank you thank you!

I do. They are awesome.

Author Interviewer

You have good friends who do cool things. :D

You have to click on the person's name, and it opens a window allowing you to change their individual status.

Thank you, BTW how did you do that? I'm having the same problem.

That very well could have done it. Looking over your stories I see your more recent ones haven't quite been reaching the 100 upvotes mark that we require as a minimum for the incoming folder. In those cases we ask that you instead send a link to one of the mods to review, and if they judge it to be well-written they will bypass the incoming folder. Just adding stories that don't meet our criteria is a pretty sure way that someone will end up banning you to stop that from happening again. I'm guessing you probably did that with a number of these stories that didn't quite make the mark.

Now, on to the question you haven't asked yet, which is "can it be lifted?" The answer is yes, but I would urge you to pay attention to details in the future or it might happen again.

Edit: knighty seems to have broken groups in some way. I can't change a person's status. I will look into it.

Edit 2: Ah, found it. And done.

That's the thing, don't really recall adding any stores that didn't belong there besides my own clopfics...

I don't remember doing it myself. Did you perhaps add stories to the incoming folder without first checking if they met the minimum criteria? Because that's the usual way to get banned. Generally not for a single offense, but if you added a lot of stories that would have done it.

Can you please tell me why I was banned from High Quality Mature Fiction?

Just want to say, thanks for favouriting my own contribution to Flarity shipping, hope you enjoy my take on it! :raritywink:

2439500 Goodness, I don't know whether to say you're welcome or I'm sorry :rainbowlaugh:

Updates happen every month on the first, and will continue until I finish out the story.

I just want to say your story Green lost me a whole night's sleep because I binged the entire thing so far in one go. It was totally worth it, Rarishy, 'losing the plot' Celestia and your take on Luna have now been added to my head canon. :)

I gorged and finished all of Green in about three days and I must say, it is possibly some of the most thoughtful, well written and I amusing story I have read in a long time. It had me crying at work, at home but always kept me on the edge of my seat. I know what it's like to "Live for comments" on a labor of love...so here is mine...I adore it and you for writing it.

There, I took off the spiteful downvotes.

As it wouldn't be appropriate to carry on our discussion on the source field of it, here is my final response:


With their dedication to using strictly pony pronouns and the griffins to their own, it's still out there. Also to note, dragons never used an encompassing or an all inclusive term either.

Griffonstone episode

Grampa Gruff: That idol brought pride to the heart of every griffon that saw it! From one king to the next, Griffonstone had our golden idol.

Gilda: What, her? Greta's just some griffon I know. We don't have friends here!

Both are dependent on perspective but I feel in an episode with heavy focus on the intermingling of ponies and griffons, if 'people' or other variations were to show, they would have.

So while I don't agree using ambiguous terms would require an 'Alt Universe' tag, it doesn't have to be familiar to them either. The point is it's not canon and some people would prefer things to the script.
I personally don't like the terms they use such as 'everypony' and what have you, but it's also strange, no matter how sensible, when I read them say 'person' or 'people' as it is not familiar, or not canon. It really depends on the situation and/or how it's done.

Hell, depending on the context, I can even see a pony using the word 'hand'

And on hands, in that same episode:

Twilight Sparkle:[…]You two can handle whatever the issue is just fine. I'll stay here and do important princessy things. I guess.

'Handle' obviously deriving from 'hand', but of course with a different universe comes different history meaning different origins.
So they can still sidestep the standalone term of 'hands'. Which they do when they say hooves. But again it's a tiny little thing that would only have impact if there were a force to call it to attention, and yet nothing has to come of that either.
The only context I see would be them thinking of hypothetical terms for a creature in their literature or humans or primates.

It's all up to taste/preferences, and how serious you take it.

2267944 I am, actually. I admit to a fondness for Sparity, or any other ship with him. The main thing is that for a Spike ship to work for me, the characters involved need to be of equal maturity level. CMC ships with him as his current self work fine, but for a believable Sparity I'm looking for him to be around his twenties and Rarity to be in her thirties.

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