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Welcome to the group for all things Pumpkin and Pound Cake! If you have a story about the Cake twins, or would just like to join a fan group for them, then this is the group for you!

Before you go crazy, we do have a few rules...
1. No cussing in the comments section
2. No comment wars please
3. Please put your story in the appropriate folder (I'll add folders and a description of each soon)
4. Have a good time and be kind to the other users

That's all for now. Thanks! ~ZapAppleBloom (admin)

P.S. This group is relatively new, so we could use all the help we can get starting out, so if you could, maybe spread the word about this group? Pretty please with a Pinkie on top?


Okay, this group is back.
Sorry there was kinda a long hiatus, but we're back.
And I finally got around to adding folders!
As of now, the stories are pretty much sorted by the age of the twins during the story, but comments below suggesting new folder topics are greatly appreciated!
And again, pleas please PLEASE let people know about this group!
~ ZapAppleBloom ((admin))

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