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It's summer so I'm back, and I've got a few stories lined up, including a few with Scootaloo, and one with Sweetie Belle and Rarity.
And if ya wanna contact me, it's easiest to contact me through my Instagram account, sweetiebelle_flutters.

Your picture looks so cute :scootangel:

Heyy ZapAppleBloom,
Your a awesome pony of the week!
Keep up the good work an smile!

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Weekly Story Review

This week, for the first review, is The Pony Games by UnidentifiedFlyinPegasus.

The Pony Games is a really good story, and I'm pretty sure it was the first story I read here on FimFiction. It's got lots of action, and although it's based off The Hunger Games, there are many distinguished differences, setting this story aside from The Hunger Games, and even other Pony Games. I really love this story, and I definitely recommend it.
Every week, I will review a really good story that I've read. Why? I dunno. I'll review stories that I find randomly. If you want me to consider your story, (which I know you don't but if by some miracle you do), just send me a message with a link to your story. (Considering that I'll probably get no requests, your story will most likely make it.)

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