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/Burned my brain while reading, so good /

You already know.

This is fun, Bloody Hay is it fun.

Oh to be Old Again


Come on who hasn't read it?! Nix:heart:

Get Wasted!!!:twistnerd:

The Archer and the Smith
Once a Fighter, Always a Fighter


Show Stopper
:trixieshiftleft: handle that 4 me

Ah So funny!!

Ugh we need more of this

:trixieshiftright::moustache:= funny

Something you should read, cuz I helped

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*Smiles and holds arms open* Your prince has returned my dear pinkie.

*magics a map to you*

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Game: Epic Rap Battle of pony posts · 5:11pm Aug 9th, 2014

Ello every pony who is here today.
I have a game and it matters what you say.

Here are the rules of this trade.
Pick a pony, type there name. Then make them Rhyme in a battle style or savy an uplifting like the regular show.
Call out ponies or reply to last poster in your rhymes
Reply to the last 3 ponys above you to keep the lines flowing.
So we can keep this game alive, as long as we keep going.

You may go again after somepony else posts.

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