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/Burned my brain while reading, so good /

You already know.

This is fun, Bloody Hay is it fun.

Oh to be Old Again


Come on who hasn't read it?! Nix:heart:

Get Wasted!!!:twistnerd:

The Archer and the Smith
Once a Fighter, Always a Fighter


Show Stopper
:trixieshiftleft: handle that 4 me

Ah So funny!!

Ugh we need more of this

:trixieshiftright::moustache:= funny

Something you should read, cuz I helped

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Hey! Long time no see! I hope everything is going well with you!

Might I recommend a new fic for you to read? I believe you'll like it!

TA Rather Large Adventure
The Mane Six are joined by three others in a quest to use the Elements of Harmony one last time, as a brewing war between Tartarus and the free creatures of the world threatens to destroy Equestria forever.
BradyBunch · 549k words  ·  98  8 · 1.7k views

A Rather Large Adventure

* before she rolls away, I hold her and put my finger on her nose, and I let her go * :pinkiesmile:
* I'll give you a cookie *:pinkiehappy:

Of course i had to say something!
It was a wonderful little story. Keep me looking forward to the next page.
Until there were no more.
Good job drake

Thank you for commenting on multiple chapters!

It's rare that folks go through an existing story and comment like that, but I really appreciate it! It's a great feeling to see someone's first read and get their reactions as they come.

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Game: Epic Rap Battle of pony posts · 5:11pm Aug 9th, 2014

Ello every pony who is here today.
I have a game and it matters what you say.

Here are the rules of this trade.
Pick a pony, type there name. Then make them Rhyme in a battle style or savy an uplifting like the regular show.
Call out ponies or reply to last poster in your rhymes
Reply to the last 3 ponys above you to keep the lines flowing.
So we can keep this game alive, as long as we keep going.

You may go again after somepony else posts.

Read More

Report RemareShadows · 499 views ·
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