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Hi, I'm Sweetie Belle!

This is pretty much the group for everypony that likes me or wants to read or write about me, or just wants to hang around and talk. It feels a little weird that everypony would want to be in a fan group about me, but this was actually Bass Kick's idea originally. I just kinda ended up running it.

Anyways, to everypony here, just be respectful, obey the rules, and have a good time.

Well, there isn't actually a rules thread, but you know what I mean. Just use your common sense.


So let's say you want to add a new story to the folders here, but don't know which ones to put it in? Well, this is the place to look!

So here are our categories:
AdoraBelle - This is where you put all those really sweet stories that are really really cute. Not just because they have me in them.
CMC - Well, these stories also have Scootaloo and Apple Bloom in them, and maybe Babs, and we're crusading for our cutie marks! Or not.
Down the Road - Stories where I'm older then in the series.
Family - Stories involving ponies in my family other then Rarity.
HorriBelle - Um, bad stuff happens to me. Gore, rape, etc.. You will face my wrath... Oh, and Horror goes here too.
Magical - Stories about me and magic.
Mechanical - Stories where I'm a robot. Or a mechanic. Either way. (Why aren't there stories where I'm a mechanic?)
Musical - Stories about me and music, which is sorta like magic.
Silent Belle's Picks - These are specifically stories SilentBelle has reviewed.
Sisters - Stories about me and Rarity.
Sweetie Belle Approved - I approve of these stories. More then usual.
Things That Warp My Innocent Filly Mind - Um, these generally have a Mature and Sex tag. Stories go in this story or HorriBelle, not both.
Unsorted - Things that haven't been put in the other folders yet. This used to be the Sweetie Belle Fics folder.

And then the usual tag folders: Adventure, Anthro/Human, Comedy/Random, Dark,Drama, Romance, Sad/Tragedy, Slice of Life, and Thriller. I think everypony can figure these out. If not, Wanderer D has a blog about them somewhere.

Put your fanfics in as many folders as they fit!

Oh, I almost forgot! There is also a Group Approved folder where the stories are nominated and chosen by fans of the group. Check out the thread in the threads section, which happens to be right below.


This is where you find any and all the official and important threads here. This is the list so far:

Sweetie Belle Pictures - The thread with amazing, awesome and precious art for Sweetie Belle.
Sweetie Belle Videos - The thread where we get to watch and rewatch all of Sweetie Belle's actions and phrases.
Group Approved - The place to nominate stories for the folder of the same name.
Prompt-Tag Thread - The thread to play a mini-fic game called Prompt-Tagging. The thread may change if a prompt dies, but the thread will always be sticky, so check the forum.

Ask Sweetie Belle - Have you always had a question for Sweetie Belle? Ask here! (Actually, sorry, this is kinda closed 'cause I'm worried 'bout the anti-roleplaying rules...)
Related Groups - any group related to Sweetie Belle or the CMCs. This is a little out of date.
SilentBelle Reviews - Our reviewer of stories, SilentBelle, has a thread for the stories she reviews. These are the stories that happen to be in her "SilentBelle's Picks" folder. She seems to be kinda gone now, but the folder's still there, anyway...

I don't think I'm forgetting anything. All these threads are pinned, and any additional official thread made will also be pinned.


Be nice. Don't troll, don't post nsfw stuff, don't post stuff that's too off-topic, and don't do anything that would make anypony that runs the site unhappy. Pretty much just follow the same rules most other groups have...

Admins and Contributors:

SweetAI Belle — Lead Admin & Boss

arcum42 — Backup Admin when needed
Ender of Midnight — Retired Admin
TkPony — Retired Admin, (a.k.a. Bass Kick)
Bass Kick — Founder, Retired Admin

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Comment posted by Heavy Mole deleted May 2nd

Bronies of the Sweetie Belle group please help!
I read a fic ages ago about a slightly older Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle confessing to each other at a coffee shop, and Scootaloo is in the Wonderbolt and Rainbow Dash is an officer and they're together. I've gone to every reasonable length to find this fucking story, but for the life of me I just can't. PLS HILP! NEED YURI!

Sweet! No pun intended. Love the drawing too - so cute.:scootangel:

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

Because I just happen to be a Sweetie Belle enthusiast.

I'm looking for a good Sweetie bot fic, anyone got one?

So, in posting stories to this group, are they only allowed to go in one folder? Or is a story allowed to be in all folders that it shares a theme with?

376063 You too? Thank goodness im not the only one.

Dear Sweetie Belle. Why do so many (so called) fans write about doing very bad thing to pony's ?(A very sad Brony)

Are there any artists available here? Me and my friend are writing a crusader story, and I was wondering if someone could draw this: grown up CMC including Babs seed. They have their cutie marks, and they are fully grown mares. It needs to be in color, and it can't be on paper. It needs to say "CMC All Grown Up" on the picture. They can be standing, sitting, or in a group hugging, it really doesn't matter! Let's see what you can do! Pm me if you feel up to the challenge!! And ps: SWEETIE BELLE IS BEST PONY!!!!!!!!:heart:

Sweaty Bill is the best ponee.

Favorite CMC period!

I'm looking for a certain story that involves Sweetie Belle and Rarity. It revolves around Sweetie's birthday and Rarity forgetting it, Sweetie has some kind of accident that involves her brain and Rarity sacrifices herself to save her. Can anyone find this story for me please? :pinkiesad2:

Ok I know im a sweetie bell fan but REALLY the main image is a bit creepy if ya ask me, how she only stares at...wow:applejackconfused:

Hey Sweetie Belle! Um, so did you see Rainbow Rocks? If so, did you like it? Cause I'm one of the main villains in it :twilightoops:


Um, yeah, you could say that. You're reading along, an' then suddenly you're reading about you smooching your best friend or something. An' don't even get me started on "Sweetie Brick", or things like that.

The good ones can be kinda fun, though, living out adventures you never had...

--Sweetie Belle

You know, if I were to ever become part of a tv show and someone went and made a group after me, I'm fairly certain I would be a bit creeped out. If Sweetie Belle existed and knew that people were writing stories about her, I'm fairly certain she would have the same reaction.

Sweetie Belle...
Has the cutest fucking voice I've ever heard...

The banner....

Dem eyes just creep me the hell out!

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