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let it be known that you are loved by a fluffy squirrel in my backyard named Jeff.

“Fighting’s not really my thing, I’m more into fashion.” -Rarity

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“Yeah, it’s definitely fuzzy socks season.”

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  • 20 weeks
    My friend’s new October fic!

    Happy Autumn everyone!
    If you’re looking for a haunting fic with a smidge of hurt & comfort, I have a lovely friend on here who’s got a story you might be interested in.:raritywink:

    The Light of the Night

    ”She’s ruthless. Persistent. Terrorizing. And she preys on Twilight Sparkle. Can they really stop her this time?”

    K, this was my take, but her summary is more informative:twilightsheepish: If you’re interested, give it a read! Here:

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  • 31 weeks
    I WON!

    SO, for a couple months I’ve been participating in the Flashfic 150 Writing Contest where, each month, we write a 150 word flashfic and the winners are picked at the end of the month. (It’s a lot of fun, definitely check it out if you like a challenge) And this month I won!

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  • 33 weeks
    See ya later! + story progress update

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  • 37 weeks
    The Kirin, and Autumn Blaze

    Soooo for the last 36 hours I had this fuzzy memory about something a character said on Mlp, and the only clear part was that they were exclaiming something.
    A couple hours ago I FINALLY remembered that Autumn Blaze said it so I started watching that episode and I actually found the line! It was when she was singing and she was like:
    “Seriously, there’s only so long that sudoku can keep you entertained!”
    That’s it:rainbowlaugh:

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  • 39 weeks
    Adventures in “how-in-the-wide-world-of-Equestria-do-I-put-pictures-on-my-page?”

    This adventure was so serious I made a deviant art account just to accomplish my goal.:facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

    Ok, let’s start from the beginning. This won’t take too long.

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