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Princess Cadence loves to read and will gladly accept anything you have to offer!

Here at Cadence's Library, we love all fanfiction! Everyone should get a chance to give their story some publicity, so in this library there is no submission folder. All fanfiction is welcomed and accepted with joy.

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can an Administrator kindly add a [genre/theme] each to folder to clarify what stories to are suppose to go in each folder?

Yeah I got a pizza here for Cadence

Do you a accept crossovers? If so where do I put it?

Yay I did a thing


Thanks for putting my story in here. I appreciate it greatly.

well this is good, but I think they should classify them as adventure, romance, terror, etc, know for some who like more of a subject than another

Can I Sleep with You Tonight?

I am disappointed that this isn't for snuggle fics. :rainbowwild:

900th member, woooooo!

Hello! Would you like to affiliate with Equestria's Library?

This library's got a lot of stories I want to read, but at the same time, there are stories that needs to be added. I'm gonna try and add as many likable stories as possible; this library needs them.

I accidently put my For Your Hands Only in the "Sad" folder.

Cadence is my favourite Alicorn :twilightsmile:

I like Cadance's library the best:twilightsmile:

355706 Click "Stories". Click the subfolder your fic belongs in. Click "Add Story". Select from the drop-down box. Click the other "Add Story" below the drop-down box. Done.

How exactly do I submit a story?? :rainbowderp:

I'm currently working on a story featuring our beloved Cadence.
I hope it isn't disapoint anyone.

Hello you guys! I just recently posted an incredibly action packed and suspenseful story involving Cadence and the war with the changelings. It is very well written and I am sure you all will very much enjoy it! It's currently under approval but keep your eyes peeled! This is one story you do NOT want to miss!

This group alone put Cadance on par with Luna as best princess.

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