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Celestia is bombarded with bad amazing fanfiction everyday.

Legions and legions of writers write everyday, creating a massive archive of fanfiction. Thousands of stories, thousands of writers, and thousands of readers mean one thing: ideas are going to get worn out. Princess Celestia, having lived for more than a millenium (without a hint of crow's feet), has nearly literally seen it all. Nearly.

This group is dedicated to fanfiction that dares to be different. Human in Equestria stories where the main protagonist doesn't fall in love with Twilight Rainbow Dash Applejack Prince Blueblood a pony, crossovers that aren't "X goes to Equestria," and red and black alicorn stories where the main character doesn't have a dark and tragic past. Hell, even clop with Sunbutt a good plot story can impress.

With as many stories written everyday, creativity can seem hard to come by. This group is dedicated to proving that wrong. Think you got what it takes? Feel free to submit your stories and prove your creativity.

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"Who turned off the lights?"
Not who turned the lights off.
Good grief cmon seriously!

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

Yes actually. Here you go. Have fun reading. /)

Did you ever find it? Sounds interesting.

Can someone help me find a story. It's a post-apocalyptic(mostly likely one shot) story about Celestia having a broken mind. Everything is destroyed and everyone is dead but Celestia still sees Canterlot as normal while the rational part of her brain is just barely alive telling her everything is gone. At the end of each day she realizes what happened but then snaps again reverting back to a state of denial.

I've been looking for this story for sometime after losing track of it. If anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it.

So, if the Submissions folder is locked, does that mean the Group's not accepting stories anymore?

I've started a group on Fimfiction called the Tournament of Canterlot where authors can submit their stories and then try to get their followers to sponsor them by donating to Oxfam’s Syria appeal. At the end of 2015, the stories who’ve gained the most sponsorship share in cash prizes up to $5,000, depending on how much is raised.

There’s also a place for musicians, voice actors and other brony artists to offer prizes for specialized criteria such as the story with the best villain or the best shipping; motivating authors to advertise their stories/ the tournament, therefore raising more money for the Syrian Refugees.

Tournament of Canterlot

*Reads rules of submission*

Okay, I'll give it a go... but there is quite a backlog in that FOLDER OF JUDGEMENT for submissions, sir. :applejackconfused:

Comment posted by JLB deleted Aug 17th, 2014


I have no idea. It would be nice if you could.

366359 Wait, you can submit stories by other people?

would anyone like to look at my story really quick?
Celestia is telling a story to Twilight and Cherilee about the true history of Equestria. Thanks.

I would like to submit "The Stranger and Her Friend" by TheUrbanMoose for review (I'd classify it as an Epic). Its a wonderful piece of fanfiction.

:twilightblush: Had a little 'oops' moment with submitting a story to the group. Just wanted to clear this up with you that I've fixed the issue by switching my fics with the one I intended to submit firsthand.

I submitted my story here a little while back. Will I be notified if the story is accepted or declined?

You know what? This group sounds interesting.

I mean, the title is a bit misleading (it suggests a basic "Here we have good stories"), but the idea of unconventional story concepts is highly intriguing.

I think I have a few stories neither Celestia, or any of the lot of you've seen before, but then, which are they? :trollestia:

Celestia's Library? Join. :moustache:

343729 You mean read AND organize, right? Also, good thing Tia is immortal. 'Cause she'll need quite a few years to read them all!!! That is, if Discord dosen't causes any trouble along the way. Also, I wonder if the pay that the Admins recive is good enough? I mean, what, with all the stories to organize, categorize, the hours spent doing that and the weariness after that, one would think that the salary would be quite good, right?

That header pic is so fitting for this group's first 48 hours

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