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On the subject of sequels (my own, that is) · 11:22am Apr 25th, 2016

Yes, the sequel to To Romance A Magician is definitely in the works. Unfortunately, Real Life is kicking my backside hard right now and I can't really focus on my own writing until matters are dealt with, so... no schedule as of yet. But I will write it. Oh yes.

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How are you?

Trying to do the same myself at the moment. A few thousand words in, but not planning to release until it's mostly finished so I avoid yet another incomplete project. :twilightblush:

A question for the ages, I'm sure. But thanks!

Maybe I should stop procrastinating and get back to writing...

huh...how have I not been following you all these years? :rainbowhuh:

it is exceedingly awesome in its TAQ (Trixie Adorableness Quotient) :trixieshiftright:

Hmmmm... i just made that up, but now that i say it, i dont think much of it :unsuresweetie:

  • Viewing 107 - 111 of 111
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