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This is a group for people who want to write in the Lunaverse we've thrown together. There's a million possible stories to be told in this setting, and I can't tell even a fraction of them by myself. Get writing! All authors are welcome!

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getting back to the lunaverse after a long break. I want to say. It's better then I rember and my memory already held it in high esteem

Any chances of more lunaverse stories

The TinyPic images in the series bible are no more.

Comment posted by RainbowDoubleDash deleted Apr 21st, 2019

I've had a fanfic idea in mind, and I had it since before I knew about the Lunaverse. In short, I'd like to ask if it's okay if I make an Alternate Universe Lunaverse. I'm asking because I'm sure to take inspiration. Not intentionally per-se, but rather subconsciously.

I don't want to feel like I'm copying you. At least not without consent. And with how much is known about the MLP world now, my version will be (relatively) more show accurate (no offense).

If not, I still have an idea for another universe. Though rather that it being an alternate timeline, my "Harmonyverse" would take place 1000 years in the future.

I hope the next story comes out in the lunavese series, it is very great.:pinkiehappy:

Sorry for taking a week to respond to this. We don't get notifications when there are posts in this part of the group and we don't post here often; the forum is a better place to go:

Lunaverse forum


I've been reading a lot of the Lunaverse lately (for some, interesting reason, out of order, but y'know, details), and I simply don't know where to begin if I wanted to actually write something, you know? Obviously I should probably read it in order, which I plan on doing, eventually, but I was just wondering if there was any tips some of you all might have?

Gah, didn't notice this. Again, I don't see any responses to comments here.

Forum link

Although you can also just click the button marked "forum" beneath the title image, on the right.

Can I get a link to said forums, please? I'm slowly but surly making my way through the stories and want to be on the up and up in case anything ever updates. Or at the very least there is talk of things going to update
Unless of course it's private.

We don't get notifications for posts here, or at least I don't seem to, so I don't know when people are talking here unless I look. You'd have better luck in the forum.

Thank you.

took long enough


It appears to be an alternate universe in which Trixie, Cheerilee, Rain Drops, Golden Harvest, Lyra Heartstrings, Derpy Hooves/Muffins, and Bon Bon (Sweetie Drops) are this universe's version of the main cast.

Writing something for the Lunaverse is always a good idea, I think. We do still have stories that update.

Oh, also, sorry for waiting 4 weeks before responding to this - we don't actually use this section all that often, and I, at least, don't seem to get notifications when people post in this comments section, so I don't know when it happens. You'd have better luck in the forums.

Not to be harsh or anything I won't judge if the answer is no. But is there still stuff going on for the group or has it 'died' I understand if the spark for the main series is dead I'm just curious I guess whether writing something in the Lunaverse is a good idea still.

Comment posted by Anonny Mouse deleted Jun 29th, 2017

413811 you're looking at it :facehoof:

Tell me, what exactly IS the Lunaverse?

A new story was just added to the Lunaverse according to my feed: "Derpy starts and continues friendship is magic" by mystical rainboom. It does not seem to belong in the Lunaverse at least from my cursory reading

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