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Mykan: the Antithesis to Change (and Synonymous to Hypocrisy) · 4:57am October 27th

A while back, I said I was done with Mykan. I'm ashamed to say that I'm going to break my own rule. But I'm not gonna get into another flame war with him. But he did just post a blog that if I addressed the entire thing, it would be far too long. So I'm only addressing a few key points that stuck out to me.

If I don't change to your liking, you and your peeps STILL mock, flame, and insult me and my actual fans (Usually for the thrill of it) Now is that fair or right?

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Unfortunately, when I congratulated achieving a Doctorate by writing "Doctor Who" in the manner of a Dalek, Grass And Clouds 2 mistook it as anti-intellectual mocking. That was not mine intention. I would like to apologize, but I am blocked.

If it were me, I would've enjoyed the Doctor Who reference. I wonder why he'd take offense to that.

Posting here because Grass And Clouds blocked me over a misunderstanding several years ago*:


It could be. It is still strange that ponies would call it after an animal-product, but go figure.

* When Grass And Clouds earned a Doctorate, I figured that pretending to be a Dalek and asking "Doctor Who" in the tone a a Dalek would be funny to Grass And Clouds. Grass And Clouds took offense and blocked me. I would apologize, but I cannot because I am blocked. We can learn 2 things from this:

  • Be very careful not to offend ponies accidently.
  • If offended, do not block until one is certain that the offense is intentional.

Other than banning on a whim, I consider Grass And Clouds a good person and have no animosity toward Glass And Clouds and consider Grass And Clouds a very good author.

God bless you. God loves you, now and forever.

  • Viewing 18 - 22 of 22
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