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Looking for Editors

Do you want to connect with an editor, or find a story to edit? This is the group for you! An editor is someone who volunteers to fix errors in your writing, be they grammatical or otherwise. A good editor will not only fix your errors, but also point out your mistakes in an effort to help you improve.

Please read the following rules before you begin:

If you are looking for an editor:

Start by making a thread in the forum. Follow the guide here before you do anything. Please do not use the comments on the main page to request an editor.

When you’ve found help, please remember to delete your thread. Posts that are two months old will be deleted on a (mostly) regular basis, but you can help the admins out by deleting your thread when it's no longer needed.

If you are looking to edit a story:

To edit a story, watch the forum to find new requests for editors. When you find an author or story you want to edit for, write a comment in the thread or send them a PM. Exchange contact information, availability, and anything else you think is necessary. The best editors are familiar with the quirks of their author’s writing style, so get to know your author! If they have accepted your help, be sure to write a comment in the thread indicating that they are being helped.

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Hi! I'm Blazing Moon, but you can call me Blaze or Blazie. Whichever you prefer. I'm a paid editor on the site. I've worked for Synesisbassist, Scaramouch (Duskhoof), Drako Moon, as well as others. If you are interested. Please, send me a PM, or check out my profile and send me an email. I'd love to work with you.

I'm looking for an editor

Comment posted by tomer3392 deleted September 18th

Hi I need some help with my fic if you are interested pm me

Hi there,

So, this is episode 1 of my season 10 project. If anyone is interested to edit, here is the link:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 10, Episode 1

Hi there,

I'm currently laying out groundwork for a fanfiction season 10 and I'm looking for possible editors to work with me on this project. Right now, my target publishing date for the first episode is October 26th, but I might begin work on the first episode over the next week or two. If you are interested, please shoot me a PM!


Comment posted by BlazingMoon deleted October 23rd

Hello I'm looking for a editor for my story about rarity um I'm new to here and this website I would like some help and you know it would be nice to meet some new friends darlings by the way the name is Rarity Gem Belle

Hello everypony
I'm looking for an editor to help me on a story involving a great adventure with a human musician (who especially loves Metal). It's a Human in Equestria with epic moments of battles, music, fun and some romance.
Anyone interested ?

Hey, guys, I started my second story and I'm really bad with the grammar. If anyone is willing to help I would more than welcome it at this point.

Hello everypony I need an editor for my military, adventure and war fanfic that I've been working on, please? Thank you

Here are my contacts in case if I'm offline
Gmail: admiral.imperial.crest@gmail.com
Facebook or Messenger: Daniel Abarquez (my real name)

I'm going to add my fanfic to the 'Looking For Editors' Folder if it's required

No but that would be very interesting

Has anyone ever done a story with a blind changeling or ever even heard of one?

I need a editor, my friend and I are working on a story we are both kinda shit when it comes to editing, would someone like to help?

Yo, I got a story on fanfiction with 100 followers. So I'm basically qualified to edit the Bible. Who needs some assistance?

Hey so the last time I tried to get an editor (Not from this group) he only worked for money, so I would like to humbly ask for an editor of a story I am still continuing to write but I want some pointers and fixes so far for it to hold together.

Pleases and thank yous, TheBronyKnight.

I notice a few people coming here often, looking for an editor and such. Here's how I'll help; my editor, going by the name 0_0, is looking for some editing. In need of help? PM him and ask for some help. He should be alright to help.
Take it from me, he's brilliant at what he does.

Hello! I am a kid (I consider myself a brony anyways) and I would like an editor for future stories. I do not need one now, I would need one sooner or later tho. I’m just here to say “Hello! I exist and i’m Joining this group now”

i was told my story wasn’t up to standard could someone PM contact me so i can chat with them about this?

  • Viewing 915 - 934 of 934
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