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Looking for Editors

Do you want to connect with an editor, or find a story to edit? This is the group for you! An editor is someone who volunteers to fix errors in your writing, be they grammatical or otherwise. A good editor will not only fix your errors, but also point out your mistakes in an effort to help you improve.

Please read the following rules before you begin:

If you are looking for an editor:

Start by making a thread in the forum. Follow the guide here before you do anything. Please do not use the comments on the main page to request an editor.

When you’ve found help, please remember to delete your thread. Posts that are two months old will be deleted on a (mostly) regular basis, but you can help the admins out by deleting your thread when it's no longer needed.

If you are looking to edit a story:

To edit a story, watch the forum to find new requests for editors. When you find an author or story you want to edit for, write a comment in the thread or send them a PM. Exchange contact information, availability, and anything else you think is necessary. The best editors are familiar with the quirks of their author’s writing style, so get to know your author! If they have accepted your help, be sure to write a comment in the thread indicating that they are being helped.

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Sup. Relatively new to the site, finally getting to work on a crossover I've planned for ages. Looking for any extra sets of eyes to go over the finished products before they get published that I can get.

Hello? I'm looking for someone to help me with a story.

Its just a 1.5k word story and its a one shot but I need some opinions on it.

attention editors of Fimfiction.net I require assistance for a story please. the stories name is Transformers: the movie version 2.


Comment posted by Aura Chime deleted March 8th


Been writing since October on my Story, World WarChangeling and recently comment saying that I could use an editor.If anyone reads this, could ya help me out?

I wrote my first story can y'all help me a little

I can't publish the story in the story box so I can't have it edit conventionally. However, I could link to my blog which will give the direction to Edit my story. It's not technically breaking the rules so I'll just leave the blog link here


Hello, I'm new too writing and I was trying to publish my story when It said that I needed to be "tab indecent" I read stories to see a example but I really don't get. can someone explain?

Also I could use editor as well. Got good ideas, just a shit writer.

I still need to find an ideal group or partner for developing and tweaking my OC for my story. Any recommendations?

I guess I'm looking for an editor any available?

Comment posted by heart04winds deleted January 29th

On the edit bar with a B, I, underlined U, crossed out S and a T, click the T and select your size. It's better to highlight the text you want to change, then click the size. Hit save changes and get out of edit to view the text as if you were reading it.

Can someone help me? I don't know how to change the size of certain text on my story. How do I do that?

hi I'm stared on a story it called harmony hero it crossover of sonic and equestrian girls and I have some help me and I don't n have to explain the detail and the other stuff

Say, I just joined Ideas and Development to get help, but in case that doesnot work, can I get help from this group to better develop my OC for my story?


I don't have a problem with it as long as you don't get too spammy, just, it doesn't seem like this site is a fit for what you're looking for and I have had a few reports calling your comments suspicious. Just letting you know where the community at large seems to stand on this issue, based on my experience.

If I broke some rule of your site, written or unwritten, I apologize.
I just think literature and storytelling are limitless, as well as the fancies of readers, so I saw nothing wrong or suspicious in offering the chance to those among the members of fimfiction whom might be interested to read my stuff.
I might be wrong, though.

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