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Looking for Editors

Do you want to connect with an editor, or find a story to edit? This is the group for you! An editor is someone who volunteers to fix errors in your writing, be they grammatical or otherwise. A good editor will not only fix your errors, but also point out your mistakes in an effort to help you improve.

Please read the following rules before you begin:

If you are looking for an editor:

Start by making a thread in the forum. Follow the guide here before you do anything. Please do not use the comments on the main page to request an editor.

When you’ve found help, please remember to delete your thread. Posts that are two months old will be deleted on a (mostly) regular basis, but you can help the admins out by deleting your thread when it's no longer needed.

If you are looking to edit a story:

To edit a story, watch the forum to find new requests for editors. When you find an author or story you want to edit for, write a comment in the thread or send them a PM. Exchange contact information, availability, and anything else you think is necessary. The best editors are familiar with the quirks of their author’s writing style, so get to know your author! If they have accepted your help, be sure to write a comment in the thread indicating that they are being helped.

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No biggie, and it's not just you. A lot of people don't bother to read the rules and it's a bit annoying.

Oops, sorry. I was in such a rush is all. I just deleted my comment.

Please do not use the comments on the main page to request an editor.

I mean, it had to be said. Because people can't read the rules, apparently.

Comment posted by PSPsky deleted September 4th

hello is this club running? I need an editor for my story and I was wondering if anyone was willing to do.
my grammar isn't great, but I do have a basic extension that helps me although it's not great

Due to the forum apparently being broken, I shall post here. I am looking for a proof-reader or pre-reader or editor for what *hopefully* should be a longer multi-verse fic. Original starring the Mane 6. Currently posted at 2k words for the introduction, my goal is 5-10k word chapters. Thanks!

We can start now. Just change our conversation to private.

When ever your ready we can start

I will be glad, if you help me ;)

I would be happy to edit for someone I am also ales with doing miture fics

I will be grateful. I'm interested.

Comment posted by Lucid Dreamer deleted August 10th
Comment posted by Lucid Dreamer deleted August 10th

I'm looking for an editor for my fanfic Blood and Honour. English isn't my native language.

Comment posted by ponyfan234 deleted July 13th

I'm looking for an editor. Fic has approximately 3k of words. Fallout equestria mature fic

Comment posted by Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever deleted July 11th
Comment posted by Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever deleted July 11th

I cannot access the help forum,but I am in need of an editor,message me if your interested
P.S it's a Dbz crossover story so yeah

It appears I've lost my help request forum. I know I'm breaking "Da Rules" but I am in need of assistance. If no one responds I'll re-type the forum, even though it was just sevenofeleven who commented on my friend's "understanding" with writing terms. But that's what apologies are for. :p
Anyway please consider. If your unhappy I'll delete this comment btw

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