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Looking for Editors

Do you want to connect with an editor, or find a story to edit? This is the group for you! An editor is someone who volunteers to fix errors in your writing, be they grammatical or otherwise. A good editor will not only fix your errors, but also point out your mistakes in an effort to help you improve.

Please read the following rules before you begin:

If you are looking for an editor:

Start by making a thread in the forum. Follow the guide here before you do anything. Please do not use the comments on the main page to request an editor.

When you’ve found help, please remember to delete your thread. Posts that are two months old will be deleted on a (mostly) regular basis, but you can help the admins out by deleting your thread when it's no longer needed.

If you are looking to edit a story:

To edit a story, watch the forum to find new requests for editors. When you find an author or story you want to edit for, write a comment in the thread or send them a PM. Exchange contact information, availability, and anything else you think is necessary. The best editors are familiar with the quirks of their author’s writing style, so get to know your author! If they have accepted your help, be sure to write a comment in the thread indicating that they are being helped.

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It appears I've lost my help request forum. I know I'm breaking "Da Rules" but I am in need of assistance. If no one responds I'll re-type the forum, even though it was just sevenofeleven who commented on my friend's "understanding" with writing terms. But that's what apologies are for. :p
Anyway please consider. If your unhappy I'll delete this comment btw

Comment posted by Omega Metal Gar deleted April 27th

Erm. Sorry for being so late. I'm an Editor. Do you, uh, still need one?

hello again im looking for a editor this time its for a hellsing fic

Hello Im looking for an editor who can get back to me so as possible when they finish editing

Is this group still functioning? I need my story edited in my thread in the forum, but I'm worried no one edits on here any more.

I need a proof-reader and editor for my story 3 Brothers on Equus which currently has 8,500 words http://www.fimfiction.net/story/363150/3-brothers-on-equus

I am currently looking for an editor to look over my work and make the correct corrections to it, and Pm it back to me just take a look at the current stories i have posted

Comment posted by IQ007_SarcasmIsTheKey deleted February 8th

-Two editors have been found and their suggestions are taken-
However, only one of the two chapters was read through, the first being a short prologue.
As such, my thread will be closed until further chapters need suggestion.

~An editor was found~

Until further notice, my thread has been deleted

I'm looking for a editor to help me with my story is there anyone willing to help

Hello everypony!
I'm the project manager of Ambient.White (former Ambient.Prologue). At the moment we are looking for fiction writers who can write little pieces like letter from one pony to another or a note in a diary (just like in Elder Scrolls or Fallout games). If you are interested please contact me at piramidheaded.pony@gmail.com
For more info about our project visit http:/albdifferent.com

Hello there, I could need an editor for my first story My little Twily
About 9 chapters, Human, dark, sad and Tragedy are the tags. Grammar isn't my strong suit. And I appreciate any help.

Comment posted by LinktheLazy deleted Jul 20th, 2016
Comment posted by ddstory25 deleted Jun 3rd, 2016

Whoops, I posted in the forums and I just now noticed that I posted to the wrong group. XD

Hello there. I would like somebody to edit my first chapter of my fanfic and if willing somebody that can edit future chapters that i will post later. The fanfic is called Elemental Guardians. The story tags are adventure, dark and alternate universe as of now. I will be grateful if anybody can edit my first chapter.

Greetings my fellow wordsmiths, I am Divryne; the least humble editor to ever gift you with his great and powerful Grammatical Error correction abilities and his huge lack of actual evidence to support his gargantuan ego! I have traveled here from a dark and angry region known as "Reddit", to offer my editorial services to you all.

basically, I'm in need of a story to help with while I'm on hiatus from writing my main story.

I currently have a story in the works, "Orion Reports", my first story on the site. Hasn't been uploaded publicly yet.

It's a 2nd person human in Equestria story; adventure and mystery genre, with plenty of humour and a possibility of romance. Twilight plays a leading role, though there's to be significant participation from all the rest of the characters. The aim is worldbuilding, exploration along with some more introspective looks at humanity from the perspective of ponies who had never seen them before.

I'm looking for an editor who can spot mistakes or inconsistencies in the grammar and writing, but also someone who I can bounce ideas off of in the hopes of coming up with something better.

Anyone who's interested, please send me a message. Thank you!

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