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Do you want to connect with an editor, or find a story to edit? This is the group for you! An editor is someone who volunteers to fix errors in your writing, be they grammatical or otherwise. A good editor will not only fix your errors, but also point out your mistakes in an effort to help you improve.

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Comment posted by ThePeer deleted Dec 11th, 2023

Hello. Are there those here who are not afraid to take on the editing of my fanfic, translated by a google translator with originally written in Russian? I will be very grateful for your help

its about my oc being Accepted in a foreign exchange student program and is sent to Trokyo where the school hes assigned to go to is in Shibuya known as Trokyo academy i havent decided on how many more chapters ill add.

becuase they havent even read it yet i only made 1 chapter and i need help correcting the errors so i can get it published

Yeah, I have so guys I can call on but they are currently busy.

Also, another reason why you don't get much help is because they don't see the story as interesting.

Dont hold your breath i tried fidning a editor to help with my fimfic with no luck and idk hwot get it in the looking for editor folder

Hi, Underrated Drake here:

I'm looking for an editor/pre-reader or both, to help me and MLPEngineer with our story.
The chapters are usually around 10K to 25K words.

The story we are doing is an introduction to a mayor character in my fic Phoenix.

Please contact me asap if interested

Hello I'm looking for a editor for my story Rizen?

Someone who can help with rough grammar?

Im looking for a editor for my Life iN trokyo fimfiction

I'm not the best animator

I am seeking an editor for my HiE story, Stuck in Equestria. I need an editor to help with my rough grammar. The ideas are there but getting them out there effectively is my issue. An editor would help this story get along smoothly. Thanks for reading.


Hi, I just opened an account and I need an editor. Of course, I have a story in confirmation, but because my language is not English, it may have grammatical mistakes.

Comment posted by discordjediknight deleted Mar 1st, 2023

i need a hearing aid to hear ur spambot message about hearing aides 👁👁👂

I'm looking for a co-author or co-editing for help with a fanfic I'm working on, there are things I need help fixing in it

Comment posted by discordjediknight deleted Feb 8th, 2023
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