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Do you want to connect with an editor, or find a story to edit? This is the group for you! An editor is someone who volunteers to fix errors in your writing, be they grammatical or otherwise. A good editor will not only fix your errors, but also point out your mistakes in an effort to help you improve.

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Hi, I just opened an account and I need an editor. Of course, I have a story in confirmation, but because my language is not English, it may have grammatical mistakes.

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I'm looking for a co-author or co-editing for help with a fanfic I'm working on, there are things I need help fixing in it

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Hello. I am writing a story about one pilot, namely about Valery Pavlovich Chkalov in Equestria. But since I don't speak English well, I just use a translator from Russian to English. I need help building dialogues. As it turned out, it is not customary in English to use the construction of dialogues, as in Russian.

Hello, my name is Nicielunar, I made a story called 'Summoning Equestria', where Equestria and the Crystal Empire are teleported to Earth.
And no, it's not going to be like Conversion Berau where humans are turned into ponies, This story will discuss the political, economic, cultural, religious effects of Equestria and Crystal Empire being teleported to earth.
But unfortunately I'm not a good English writer, I really depend on Google translate to write it, this makes a lot of eror in the story, if anyone is interested in helping me edit this story please contact me.

Sooo, I need help with a little oneshot that I want to post and I have some errors with the dialogues and with some grammatical rules. Also I will be pleased if they can work with me in other future projects because I have some other ideas in mind. English is not the idiom that i know better so I have some problems at writing it , just I want someone to help me with the mistakes I made and a few suggestion if they want. A partner would be cool.
The specific story I'm talking about it is not NSFW just a little comedy and drama. Its is a oneshot with Anon (a gay one to be specific) and his interaction with Discord

I have ideas from a NSFW (not with Discord) oneshot but I'm not sure if write it or not.

Anyone interested contact me for PM please or if you can by my Discord:Axelmos#0584.
I will answer you as fast as possible.
Thanks for your attention and have a great day.:twilightsmile:

Hey, y’all, it’s me Dinoman213, you know, author of THE ALICORN QUEEN, EQUESTRIAN AGE, and The Legend Of Twilight: A New Beginning. Well, as many of you good folks have known, many of my stories are on hiatus until further notice, and the reason why is that my editing partner is at college so he’s going to be mighty busy.

This is why I’m requesting for a substitute editing partner and perhaps a co-author, you know someone who could fill in for my editing partner while he’s busy and such. Anyway if any of y’all would like to give it a try just contact me on messages.

Note, that my stories are based on some stuff and movies just in a little MLP: FIM version and such. In the meantime, you folks just think about it.

If any of y’all are bronies and ponies like me, contact me.

Here’s a list of things my fanfics will be based on:

Disney Movies:

The Lion King

The Lion King 1 ½


Home On The Range

Pixar Movies:

Monsters, Inc.

Finding Nemo

The Incredibles


And more

Blue Sky Films:


ICE AGE 2: The Meltdown

ICE AGE 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

ICE AGE 4: Continental Drift

ICE AGE 5: Collision Course


Horton Hears A Who

DreamWorks Films:

Shrek 1, 2, 3, and 4

Prince Of Egypt

Road To El Dorado

Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron

And more

Video Games:

The Legend Of Spyro Trilogy

If any of y’all are experts and big fans of those things, just contact me. And I’ll see who will qualify. Because I’m not just looking for one substitute but perhaps two more as well.

Anyway, if any of y’all want to be my substitute editing partner just contact me on PM and such.

thanks to the information and my apologize

heyo, a reminder that people normally don't read the posts on the main page here! head on over to the forums to make a thread there instead for more visibility!

I am looking some for one help for my story. Particularly my biggest problem in my story and on the issue of pronouns, since many times, although he checked, it often happens - very often - that "He" mistakes it for "she" and the opposite.
If there is anyone who would like to help me, let me know for PM.
thanks for your attention and see you next time.

could some one help with this i was told grammer problems

i need help for my grammer and if need to clear up some probs

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Will also appreciate anyone stopping by my blog.

Hi. I need an editor to correct the grammar in my fanfics, as I am not confident in my abilities as a translator. English should preferably be the native language of the editor. Please contact me with a FimFiction mail.

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