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Art for Fanfiction strives to provide a resource for the community. As such we have people who request, contribute, and/or trade artwork. The links below will take you where you want to go.


Specifics for each topic outlined above is explained in the link provided. Should you have a question, please contact one of our staff, if sufficient time goes by without a response, message the founder.

Important: Stories with the sole purpose of gore and other morally questionable content such as acts against consent and vore are barred from entry. If you have no idea as to what I refer then it likely doesn't apply to you. Any submission with the aforementioned purpose will be removed without warning.

And if nothing else,

Welcome to Art for Fanfiction

Art in the above links were contributed to the group by members of the group. Former art included work by the following: Atryl, Equestria-Prevails, NCMares, Uotapo, CaptainPudgeMuffin.

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Can I have some help? I'm new to Fimfiction and am having trouble navigating the forums.

its been a hot minute since i posted this here. all good now, i found an artist that did art for book 1 and will be doing the art for the rest i do. thank you and ya nsfw was brought up incase artists dont want their stuff attached to that kinda thing

Yes, but given how this group is primarily SFW, I can't say that you can expect many, if any replies. Also remember that posting NSFW images either as cover art or in-story is not allowed by Fimfic's rules.


Nobody will see these here. Make a forum post, and artists will see them much better.

[Request] im looking for someone who can do a NSFW sci fi cover for my future story, i cant afford commissions and i don't want pencil and paper art.

quick question. Are requests for art for NSFW stories allowed here or no? Just wanna make sure before i make a forum post.


Greetings, I am requesting for an artist to provide me their drawing of 2 1960's Marine Corps Military Policemen beating up a blue pegasus with a light blue mane. With one of them kicking the pegasus in the stomach with his arms in the air, one with a baton. And the other MP about to swing a kick from the back.

The pegasus would be facing left on the ground with it's stomach exposed to the viewer, and a little blood spilling from its mouth wouldn't hurt. The first MP would have his back facing us, and his foot on the pony's stomach. With the other MP behind her head about to swing his foot to kick the pony's back. It would be a normal pegasus. If you're willing to do the background, then it would just be tents and a fence between the 3 and the tents.

If you need more specifications, DM me on discord: not a war criminal#8849

Context of the kicking:

Equestrian puppet: New Mareland has attacked Humanity. And with the best Equestrian tech being the bow and magic, you would expect how the battle would end if Humanity was armed with M16s, helicopters, and tanks. The image would be the makeshift P.O.W. camp with that pegasus trying to escape but was stopped by the MP's.

Comment posted by BiasedAmerican deleted Jun 6th, 2022

hi everyone. so im thinking of starting comissions for fanfic covers in exchange for something like robux or discord nitro but idk how. yall got tips???

[Request] Hai, im just starting out with writing my first fic. I would like a cover for it, the main thing I would like in it would be a human battle torn anonymous looking at a distant lands of equestria. The everfree forest would be a plus but they im asking for a free art soo. The artist has free reign in all other aspects and where to put everything the only two things I ask is a human battle torn anonymous and him looking at a distant lands of equestria. Thank you very much and I appreciate it very much.

Comment posted by Dimitri2278 deleted Sep 21st, 2021


hi hi, basically nobody ever looks down here, so I'd recommend making a forum thread instead!

excuse me, i was hoping someone could make a cover image for a future fanfiction: Friendship Knights vs. Jump Force. This story is based on Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. I'd like the cover image to look like the cover of the game; 3 members of each side facing each other. look up the game for reference. On team Friendship Knight's, I want Twilight Sparkle, Iron Man, and Chase (Paw Patrol). For team Jump Force, I want Goku, Naruto, and Ichigo. Please reply when you view this message.

Hello Everypony. For my fanfiction, Magical and beautiful stories of Anguish, I had requested for the two previous years the talents of many talented artist to make me many pictures for my story. Those pictures can be find spreaded on various chapters. The talended artists in question are named: Pridark, Scheadar and SkyeyPony. The pictures they made are nothing more that gorgeous . And I felt it was great time that I show them to this group so that thoses artist receive the praise they deserve.

I like art!
So hello!

not that i've seen. I think I had the Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau's rules in mind when I made that original comment. Might wanna contact another AFF admin though for clarification just in case though. :P

hi hi, so it turns out I was being big dumb when I was first promoted to admin in this group. Turns out there isn't any specific rule against non-pony work. :P

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