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N.B. Many of the group's systems and rules are currently under revision. Because of that, many things are subject to change.

Welcome to Art for Fanfiction!

This is where all Writers, Artists and more of the great brony community can combine in a creative, friendly environment. Are you an artist, but need help writing? A writer looking for cover-art, or an illustration? Then this group is perfect for you!

In general, we serve as a wellspring of inspiration for any artists/writers in need of that elusive idea to jumpstart their creativity, break a block, etc. Artists can also display their work for commissions that writers can purchase, ask for critiques, and more.

If this is your first time here, please be sure to read the rules and guidelines! If any of these rules are broken, or taken across the line, an administrator has the right to delete your comment or ban you from the group.

A guide on how to use the group can be found below.

If you want to contribute:
Any artist or writer who would like to contribute to this community, please head to the Talent Listing and add yourself there. For artists, the The Fanfiction Requesting Art folder has a listing of fanfiction that are requesting art. Be sure to also watch the forums postings for any other opportunities.

If you find something that tickles your fancy, then you can contact the author directly or respond to their posting in the forum.

If you want to request:
Any artist or writer who would like to request services from this community, head to Talent Listing for a list of available talents that's available. If you find an artist or writer that you like, then you can directly contact them. This is usually the best and recommended way if you have a good idea of what you want from the artist.

You can also post in the forums to send a notification to all members. This is generally used if you want to gauge general interest and don't mind what style or quality of the work you receive.

If you are a writer, you can add your fanfiction to the The Fanfiction Requesting Art folder for artists to pursue. But please make sure it has no current cover art or it could be removed from the folder without warning.

As a general recommendation, it is much preferred if you include as much helpful details as possible in your request and make the potential contributor's job as easy as possible. Remember, how much interest your request garners is directly related to how you present yourself and your request!

One other thing: If you use an artist's art, needless to say, please recognize them in some way, shape or form. Just a form of gratitude that should be taken to heart.

Using the forum:
The forum is generally a place for general discussion, questions, and special requests. General etiquette and simple common sense apply here. Please be as courteous as possible. No NSFW discussion is allowed here, either. Heavily sexualized/gory art is also frowned upon, though exactly what counts is up to admin discretion.

It is mandatory to use tags to precede your thread topics. Appropriate thread tags include:

[REQUEST]: For those that want art or stories done free of charge. Prefix with either art or writing (or some other kind of work) as needed. If you omit the kind of work, people will assume you mean art.

[TRADE]: For those that are willing to offer time and effort for services from the community. Prefix with either art or writing (or some other kind of work) as needed. If you omit the kind of work, people will assume you mean art.

[COMMISSION]: For those that are willing to pay for services from the community. Prefix with either art or writing (or some other kind of work) as needed. If you omit the kind of work, people will assume you mean art.

[DISCUSSION]: For any kind of discussion.

[DISPLAY]: For showing off your work! Prefix with either art or writing (or some other kind of work) as needed. If you omit the kind of work, people will assume you mean art.

It is quite obvious that there will be a few bad apples in the bunch, and we will not be able to catch all of it. If you spot a rule being broken, please contact one of the admins (preferably a Complaint Officer) to handle the offense.

Admins can be found here: Link.

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request art I am in need of a draconequus for cover art and to use as a visual muse to help the writing of my fiction the draco has two dragons for hands and one pony one changeling for legs beyond that I have nothing so if anyone would like to take on the challenge I would very much appreciate it

That awkward moment when you complain about an admin to that exact same admin. :trollestia:

413586 I'm the admin who locked your thread last time. If you bothered reading my reply instead of deleting your thread, you would have found an explanation of why your thread was locked, how it could be fixed, and a link to an explanation of what to fix. If that's 'complicated', then that's your own fault for not reading our rules.

413584 :trixieshiftright: First off, we lock threads when they fail to follow the rules, then unlock when fixed. And that was me. My reply included a link to both our listed rules and an explanation of how to get assistance if you were confused. If you can't be bothered to follow the rules of our group, which a) are not that difficult to understand and b) are pretty lax in terms of our moderation, then it's your own fault for getting it locked. In fact, we even have a link to the rules in question, an explanation of how they work, and what may occur if you fail to follow those rules on our front page. That's not complicated- that's making our system pretty easy to use.

413579 i tried that, but they removed it becasue it didn't follow their complicated rules

413405 Nobody really uses the group comments. I'd advise using the forum for requests.

i'm in need of a artiest for a book cover for a original story series. is anyone interested?

411674 Wasn't us who made it. There's a link to the source at the bottom of the page.

I really like your banner post i can tell that you've made it yourself.

Good art work!

411368 You're 30 weeks late. Turns out there's a size cap that isn't mentioned anywhere.

Try copy-pasting the URL, easy.

410438 Paypal. Alright,thanks :pinkiehappy:

Now I'll just have to create a account.

410420 Most people, to my knowledge, use paypal, although there are some artists who prefer to use steam and whatnot.

For payment for art.

How will the transaction work?

410037 People simply may not be interested in your request. Sorry to burst your bubble, but artists want money most of the time. It'd be easier to find some art that fits the story as best as it can.

Comment posted by FourShadow deleted May 26th, 2016

409982 I'd recommend using the forums. Not enough people read the group comments for you to be able to draw in enough people.

Heyo, I was just scolling through FIMFiction and an amazing story popped into my head. But then I realized I had no cover art. I'm looking for an artist willing to create one for me. Story is here.

  • Viewing 668 - 687 of 687