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Blue Ocean Wave

"When you write a story you're letting your imagination run free." - Blue Ocean Wave

My O.C's

About me.

I’m Male. (straight) (non-Transgender)

I’m in my Teen’s.

I like making stories (two in progress), reading stories, and doing other stuff on FIMFiction

(in no order) My favorite MLP characters are Party Favor, Soarin, Luna, Cadance, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie pie, Celestia, Vinyl Scratch, Twilight, Rarity, Apple Jack, Flurry Heart, and FlutterShy.

(in no order) My favorite MLP Shipping’s are SoarinDash, PinkieCheese, TwiCentry, starblazer, and Lunbra.

I have a dog named “Daisy.”

I like to play video games like, Crafting and building (knock off of Minecraft), Bloxd.io (also a knock off of Minecraft, if you want to play with me my name is Warrior3), and Geometry Dash.

I like to do tricks with my basketball, and play with my dog.

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Thanks for following my story :heart:

It's the greatest Sci-fi RPG ever.

What's Mass Effect about?

Thanks for the follow man.:twilightsmile:

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