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The evil and corrupt Queen Chrysalis has been defeated. The good and kind King Thorax has been coronated (without a crown). The Changeling Kingdom is being reconstructed by the now-good changelings under King Thorax. Finally free from a selfish ruler, the changelings are going to be happy for a long time.

And then they wonder about what they're going to do.

What is there to talk about when much of their lives was about planning evil plans and finding sources of love (and food)? What is there to do in a kingdom being rebuilt in the middle of wasteland? The only thing that the changelings were sure of was their job in rebuilding the Kingdom. In their free time, there was not much else.

Good thing Thorax was a good king since he let the changelings have free time and free days.

So, some changelings journeyed out of the Changeling Kingdom to travel Equestria.

Chapters (138)

Electra, the young and newly crowned captain of the Budgie Dream, has spent her entire life being told of the Carrion Skull, the Pirate ghost ship that supposedly has been flying the skies for over 200 years under the guiding wing of the legendary Celaneo. After her mother, the captain of the Dream, dies Electra becomes more and more enticed by the dreams of treasure.

Her crew leaves her, due to her young inexperience, and abandon the trading ship. And, with a bit of a twinkle in her eye, Electra forms a new crew with one propose: Finding the Carrion Skull or die trying.

And so, the motley crew made up of all the flying races began to raid towns for supplies, and become a new force in the wasteland. However, after conflicts with the enclave, they gain a brand new reputation as they continue to try and find the lost ghost ship.

Chapters (2)

In the decades since her ascension to princesshood, Twilight Sparkle has managed to overcome every challenge put before her, both external and internal, on the path to becoming the leader she was meant to be. For how far she may have come though, one part of her position has remained a mystery. Even as one of them, alicorns as a race are a complete unknown. Were they truly immortal? Where had they even come from? Why are there only two natural alicorns in Equestria today?

An innocent Hearth's Warming gift may hide a way to find the answers. As Twilight and Spike follow the trail into ancient Equestrian history, they may find the lasting legacy of the alicorn race, truths hidden by those closest to them for millienia and a world in danger of having its future erased by its past.

Hey everyone! Welcome to what I'm considering the last regular piece before I start working on the finale of this complicated web of stories I've weaved. New chapters will go up every two days and I'm glad to say I feel back on form. Whether you're checking my stuff out for the first time or have kept an eye on me for the past two years, I hope you enjoy!

Part of the Quickverse. No other stories are required to read, though references are made to the events of Task Force Harmony, Secrets of the Heart and Fractured Crystals with varying degrees of spoilers.

Proof read as always by my ICBFF Deep Note
Cover art by Margony

Chapters (3)

Rainbow Dash invites Cloud Kicker to join an interview in hopes she can add another member for the Weather team. The rainbow mare knows better that Kicker would do more than just provide 'opinions' about the newbie. What will happen when both mares feel like they want more of him than just a friendly conversation?

Based on the Winninverse series created by Chengar Qordath.

Chapters (1)

This document was recovered in June of 2025 from the battle site now famous for the Retaking of Canterlot. Its content has been unanimously deemed culturally significant by the International Committee of Pre-Zombie History Preservation, and it is now a required reading in all entry-level zombie history classes.

Chapters (5)

A collection of short pony scraps and snippets. All are separate from each other; though some may have slight continuity between them. I started writing them as inspiration for my friend Jaydex the Shadow Knight; I'd put them on his Blogs. Now, they are here, all collected.

Blind-drafted from my thoughts unto Notepad and then edited "on-site", all are unique - none are pre-planned or even saved on my hard drive. For as long as FIMFiction remains so will they. Should the site ever fall... then lost forever will they be. Take them, save them, use them as fuel for stories of your own.

All are my gift to you.

Warning: Some of these shorts depict ponies being treated as the pets of humans. When this is done, a pony plays being a pet, and lets the human care for him/her as a method of consensual relaxation; a gentle or nurturing treatment, based on the desire to be cared for. IT IS NOT SLAVERY.

Chapters (184)

Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super ahead!

After the battle against Lord Beerus, Goku and Vegeta started to train under Whis, who wishes to help them hone the powers of the Super Saiyan God..

But Whis sees the flaws in how Goku and Vegeta behave in times of battle, and seeks to rectify that. And so, he warps the Saiyan duo to Equestria to learn about the magic of friendship.

Can the Saiyans learn a thing or two in Equestria? Will the Equestrians be able to handle the insanity of having two warriors like Goku and Vegeta in their world? Find out in Dragon Ball Super: Equestrian Chronicles!

Set during MLP Season 5 and sometime before the Resurrection F Saga of Dragon Ball Super. Will be a semi-adaptation of both series with both worlds involved.

Chapters (10)

A not so standard human-in-Equestria story including but not limited to: democracy, tequila, and robots.

Things escalate from there.

TV Tropes page

Now translated into Korean

Chapters (166)

A charity concert played by the violinist star Melodia Allgrezza, and the chance meeting with the matron of the Heartstrings family leads Octavia to reunite with an old university acquaintance, Lyra Heartstrings. The two of them chat it up and it is revealed that Lyra has a friendly date with Vinyl Scratch, her friend for many years. Octavia is invited along and accepts, joining the two for a night of fun. It quickly develops, however, to something much more than that. For of all the things that Octavia had expected to see when she met up with this Vinyl, it was definitely not a near copy of Melodia Allegrezza.
Curiosity is a virtue, they say, and Octavia's drives her to one question that she will see answered no matter what: What is the relationship between Melodia and Vinyl Scratch? Who are they?

And here we go! My first (chaptered) TaviScratch story! I hope you guys like what you see so far.
I have been sitting with this idea since later summer 2013, and I finally got the chance to write it! This story isn't going to be your usual TaviScratch, I hope, and I will do what I can to mercilessly slaughter and then crush and then burn every trope I come across. I want to bring you guys something unique, and this will be it.

Hop along for a story of love, mistrust, friends and, most importantly, secrets!

Rated Teen for future sexual references, and the likes.

Chapters (13)

Stormbreakers live on the coast of Equestria, and fly out to sea to fight feral storms that approach the mainland. Sometimes they don't come back.

Aurora Mist's worst fears are realized when her team comes back one mare short.

Pre-reading by Georg
Translating by Conflicting views

Chapters (1)
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