A parody of Holidays Unwrapped where the EGs get into so much trouble

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After years of being the runt of the litter (despite having no siblings), Spike finally comes into his own and starts to grow up and mature. The result is a unique bit of magic all his own, or so the theory goes: He awakens one morning to find words hanging overhead that call him [The Gamer], along with powers that let him 'live life as though it were a game'.

How he decides to handle all of this, and where things go from there? That would be a spoiler, and you all know how we feel about spoilers around here...

Frequently asked questions will be answered from time to time, and those answers linked here for the curious:
The First FAQ

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Twilight and her friends are ready for a fun, festive Halloween party at Canterlot High. With the seven prepared in-costume and the school in full decoration, it's bound to be a night to remember.

Unfortunately it seems that someone with Equestrian magic is afoot, and intends to make sure that tonight's party-goers REALLY get into character! Can the Humane Seven get to the bottom of this magical mayhem and put things right?

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In this Nightmare Night Special, Cherilee and her students along with Carrot Top, go to the statue of Nightmare Moon (who they already know has been reformed and turned back into Princess Luna), to give her their candy. But, a storm has entered within their sights, and from the mist, Nightmare Moon returns. Despite what it looks like, this is not dark but contains horror-based comedy.

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Vladimir Bodrovski, codenamed "SPECTRE" renowned for his great sharpshooting ability, is a member of Umbrella Security Service Delta Team codenamed "Wolfpack". During his mission in the Umbrella facility, Spectre was mysteriously sent to a mysterious land after a conflict with some B.O.W.S, losing a valuable and salient thing in the process. Now, Spectre must put down all of his might to protect the creatures of the land from an enemy the ponies thought they have defeated a long time ago with some new friends. Will he succeed?

New story! I hope you all will enjoy this one! (This story will have Twirax shipping, and it takes place after season 6.) Also I do not own anything in this story. Resident Evil belongs to capcom, and My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro. And the image I am using for the coverart also belongs to it's original owner.

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Inspired by Waking Nightmares AU by KnightMysterio.https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7360739/1/Waking-Nightmares

Some of the mercenaries from Mann Co start finding themselves in a world dominated by colorful ponies. must admit it is a nice place, the ponies are a very welcome species but slowly the mercenaries start to realize there is a reason why they were brought here and why all of them are somehow connected to the element bearers.
an ancient darkness is gaining strength and if they and their new pony friends cannot stop it, then both their worlds are in grave danger.

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The Circle was everything.

His walk in the mechanical walker had been everything for as long as he could remember, and the Circle it forced him into would be everything for the rest of his life.

But could one random child - out of the hundreds who had paid to ride the ponies - have a way for him to escape the Circle and the perpetually gray land that held him captive?

Zen and Ponies

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A few weeks have passed after Nightmare Moon's defeat and Princess Luna's freedom and she has returned to Equestria to rule once more by her sister Celestia's side. However, a mysterious young griffon is discovered, and the questions about this young unknown griffon grow as Celestia and many others try to find out how and where he came from.

No solid answers come and communicating with the young griffon is going to be more of a challenge then they could believe.

(The one rule is revealed in Chapter Six. If you wish to be spoiled, reveal the spoiler, but if not, read to Chapter Six. Also, if there is a better way of wording this, please let me know.)

The one rule is: Letting someone hold the Griffon's (Young one's) plush and returning it to him is for him to have absolute trust in someone without the need for words.

Chapter 1: Proofread by Truthseeker
Chapter 2 to 4: Proofread by Katarina Mau
Chapter 5.5: Checked over by Mr_Mopey

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When Sunset was hit by the rainbow, she lost everything. She had no friends, no family or at least a descent place to call her own. But when all seemed lost, she not only found someone that care about her like a mother, but also someone very special.

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Not all villains are evil. Some are just misguided. There are some creatures who just need a helping hoof to have the opportunity to—

—bwa ha ha, no, the Queen of the Changelings would never be into that. So what's with this sudden change of heart? And what's with these sassy letters?

A not very serious fic with some isekai implications.

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