This story is a sequel to Enforcing Change

We know what happened to Sunstone but what as her life like.

When I had initially written Sunstone I had thought nothing of it but as I was finishing Enforcing Change I realized I wanted to write more about her.

So I decided to write a side story.

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You know the Conversion Bureau universe pretty well.
Evil Celestia? Check.
Goes after Earth? Not so check.
Because Celestia made a grave error.
She accidentally targeted a world where humans coexist with powerful creatures known as Pokémon.
This isn't going to be easy for her, because things here aren't quite what she expected.
Now, the battle for PokéEarth begins...

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The young six get trapped in in a book called a nightmare night Carol's

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At one point in your life, there's always this... moment.

This weird, inexplicable moment where nothing makes sense. The odds of what is happening to you just don't make any sense at all. Even with all your imagination, this one moment would have never crossed your mind.

It's one of those moments where you just say 'Oh well, that just happened', or maybe 'it just works'. The kind of moment no one will believe you if you ever tell the experience to someone else. A few would dare to say that it's 'destiny' doing its work, fulfilling some ancient legend or legacy or whatever.

And of course, this is not limited to just humans! Anyone can fall victim to one of these!

For better or worse, this is the moment a few individuals are experiencing right now.

Written for Bicyclette's "A Thousand Words" contest. Under the 'Experimental' category.

I'm not sure if I have to explain the origin of each picture, But at least I can say that the upper right picture was made by ZaDrEx.

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This story is a sequel to A Short Conversation

There are a few situations you want to find yourself in when dating a unicorn. One of them is waking and having said unicorn's horn right under your chin. So imagine the thoughts running through Fluttershy's head as she finds herself in that exact situation with Sombra.

Mini sequel to the final chapter of A Short Conversation. Just giving you a peek into Fluttershy's mind.

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This story is a sequel to A Pony Displaced: Another Path

Many years ago, Magic Barrier lost countless ponies that he held dear to Sombra's madness and his dark powers. Some years later, he lost the few ponies he still had to hold dear when Princess Luna fell to her inner darkness, Nightmare Moon and was banished for one-thousand years... taking him with her.

Now, a thousand years later, Nightmare Moon has been defeated and Barrier returned to Equestria a thousand years out of place. To top that off, Sombra was eventually defeated as well and with his defeat returned both the Crystal Empire and some of the most important ponies in Barrier's life. Ponies that Barrier had long since written off as lost.

Now, with their Captain guiding them, the recently returned group has to try and find their place in the madness that is modern Equestria, overcome what was lost, and hopefully find a new way that will help cement to them that they're not as displaced as they seem.

I imagine some of you have waited long and hard for this sequel to release. There are some of you who may have been there since the beginning of my stint as a fanfiction author, where I promised -and failed- to deliver a sequel to my first story, A Pony Displaced.

I am saddened to say that I have failed you once again with this sequel... but someone has risen to pick up after me, for the sake of those waiting for this sequel, and my own.

Those of you who follow my blog already know this, but Alticron, my co-writer/editor/proofreader/idea wall/friend is going to try and see the story to completion, after I suffered another writing burnout due in part to personal problems.

As I stated in my blog, I have the utmost faith in him and his abilities to see this story through to the end, and hope you will all enjoy his writing as much as I do.

As always, I cannot state how thankful I -and Alticron- are to Chaos Phantasm, DE_K,ChasingResonance and CanadianPony for being the editors, proofreaders, and idea-walls who made this story what it is.

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Pinkie Pie, seeking a new adventure after sometime of peace in Ponyville, ends up bumping into Octavia and the two, against all odds, are sent to a blocky and strange world that doesn't work in the way they're used to, as the sun and moon move on their own and monsters want to hurt them. The pair end up bumping into a pair of odd creatures, who call themselves Steve and Alex and are more than willing to teach them about this world, not to mention everything they need to know to survive. Together the four of them must face the dangers of this world, master crafting techniques, explore other dimensions, and face whatever challenges are thrown at them, all while seeking a way for Pinkie and Octavia to head home.

(MLP/Minecraft Crossover. Not part of the Demon War story series)

Mod List:
Tinker's Construct + Construct's Armory
Lost Cities + Scape and Run Parasites

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The deed was done, her sister was now banished, and Celestia realised too late that condemning her sister to the moon meant loneliness for herself.

This story was written as an entry for A Thousand Word Contest under angst.

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This story is a sequel to The Twi'lek

When Sasha was attacked in her dreams she turns to the only Oneiromancer she knows, Princess Luna. With Mallory Rose and the mysterious voice, she worries about falling to the Darkside. She worries about what will happen to her family and friends if he comes after them. And she worries about the sith artifacts that were hidden in her Masters' ship along with the notebook mostly in ancient runic sith.

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This story is a sequel to Alone

Life was normal- or as normal as it gets in Ponyville- for Tempest. Until on a fateful day, she is commanded to the city of Canterlot, where she is told of an existential threat that becomes a harbinger of ultimate destiny.

Despite there being references, no prior reading is required.

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