This story is a sequel to Little Lost Raichu

It has been over a month since Nica woke up in the Everfree Forest, lost and devoid of memories of her past. Twilight and her friends accepted her, nursed back to health, fed her and provided her with a place to live, and she put her own life on the line to protect them.

Now with more pokemon being summoned into Equestria and Twilight researching a way to send them back, Ash’s Pikachu finds himself lost in a dangerous forest far away from his home. How will he react to the residents of this new world and their culture? And how will he react to a kind female Raichu who wish for nothing more than to make his stay as memorable and pleasant as possible, showing him the kindness that the ponies showed her.

Will their friendship bloom as Nica shows him the wonders and magic of Equestria and introduce to befriended ponies, or will their clashing ideologies and Pikachu’s competitive spirit towards his evolution lead to awkward situations and get in the way? Only time will tell.

PS: Reading prequel is not needed to understand this story, but I encourage to check it for those who want to learn more about Nica, her backstory and her time in Equestria.

Jay Tarrant - Thanks for full and passionate proof-read of the entire story.

"Georg" - Thanks for improving Prologue and chapter 1, as well as small improvements of random scenes in the story.

DrakeSlayer Thanks for pre-reading it prologue and chapter 1.

And special thanks to UnknownGiggs for extremely detailed proof-reading of the later part of the story, you have a lot of talent when it comes to proof-reading.

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Holy crap! I'm in equestria! As my character!

So, just saying, this is my first MLP story, so, please do not judge it too hard.

May contain some inflation scenes later in the story. Also, pretty obvious warning but it contains a pony that is a living rubber balloon.

Also this is a completely SFW story.


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Following the return of the Crystal Empire, Twilight begins some intensive research into the history of the Empire and its late king. Modern historians know next to nothing about the enigmatic dark mage. Who was he? Did he have family? Loved ones?

The answers to those questions changes everything the Element of Magic knows about herself, and in doing so catches the attention of a shadow that yet clings to the frailty of life...

Cover art made by Skijarama!
Edited by RC2101_Copey.

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This story is a sequel to Blood in the sand

Some time passed after the Events of Blood in the sand. But the next adventure for Dinky is at hand. It all begins with her and the Cutie Mark Crusaders finding something special.

Something Special, that should not exist.

A non-canon sequel to Blood in the sand

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War is raging on the continent of Zebrica where a new warlord has risen, using immensely powerful magic to subjugate clans and countries.

In Equestria, conspiracies tying princess Celestia to Corrupted are running rampant, princess Luna is investigating an ancient alicorn legacy pertaining to entities called only 'the enemy' and 'the herald', and princess Twilight Sparkle is trying to keep Equestria together despite the rising panic.

In the Griffon Empire, both Black Ops and Imperial armies are in a losing battle against spreading Corrupted territories transforming the land.

And knowing nothing about any of that, there's Harriet, a young dragonpony in the Griffon Empire whose life is about to be shattered by a group of ponies seeking something from her father's hoard that would make all the previous threats to peace a small beer.

UPDATES: For now, random. Once Exercise in Management is finished, this might change.

EDIT: Added AU tag, since this takes place some three hundred years (give or take) after Twilight's alipopcornification.

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One day in the Ponyville, like some conventional novels, a unicorn who lost her memory because of her injury was discovered by a pair of musicians. So,Octavia and Vinyl's family added a playful and funny child.

What is the secret of this little filly? What does the moon on her cutie mark mean to her? Let's take a look at how many interesting things the casual filly can do!

OK, this long description may be very bad. Please click on the following articles quickly to read.

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Spike has lived in Ponyville for 6 years, and Rarity has always been his crush, and love interest. But, once he finally musters the courage to tell her how he feels, she breaks his heart with her views on inter-species romance. Now, Spike must deal with the fact that the only one he's loved will never return his feelings. On top of that, Twilight starts to act strange around him, but she's not in heat like he thought she was. Will Spike's heart mend, or will he refuse to open his heart again?


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This story is a sequel to Narrow Gauge Engines

In this 2nd volume of Narrow Gauge Adventures, the engines get up to some fun with their new friends. Thrills, spills, and new action await them. But there is also some fun to be had, as a special event is approaching. Through it all, the engines remain the best of friends.

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Castiel was sitting in Heaven at Humanities beginnings, settlements that soon will become towns, cities. Then, coming from God's sun, flew into his arms a white filly, with horns, wings, with a pink mane and tail. He brought her to God, and he said: "Raise her."

Crowley just fell into Hell, died after his time was up. Starting out as a tortured soul was the easy part, now that he's a demon, the high ups decide to make things harder for him. He must raise a demonic pony.

John Winchester left his boys in the care of fellow Hunter Bobby while on a hunt. It was 1991, early spring, and Sam ran off to explore the woods. Not far from Bobby's backyard, Sam finds a small, blue creature. Experience taught him to usually shoot the strange first, but rather than pulling his gun, he picks it up, realizing it's crying, scared. While his brother, Bobby, and his dad especially were on edge of it, they all soon learned to accept the creature. Not long later, she joins them in the "Family business."

Inspired by the amazing Tatsurou
Now written with aid my my new amazing Co-writter and long time reader ppg1998

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