When a portal is opened between two otherwise disconnected worlds, a few reliable spells go a little crazy- and result in a series of letter-bearing owls passing through the portal. Several times.

What could possibly go wrong?

Tags may be updated as the story goes on.

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Written with the able editing assistance of Skittlebug starting Chapter 12 and Gerandakis as well starting Chapter 20.

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Cozy's plan to infiltrate Twilight's School of Friendship is going well, but the manipulative little filly knows that she'll need to up her game if she's truly going to be part of the inner circle here. Her solution? Try and get a little bit closer to Twilight's number one assistant.

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We already know that there exists an alternative universe where the Elements of Harmony bearers are stallions. And we already know that in that universe rule 63 is in full effect.

But whoever said rule 63 is the only way to create a stallion mane six? What if show canon stallions took up the roles of the mane six?

Well you're about to find out.

After learning from his sister Twilight Sparkle about the potential return of Nightmare Moon Shining Armor tries to warn Princess Celestia.

Not long afterward the youngest member of the royal guard learns he will be traveling to Ponyville to oversee security for the upcoming Summer Sun Celebration, and while he's there he is to make some friends. A task that Shining Armor doesn't think is that important. That soon changes.

Follow the adventures of Shining Armor and his friends, from facing down evils like Nightmare Moon and Discord, to simply learning more about the magic of friendship. And watch as they grow closer together in the process.

The Return of Nightmare Moon (Chapters 1-12): Shining Armor travels to the town of Ponyville, concerned about the possibility of the return of Nightmare Moon. When his fears turn out to be correct, he enlists the unlikely help of five stallions on a perlious quest to find The Elements of Harmony and save Equestria from eternal night.
Life In Ponyville (Chapters 13-26): While preparing for The Grand Galloping Gala, Shining Armor and his friends spend more time getting to know each other, and learn valueable lessons about the magic of friendship. And in the process, they are drawn closer together.
The Battle With Discord (Chapters 27-38): Shining Armor and his friends are pitted against the wicked master of chaos, Discord, and his mind games. As friendships break down and Shining faces his darkest hour, it will take an unlikely pony to save him.
Aftermath (Chapters 39-46): Discord may have been defeated, but the mental scars left from his encounter will take time to heal. While Shining Armor recovers from a serious mental breakdown, he must also contend with changes in the lives of his friends.
Royal Wedding (Chapters 47-55): The anticipated wedding of Shining Armor and Cadence is ready to begin. But when an unknown threat is made against Canterlot and supsicion falls on Cadence, it's up to Shining Armor's sister, Twilight, to find out what's going on.
Empire And Fears (Chapters 56-64): With the return of the long lost Crystal Empire, comes a new threat to the safety of Equestria, the evil King Sombra. Shining Armor must find a way to save his new kingdom from falling into the greedy hooves of its former ruler, while also overcoming his own self doubts in the wake of what happened at his wedding.
Prince Shining (Chapter 65-77): Completing a spell left unfinished by the great Starswirl The Bearded, Shining Armor ascends into alicornhood and becomes Equestria's first alicorn prince. But when Princesses Celestia and Luna go missing before The Summer Sun Celebration, Shining Armor finds himself delving into the past in search of answers to the crisis.
Quest For The Keys (Chapters 78-95): With the Elements of Harmony now returned to their original resting place, a new puzzle has presented itself to Shining and his friends in the form of a mysterious chest. Though answers seem to be non-existent, Shining Armor and the stallions will soon find their greatest attributes tested, as Equestria faces its greatest threat yet.
The Village With No Cutie Marks (Chapters 96-107): A table map in Shining Armor's new castle, leads him and his friends to a village at the edge of Equestria. There, they discover that the village leader, Starlight Glimmer, posses a dark secret.
Map Missions and Changes (Chapters 108-121): Although Starlight remains at large, the table map opts to send Shining Armor and his friends on missions all over Equestria to spread friendship. But as Shining adjusts to new developments in his life, an unseen threat plots revenge.
A Flurry of a Crystalling (Chapters 122-131): Cadence has given birth to a baby alicorn, and Shining Armor has gained a new student in the form of Starlight Glimmer. But as Starlight struggles to reconnect with an old friend, the new baby's powers threaten to bury the Crystal Empire in a blizzard of snow.
Shining and Starlight's Studies (Chapters 132-138): Despite the recent changes in his life, Shining is still the inexperienced teacher of former baddy, Starlight Glimmer, and must do his best to help her learn the magic of friendship. In the meantime, new developments in the lives of Shining's friends and new allies, will ensure there's never a dull moment for the gang.
Changeling Crisis (Chapters 139-150): Starlight must confront her inner fears and doubts, when she is unexpectedly thrust into the role of leader in Shining Armor's absence. And with Queen Chrysalis and her changelings on the loose, an unexpected team must mount a rescue effort in the heart of the Changeling kingdom.
New Lease on Life (Chapters 151-169): With Starlight no longer a student of Shining Armor's, and Flurry Heart demanding more attention, life is changing drastically for the prince. But lurking around the corner, is another great adventure that will be unlike any other for Shining and his friends.
School of Friendship (Chapters 170-180): An expanding table map in Ponyville gives Twilight the idea to open her very own "School of Friendship" for creatures all over the world. But while Shining is thrust into the role of a diplomat, an old foe decides to abduct some of the students.
Bonds Beyond Equestria (Chapters 180-196): Twilight's school is up and running, and six particular students are developing and expanding their friendship. However, as Shining copes with yet more changes to his life, a mysterious newcomer at the school secretly begins to set their own plans into motion.
The Fading Magic (Chapters 187-196): When magic in Equestria starts to disappear, suspicion falls on Tirek and Shining sets off to Tartarus to confront the centaur only to end up trapped! Meanwhile, Twilight and the others are distracted by the return of Chancellor Neighsay while the real culprit hides under their noses.
Royal Retirement Woes (Chapters 197-): Celestia and Luna announce their decision to step down from the throne and give the reigns to Shining Armor and his friends. While he mulls over this life changing offer, Shining is unaware that a long forgotten threat has brought back other threats, including a resurrected King Sombra!)
(Cover art by TheCrystalKing.)

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Twilight may have had a bit too much to drink one night and accidentally brought a human named Arc from Earth to Equestria. They have much to teach one another! That is... if they will accept him into their society. Time will tell if humans and ponies can truly live together in harmony!


This is quite a long story I originally wrote for my wife as a Christmas present two years ago. Work on it has continued over the past year, and just recently hit 1,000,000 words! I'll upload it chapter by chapter as fast as I can translate them! The Equestrian Odyssey contains many characters from the show and comics, as well as a number of original characters I dreamed up to fill various roles. I hope you enjoy the first volume of my first ever story as much as my wife and I did!

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The land of Equestria has faced many enemies in the past. But these enemies fell easily, swiftly crushed by the heroes of Equestria.
The Thieves Guild of Equestria is making no such mistakes.
Chronicled here are the tales of the legendary thieves who faced guards, dragons, wizards, and even the princesses themselves, all for the thrill of adventure and the jingle of coins.

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This story is a sequel to Grogar’s Endgame

After two years of peace and happiness in Equestria since the defeat of Grogar, the Decepticons now direct their focus on a new target: earth. Shockwave rises from the shadows to create a new army to conquer earth and its inhabitants and to convert earth’s energy to energon to restore Cybertron. Grimlock and the other Dinobots team up with the Equestria Girls to put an end to Shockwave’s masterplan and the Decepticon reign of terror for good. The ultimate questions are: who shall stand? And who shall fall?

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A mission ends with Fluttershy being revealed as a changeling. The Mane 6 pause on the walk back home to discuss this development.

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This story is a sequel to Unleash The Beast!

Following the defeat of King Sombra, Grogar sends Tirek, Chrysalis & Cozy Glow to obtain the bewitching bell with the help of Cyber-villains Blaze & Roxy. But the task to get it is easier said than done...ESPECIALLY if there are Power Rangers involved!

Beast Morphers - It should take place between "Sound And Fury" and "Seeing Red"
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - A rewrite of the season 9 episode, "Frenemies", so most of this will probably not be canon.

I don't own anything. MLP & Power Rangers are both owned by Hasbro.

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Thestrals. A race of pony all but forgotten in the modern age. They are, all of them, nocturnal. They live their lives in their sole territory, a forest in the middle of Equestrian Lands. They present as members of the country, their sole front-facing town, Hollow Shades, being the only point of contact with the rest of ponydom. The truth is, however, that this is the only place where loyalty to the Lost Sister has never wavered. Thus, they call themselves the Lunar Republic in secret, referring to their state as an individual city-state within the greater Equestrian country. They pay taxes, of course, but enact their own laws outside of Hollow Shades.

They also, through virtue of being such, maintain their own treaties. I am banking on this fact. If all works out, my darling daughter, you will be safe. They will honor their treaty, and raise you with love. All I ask is that you live to adulthood. For this sake, I will write you a book... lessons on our traditions, that when the time comes when you must take your crown you will be prepared. Until then, keep this book hidden and safe. Keep yourself hidden and safe.

I will always watch over you,
Queen Polaris.

This is a tale of love, family, and hope. A young royal will grow, come to understand herself and the world around her, and eventually take her place as the Queen of her own people. The story will largely be cannon compliant, however some things will be changed as I see fit.

This story is largely inspired by Law Abiding Pony's Hive series, and how exactly changelings work will in particular reflect this. Mainly I plan on copying their reproductive system and the role of the queen in the hive, however there will be differences from the biological makeup as I feel appropriate. I do have permission, and will link information where I copy wholesale, as well as make notes on where I simply adjust.

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The League of Sweetie Belles was founded by a handful of Sweeties who decided they liked hanging out with each other. What started as a simple club for like-minded white unicorn mares turned into a complex organization with a lot of responsibility. One particular team of Sweetie Belle explorers have taken it upon themselves to visit the universes near to their home worlds, delving into the lands of ponyfics and beyond.

Current fic: Speedwirte special: The Legend of Twilight Sparkle, BotW.

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(If you're not reading from the beginning and just want to look into one chapter relating to a particular fic, the SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL: The Sweetie Personnel Files blog is your friend. Refer to it whenever you feel you lack context. But don't read the entire thing; use it to look up names)

(Part of the Songs of the Spheres continuity, but you don't have to read that to understand this. Updates Sporadically. As with all SotS stories, there's a Discord server)

Warnings are there since certain fics will require them when they are included. You won't get sex, death, or gore everywhere. You are likely to get violence and some profanity in many chapters.

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-GM, master of Chronicles.

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