This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls: The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge

After the Holiday Adventure, Mikey, Pinkie and Sonata suddenly found themselves transported into a magical world of wonder and adventure, protected by the greatest heroes ever known, the Skylanders! But now the Darkness is closing in, and the Skylanders' home needs the Goofball Trio's help. Will they free Skylands from Darkness? Find out on Equestria Ninja Girls!
Disclaimer: Neither Darth Wrex, nor I own Equestria Girls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) or Skylanders.

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First part of the Stardust G5 saga.

One afternoon, an unsuspecting mare finds a confused little filly on the beach. Who is she and where did she come from? Unknown to the ponies of Maretine Bay. This little filly has a big foreboding story to tell. That’s if she remembers first.

Unfortunately. There seems to be two other ponies on their own mission. Why are they and why do they hate Stardust?

Oh well.


What is happening?


(Almost) Each chapter had been mostly completed and worked on a few days before being published. That’s why the uploads are so close together.

Inspiration has been taken from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. But if you never played the games, then it doesn’t matter. Just wanted to mention

To make writing easier and likely reduce any stress/make it more fun. Nothing from the, books, comics or YouTube series will be canon to this AU. So I don’t have to keep track of whatever happens and keep checking so much media. Stuff from MYM will have happened offscreen, since Stardust has no reason to have witnessed most the events. This will also be in a timeline where CH 6 happened very differently

Since Lost in Mysticia and its remake were canceled. I think it’s fair if the characters who were going to be the heroes in those to be the heroes in this one. Even if I don’t like one of them so much

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This story is a sequel to They're... ON HOLIDAY?

Ayyyy, featured despite the sequel curse on 16.10.2023! Can we keep the last spot in the box? What's in the box? Why is the box?
EDIT: Added a character cheat sheet on the bottom.

Updates: Weekly-ish

Six years have passed since the Canterlot invasion. While the relationship between the Changeling Hive and Equestria is warmer than ever, the relationship between the deadly tunnels under the Badlands and the small, mostly defenseless changeling drones who live there isn't.
However, thanks to the knowledge granted in the recent years by a mysterious "smart box", and the guidance of drone veterans who survived under the "old rules", the post-Canterlot "new rules", and the terrifying "shippy time", fewer and fewer drones perish daily while mining materials for the hive's day to day operations.
Fewer, though, still means far from zero, and there are those among the drones who are doing all they can to finally transform the underground from fatal threat to something the drones deserve - not just a place to hide, but a true home. With copious amounts of goop, unstoppable curiosity, copyrighted board game, and a blessing from High Score, there's no way they'll fail, or at least not for long.
Drones know that everything is a trade and life is just a price. Unfortunately, sometimes there are near-invisible asterisks.


--High Ranks--
Chrysalis - no need to explain.
99 - a classless changeling. You figure out her rank on your own.
156 - current highest rank infiltrator. She and 387 might be an item.
387 - current highest rank warrior. There's nothing special about him.
2119, 3012 - unlucky top floor guards
10000/10k - drone leader
20100 - a drone supposedly out on a mission for the hive. Painter, the worst nightmare of casinos
57999 - the closest Ds have to a doctor, grows plants in a greenhouse
65536 - a drone living in Canterlot, a Nightguard. Sort of Luna's adopted kid.
99380 - hive mind manipulation specialist, that might be a curse.
99111 - mechanist, tinkerer. Engineer would be too... successful.
99856 - alchemist
99200 - explorer/survivalist
99012, 99066, 99971 - quicktrotters
99911, 99158, 99112 - drone crisis response team
99999 - a drone.
Smiley - a Silent who surived long enough to gain some mental capacity. Can't talk.
Gloom, Night Hunter - Canterlot Nightguards

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After restoring magic to Equestria, Sunny Starscout and her friends receive a package from the former rulers of Equestria

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a timid and kind-hearted human known as Anon finds themselves transported to the magical land of Equestria by a celestial mishap orchestrated by Princess Luna. Luna, with a nervously apologetic smile, bestows upon Anon the gift of unlimited magic.

Determined to live a quiet life free of drama in Ponyville, Anon discovers their unique talent as Equestria's first podcast singer, with Luna's magic amplifying their voice. However, this newfound passion comes with a twist-Anon must keep their podcasting identity a secret.

As Anon settles into Ponyville, they navigate the challenges of forming friendships, a developing romance, and the complex dynamics of Equestrian society. Luna's magic not only aids Anon's journey but also becomes a catalyst for major events in Equestria.

A pivotal plot point arises when Anon stumbles upon enchanted headphones in the Everfree Forest, capable of transmitting their podcasts to anypony who wears them. This discovery prompts a quest to introduce the headphones to Equestria, leading Y/N and their friends on an adventure filled with challenges, magical creatures, and hidden realms.

As the enchanted headphones gain popularity, Anon becomes a symbol of change in the way ponies experience storytelling. The story explores themes of friendship, discovery, and the transformative power of harmonious storytelling, all set against the backdrop of a magical revolution in Equestria.

With every podcast episode, Anon unwittingly weaves a spell of harmony, impacting the lives of those around them. The journey is a blend of slice-of-life moments, epic events inspired by MLP traditions, and the ongoing challenges of keeping their secret in a world touched by Luna's magic.

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The following fan fiction you are about to read is a dream project of mine. Why did I choose this website? For its catering to MLP:FIM exclusive fan fictions unlike the more basic FanFiction.Net. As well as for the obvious fact that a VeggieTales-related fan fiction website doesn't exist.

I've known a world with VeggieTales as long as I can remember, which 90s babies growing up in a Christian home has never heard of the series? I learned all about biblical morals from VeggieTales that still resonate with me to this day as an adult, and as I mature even more fully into adulthood. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on the other hand first premiered when I just became a teenager, I never expected MIP: FIM to gain a major male fandom with fans even older than I am. It was nearly two years ago when I got curious over what the brony hubbub was all about, and then I was immediately hooked. The wholesome lessons that MLP: FIM taught gave me similar to vibes to VeggieTales. So that is what inspired me to create this crossover fan fic of my dreams.

There are several individuals I would like to thank, three of whom I've never met:

Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki for creating a video series of CGI anthropomorphic vegetables that taught me further about the faith that I follow.

Lauren Faust for reinventing a series I would've dismissed for being too girly and childish.

The rest of whom I've actually chatted with on this website:

Dinodisneylover1 for his kind personality and amazing crossover series that blended the magic of Disney of MLP:FIM, that became inspiration for my self.

extremeengima02 for yet another amazing crossover series in the world of cinema, as well as another inspiration for this fan fiction.

Dramamaster829 for his eloquent observations about the beauty of fan fiction, his editing of the Cinematic Adventures, as well as being the first user I actually chatted with. Despite our disagreements in the past, I've always found good fun in it.

ToonWriter for spicing up the comment sections of the Cinematic Adventures with his own commentary B-plots.

Phantom-Dragon for continuing the legacy that ToonWriter began, as well as a possible mutual interest in VeggieTales.

HunterBrony101 for becoming the first user to actually speak with me on this website when I first came on (although I was acting quite foolish at that time).

Jmaster49 for a fanfic series that shared my mutual disappointment in the lack of a redemption arc for Cozy Glow that will be more further explored in this fanfic.

Finally I would like to thank my Lord Jesus Christ for giving me the peace, strength, faith and wisdom in my life. As well as giving me the opportunity to share this faith-inspired fan fiction.

So sit back, relax and read all about this crossover of my dreams that combines Sunday morning values with Saturday morning fun!

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During a visit to the beach, the Equestria Girls end up going on a treasure hunt, but it will be anything but easy going as they are followed by forces similar to the ones Princess Twilight had to deal with not that long ago.

This story was started in 2018, but got finished a few years later. It wasn't my plan to take that long, but things kept getting in the way and lost most of the ideas for a while.
This also follows along with my current 'Friendship is Magic' universe, and is set after Forgotten Friendship and before the second half of Equestria Girls Season 1, so episodes like X Marks the Spot, won't be mentioned in this story.

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In a Christmas party, Flash Sentry made up a story for a movie the people failed to watch.

Young Flash Sentry is a black sheep of the family. But when he was left home by accident, he is left to thrive things on his own.

But, Gotham's greatest criminals, Joker and Harley Quinn have been stealing around houses with families away from vacations. And his house is next, it is up to him to defend his house and face the city's greatest criminals...Home Alone!

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A collection of stories with the wingspan of hummingbirds - too small to fly alone.

Minifics and flashfics.

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A Crossover featuring the Equestria Girls and the engines of Sodor. In this first season, Twilight Sparkle returns home from a visit to America, and is quickly reunited with old friends and introduced to new ones. She'll also be introduced, or reintroduced to old rivals and drawn into adventures alongside her friends. All this and more in the first season of Twilight & Friends. Set in the year 2015.

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