When the local orphanage gets into some financial difficulties, the students of Canterlot High all try to think of a way to raise money. Sadly, Adagio also has an idea. A contest, of a rather risqué variety. Still, could be worse. You could be the one made to judge the contest.

Part of my EG Continuity

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The timeline in this story will follow what we could see of King Sombra's universe in the Cutie Re-Mark episode, but with a significant change: instead of a seemingly never-ending war, war ends upon both parts reaching a hard agreement that would bring peace and tensions. Luna would stay at the Crystal Empire by marrying Sombra, and she would make sure things didn't take a turn for the worse. While also trying to reform the villain by her side.

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This story is a sequel to Voidwalkers

[Third Person] Alternating Perspectives Equisverse β

A few short days ago, Vinyl, Lyra, and their friend Sherbert freed an ancient immortal being from his prison deep beneath the northern ice. Fortunately, Chemical Fire turned out to be quite friendly only wanting to spend time with Vinyl, whom he sees as an older sister, and play harmless games with friends.

Unfortunately, Chem was not the only one of his kind on Equis, and very few of his kin are peaceful beings. Vinyl, Lyra, and Chem quickly caught the attention of Hastur the Unspeakable, a Great Old One intent on ending all life on Equis as part of a business deal.

Thanks in part to Hastur’s greed, Chem’s cunning, and Lyra’s attempts to break a curse, the fate of Equestria now rests on a twisted parody of one of Chem’s games constructed by Hastur himself. This game is no more simulation. This game takes place in another world, one that is quite real. And the end of Equis is Hastur’s chosen prize.

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Book three of the Equisverse: Season two.

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Stricken with grief, Rainbow Dash becomes a recluse in the days following the funeral of her best friend and dear wife Fluttershy. Her very life seems to fall apart at the seams without Fluttershy. As she wallows alone in her home, Rainbow is confused to find a large package left in her living room. What disturbs her the most, however, is what's inside it.

Somepony has mailed Rainbow Dash a manufactured copy of Fluttershy. It talks and behaves like her, too. What's more, everypony else thinks it's really her. They even act like Fluttershy was never buried in the first place.

Cover art by Grey Gold on DeviantArt. Will remove if the artist requests so.

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After killing Devin Weston and Steve Haines, Michael, Franklin and Trevor wanted to start a new life in peace. Living a life without all the corruption of the government. But everything changed as the Police once again knocked on their door.
After a crazy chase with the Police they tried to hide on Mount Chilliad.
What happened after that was a mystery. One thing was sure. It was a gate to a new life... but also to a new world.

- No Human/Pony, Pony/Human Transformation
- Story takes place after season seven
- Contains strong language and death
- If you are not familiar with GTA (left: Franklin, center: Michael, right: Trevor)

It's a Grand Theft Auto crossover, what did you expect anyway?

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Part of The Destiny of the Ancients

We all know how it went; Sunset turned into a demon, the Elements purified her and later on she became the lovable human that we know. Except that this time some outside force changed the outcome, this time Sunset did not survive the purification. Sunset Shimmer was killed and thrown into the dangerous realm of Dark Souls.

Finding herself in the Undead Asylum, Sunset must survive the gruesome tests in her way to either save the world, or doom the Age of Fire into darkness, but is it all so simple and who is this mysterious white robed figure that seems to be so focused on Sunset?

Meanwhile, back on Earth, the girls battle their own guilt and egos while the portal now closes and functions as a Scrying Mirror, being witnesses to the suffering and accomplishments of the redheaded undead. They will find themselves awed of what this lone figure can do by herself.

But who is moving all these strings? What is the purpose? Does it have bigger ramifications? Keep on reading to find out what will happen in Sunset's road to become the Princess of Lordran.

Previously part of The Many Destinies of Sunset Shimmer

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Throughout her entire time at CHS,Twilight has kept a secret since she arrived. A crush towards one friend that gave her everything she thought she didn't need in her life,Sunset Shimmer. Twilight wanted nothing more than to be in the arms of Sunset,but Sunset pushed her into the arms of another. So the secret stays hidden until she finally works up the courage to deal with it herself.

Cover made by me.

This is inspired by a song entitled KAILAN which is english for WHEN so it may be obvious as to what the story is about.

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Twilight Sparkle has become a star sapphire, a lantern of love. She must make sure that love always prevails. Luckily, she's not the only one. There's also a dragon, a hippogriff, and a griffon. These three friends of hers will help her protect equestria from the evil King Sombra, who is a yellow lantern. Warning: Hilarity is ensured to be recognized. Follow them in their adventure. More random lanterns will come soon. A spin-off of another story but spike is 26 years old and so is Ember. The CMC are same way, but Sweetie Belle is in love with Button Mash. Atrocitus, the leader of the red lanterns, will find Spike as a dragon of rage. Can Twilight get to the bottom of his deep and terrible rage? Find out in "The Star Sapphires of Equestria."

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How far would you go to get home?

Inspired by Imploding Colon's Epic.

(only the Chapter titles are in French. The stories entirely English.)

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