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You can put as many CMC-related stories as you wish here. Just be sure they're placed in the appropriate folders!

Babs Seed stories don't count, sorry.


Apple Bloom (with cutie mark) - Stories where a cutie marked-Apple Bloom is the mane character.

Apple Bloom (without cutie mark) - Stories where a cutie markless-Apple Bloom is the mane character.

Cutie Mark Crusaders (with cutie marks) - Stories where the Cutie Mark Crusaders, with their cutie marks, are the mane characters.

Cutie Mark Crusaders (without cutie marks) - Stories where the Cutie Mark Crusaders, without their cutie marks, are the mane characters.

Scootaloo (with cutie mark) - Stories where a cutie marked-Scootaloo is the mane character.

Scootaloo (without cutie mark) - Stories where a cutie markless-Scootaloo is the mane character.

Sweetie Belle (with cutie mark) - Stories where a cutie marked-Sweetie Belle is the mane character.

Sweetie Belle (without cutie mark) - Stories where a cutie markless-Sweetie Belle is the mane character.

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Cutie Mark Crusaders Holiday Spirit

1st - PrinceUniversa with From Forgotten to Remembrance

Cutie Mark Crusaders Hearts and Hooves Day

1st - Rubahhitam with Sweat, Tears, and a Video

2nd - PrinceUniversa with Growth of the CMC: For Better or Worse

Cutie Mark Crusaders ???

1st - DR-Fluffy with Cutie Mark Murder Mystery

2nd - Rubahhitam with Detective Bloom & the Discarded Diamond

3rd - Short Stories with Philidelphia

Our First Cutie Mark Anniversary!

1st - Rubahhitam with Golden Hearts, Steely Nerves, Silvery Manes

2nd - bahatumay with Cutie-versary

3rd - RuinQueenofOblivion with The Next Generation


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Sorry for the super late response, I haven't really checked the comments down here in a while. Anyways, I just double-checked and your story's in the Sweetie Belle (with cutie mark) folder.

The CMC, besides Fluttershy, are, and always will be, my favorite ponies:scootangel::yay:!

Can't find my story called Secret Lives

obviously my favorite CMC, who is also ranked as my 8th favorite character, is Sweetie Belle. Sweetie Belle is just so gosh dang cute! X3

Who the hay added ...And into the Fire on here? I didn't even know it happened.

i dont know who adds story here, but woo my book got in even though i never tried to get it in! first group!

I need to check the comments down here more often.....


Your fics were most likely all added by me, as I'm not only an admin, but also the official Story Scavenger here.
Thanks for joining! :scootangel: Feel free to look around a little, we have lots of interesting threads! If you like to write, how about visiting our Prompt Tag Collab?
It's a bit inactive lately, but we still want to create a massive story in there, so every participant is welcome! :pinkiehappy:

Okay, first off I just want to say hello to everybody and secondly whoever added my story to your group thank you!

i just now joined when i saw that you guys had 2 of my stories added to your page. And i dont remember adding them myself or joining before. The names of the stories are Sweetie Belle's been abducted and Shattered Harmony the Corruption of Twilight. it got me wondering if someone else saw them and added them instead.


Sounds like a good idea! Stories about Scootaloo's family can never be too many!
I will bring it up.

408171 I'm thinking you could do a scootaloo family story contest...Cause I'm writing one right now...:pinkiecrazy:


Not yet. It must still be decided what the next contest is going to be.
But we will make sure that there will be one soon! :scootangel:

408168 no prob, any contests coming up soon? Like a saint Patrick's day one maybe?


You're welcome! :twilightsmile:

We can always need more participants for our contests, YAY! :scootangel: Thanks for considering to partake!

407955 thank you for inviting me here,I hope to participate in any upcoming contests :)


You said it! :scootangel:
I cried 25 times over them getting their cutie marks!
Season 6 can't come fast enough so that we finally see what they do with their cutie marks and special talents exactly and how they help other ponies get their cutie marks!

407946 I tried manly tears of joy when they got them :pinkiehappy: HURRY UP MARCH 26TH


Hello? 3 Cutie Marks at the same time. That hasn't happened like ever.

Not to mention the same cutie mark and the same special talent. And the magical outburst that happened when they got their cutie marks that hints at something greater lying ahead of them.
All of this didn't happen to anypony before in all of Equestria's history!

Why are people upset the CMC got their Cutie Marks? Were they supposed to remain blank flanks forever?

I haven't seen anyone being upset about them getting their cutie marks, no, everyone is happy about it and cheers in joy over that.
If you've seen some, than they are part of a tiny minority. There will always be a few people here and there who can't see the greatness in something and it's best to ignore them. :scootangel:

  • Viewing 76 - 95 of 95
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