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The Bricklayer

Slow down, you're doing fine, you can't be everything you want to be, before your time... -Vienna, The Stranger: Billy Joel


...Okay. · 11:08pm November 12th

I admit, lately all of my blog posts have been about Youtube's monumental cock-ups, and keeping you up to date as best as I can. I will still try and do that by the way. Today... or tonight depending on where you live is a little bit different. See, not too long ago, I finally got an Archive of My Own account. The site functionality needs work, but I suppose that's a story for another time given to be fair, FIMfic is a bit ahead

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My Bio

Okay, let me introduce myself. Name's the Bricklayer, and as you can guess by my name I'm a LEGO fan. I'm also a huge nerd being fans of things diverse as NCIS, Supernatural, Bones, Godzilla, Doctor Who, Pokemon, Jurassic Park, the MCU, and DC Comics and of course MLP: FIM. How long have I been a fan? Well, I'd say since at least October of 2015 if I had to guess. And fast forwards a few months and here I am hopefully providing some fun and hopefully hilarious stories for y'all.

The pony I identify most is Twilight, largely because like her I am a huge nerd, and somewhat neurotic at times. However, I'm also like Fluttershy as well because of how kind and polite I can be. Should warn you though, if you tick me off enough, politeness is thrown out the window. I have a very low tolerance of BS and people whining about something or other on this site about how the show sucks and how it's ruined forever or something similar, so if you're like that... Don't expect any sympathy from me.

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Who you Gonna Call? (Ghostbusters 3 Trailer thoughts) · 5:41pm Monday

Yes, this is totally a thing now.

....now let's check for cats and dogs living together, cause surely this must be generating mass hysteria.

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Anime Gushing · 3:41pm Monday

........Okay, so Shadow's been doing this lately, -and yes, I totally blame him for this blog post- gushing about shows he likes and so, therefore, I decided to do the same with a show I recently discovered by that oh so wonderful subscription service... Netflix. Okay, little known fact about me, I play guitar. Been doing so for five years now. I consider myself moderately good. What I'd really love to do, once I get over my crippling social anxiety of course, is to just jam with fellow

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Comment posted by Lance Darkwater deleted November 14th

It's still not a clever joke.

Hey, at least he's being honest about liking the concept, perhaps

...Yeah yeah, that's real clever.

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Okay, this is just some links I thought you guys would love to check out:

Really, do I need explain this one?

Good for you if you need a British phrase reference guide like I do.




If you ever need a refresher course or need to look something up for these four fandoms, here y'all go. Also, I highly recommend TF Wiki if you need a good laugh.

Ah yes, a list of people who've done us a favor by dieing in stupid ways and removing themselves from the gene pool.

Again, a good reference guide if you need a refresher course or need some good info.

Okay, this last one is again a more helpful one as it's useful if you need to know how to spell a word or need it's definition.

Twidash Cuteness

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