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Welcome to the great and to obsessive Trixie's group this group was founded with the purpose of housing stories about Trixie that do not revolve around a certain purple unicorn.

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Behold how Trixie could have defeated the Ursa Minor!
The trick here is that it was all an illusion, which, theoretically, she should have been able to do seeing as how illusion magic is her special talent.
Although, remember the way that Trixie was able to call down lightning? The fact that she was able to do that, as a UNICORN no less, proves that she's better than that aforementioned individual! You know, the idiotic purple unicorn? Yeah, that individual. I say idiotic here because of how that individual handled the whole Ursa Minor situation. Why does that matter, you may ask? Because sure! Let's give positive reinforcement to children who do IDIOTIC things like lead a dangerous wild animal into town! Surely that can't possibly backfire! I mean, it's not like they now think that they are somehow above the law, and can do whatever they want, right?

I've added my story 'More Than Friendship' to the romance section here but if you're only looking for Trixie you'll find her a prominent/focus character in chapters 21, 22, 24 and 28.


I liked Trixie more when she wasn't used as a living prop to shill Starlight Glimmer.

Added my story The Lost Hero to the crossovers folder. While Trixie is not the main character, she is a hero.

405041 Just had to say hat your avatar is Awesome.

Here goes a new story about Trixie, but where no single trace of her former Nemesis could be seen.
She is going to make a new life for herself, and with a few new friends to boot.

is this still an active group?

Thumbs up if you think Trixie is best pony!!:trixieshiftright:

397653 The smell of shameless promotion. At least it's something good though...

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


I recently started an alternate ending about Boast Busters. I know that this episode has a lot of alternate endings already, however, I believe that I have taken an original approach to this, by inserting the collateral damage that SHOULD have happened when that Ursa Minor went into Ponyville. What does this have to do with Trixie, one might ask? Well, the answer to that question, and more, lie in my story, Innocence Lost.

After some deep research that predates Rainbow Rocks, and with new evidence found in that movie, I can now say that Trixie is Left Handed. Both pony and human counterpart.

Here's some of the research I already had published in Deviantart and the MLP forum.

  • Viewing 80 - 99 of 99
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