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"Friendship is an island that you retreat to. And you fall on the floor and laugh at all the ninnies who don't have enough brains to have your good taste." --Ray Bradbury


Equus Mortis Chapter 7 (finale) is now on Youtube! · 1:37am January 15th

Since the story is rated M, this link just goes to his Youtube channel.

Zachmoviefan has finished the last chapter of my death-pony story! Pinkie gets what she deserves, Equus makes up his mind as to what his future career is going to be and also discovers how much fun it is to have two busted legs.:pinkiecrazy:

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Don't sweat it. You're not rambling, just being honest. I'm glad that you have a special someone. I'm not in the meat market, as having a good friend as a room mate (and an adult's toy box:raritywink:) is all I need, at least on the home front.
Yeah, life isn't a porno film. I once had a room mate (for only four days) who once told another room mate, "You have to have sex with me or I'll die and it will be your fault." Clearly, this guy did not live on this plane of existence. The last I heard, he buggered off back to Belgium where, I heard, he was recognized by a former room mate and got a few fingers broken.
Life is so much easier to deal with when you're sane. It sounds to me like you have your head screwed on right.


*Bawwks lightly, sipping tea from mug, using digits to sign*

I do agree whole heartedly with this reply. Hormones are fun when younger, but can also lead to large crushing dissappointments. Ranging from getting the hottie cashier from your local Donut shop, to the note online from someone you messaged and they replied with 'who are you again'?

But in years growing older, wiser, (to some degree, the hormones are there, but also the need to continuously think of the next one to bed for the weekend gets tiring after so many years.)

I'm not saying sex and intimacy goes down after the teenage years, certainly no. But the intimacy can be much much better when you meet that special someone you decide to spend your life with. Then you just don't share the physical intimacy, you 'bond' with them as your mate so far deeper.

Being married to my best friend for 15 years was the best choice I (and we) have had for each other. Sure the sex is great, (She's a southern belle blonde like Applejack, but cares for animals and is soft spoken like Fluttershy. She is also an MLP fan. ^~^) the intimacy of just being with them in daily life is such a bigger reward, I can't even dream of life without her.

My apologies for the rambling off at the beak...

Cheers mate,
Gryphon <><

*Bawks lightly*

And the pleasure is all mine in following you... ^~^

Gryphon <><

These are good building blocks for a story, as long as there is a point to them comparing notes. Perhaps the insight that love is far more elusive than sex, but is more fulfilling? Boiling hormones are fun, but so is eating cotton candy. One big lie that I've heard my whole life is that those who have had sex are better than virgins. What a steaming load. Getting laid is amusing, but it doesn't make you superior to anyone.
Keep working on these ideas of yours.

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