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How some cool art to show off? Want to show off your story or animation? Want to discuss things about anything? Well this is the place for you! This group allows anything from everywhere, even not pony related. However, there are a few rules:
1: If you don't own the work you show, give credit to who did.
2:Always be nice. No need to be rude.You can criticize work, but in a nice way. Also, no flame wars.
3:Nothing NSFW. Keep it Teen.
4: Have fun!

I will give people 2 warnings before I ban them if they break any of these rules! Come show off the power of fans! I will allow as much freedom as possible, but there is a limit to it. Remember to enjoy!

How things work:
Stories will work like other groups, and I will even feature a couple every week.
Art: Post Art under the forums, and put [Art Showcase].
Music: Forums under [Music]
Animation/Video: Forums under [Video]
Everything else is open to discussion

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Undertale > Steven Universe

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted March 12th

Huzzah! I have ruined your member count of 101! In addition, any RWBY, Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty, or Transformer fans?

Stranger Things anyone?

How about Game of Thrones?

The Walking Dead?

What do you all think of the banner! Thanks Mistress Spectrum for it!

410190 Sure. That sounds like a great idea! Please do :)

410042 Would you like me to edit one and give it to you? I could put many characters from different fandoms on it :raritywink:

Welcome ALL! I could use some help getting a better banner set up, as the one is a bit weird as of right now. Anyone know how to do it right? The comment section will be free to use, but I will mostly use it to ask and talk to you all in a quick way!

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