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This is a group for adverts. If you want to show off your group or story, advertise it here. If you need a proofreader or someone to help you draw a banner then advertise it here. If you've read this really amazing story and want everybody to know about it, advertise it here. This is a group where you can show off anything you've done.


Be kind to people.
Post stories in the right folder.
Please notify people before advertising their work.
You don't have to advertise to join, anyone is welcome.
If you are would like to help someone, then ask first.
Make sure that the things you post are appropriate for everyone.
General site rules apply.


Stories written by you: self explanatory.
Stories not written by you: self explanatory
Stories that need proofreading: again, self explanatory
OC's: All stories that contain OC's
Unusual: stories that do not go with the usual format or stories that have an unexpected twist. Eg. PinkiePie and Fluttershy are sisters.
Shipping: stories that contain shipping
Unrated stories: stories with no likes or dislikes
Unloved stories that need more likes: stories with more dislikes than likes
Amazing stories that must be read: Stories with over 100 likes
Good stories: Stories with more likes than dislikes.
Winners: A folder for stories that have won group contests.
Contest entries: Entries for contests held within the group.

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Hiya, I just started writing a story and... Welp, I want show it.

Hello! I'm starting an ask blog for my oc in tumblr! I would really appreciate it if you would check it out, perhaps leave an ask or a follow. Here is the link:

Hello everyone! We are a humanized MLP roleplaying group that runs on Skype. Our blog name is our-stories-of-friendship on Tumblr. If you could just give us a quick look to see if you’d be interested in joining that would be fantastic. We have a variety of characters available along with plenty of opportunities for you to meet writers and create stories with them.

Once again, here is a link if you're interested. Hope to see you soon!

Comment posted by blaster22 deleted Oct 5th, 2016

Hello everyone. I'm new here so if you need to talk to someone or if you wish for me to read your story or just anything in general, I'm your guy- er... Animal:scootangel:

I was about to add one of my stories, but decided against it and clicked "Cancel" But it posted anyway. Just to let you know.

409860 Just has to be mlp related. That's all. (But it can be about the fandom too, eg. Bronycon promotions are allowed).

Hay! Wanna collab?! Check out our thread!

Hello everyone, i am starting a big project named: Project X. Its a big writing project and you can be a part of it!
Please check my profilepage for more info on Project X.

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