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Wingy San

A light shines in the middle of darkness. Should I follow it? What if it's just a trap, or delusion? I'll get know only if I'll follow it

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Russian invadion on Ukraine · 5:21am Feb 25th, 2022

Well, guys, I really believed politics are just smarter in 21st century, but I was wrong. We live in an insane world.

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Something about me

So welcome, I'm Wingy and I've finally decided to update the bookmark where I'll write something about myself and put it on my profile homepage.

I am a person who has been writing fanfiction on the Internet for some time. There were many stories in my head that I have always wanted to free up, but... I never knew how. I can't draw, I don't know how to make animations, although I want to learn it, I'll have to buy a better device for that, as well as creating comics is not an option, because I don't know how to draw. So I thought "Hey, what if I would write it?" and well, that's where it all started. On my profile, you will find two stories. Something that I once wanted to consider my Magnum Opus, a story entitled "Demon's Child", but... Well, it didn't work out as well as I wanted. But what can I say, nobody is perfect. Even Stephen King. The second story you will find on my profile is "The Chosen One", but... I do not recommend reading it at the moment. Why? I am from Poland and the Chosen One was published here, as far as I remember, in 2017 maybe 2018. But... Well, it was not very good. This is because, at that time, my knowledge of English was really poor and... I used Google Translate to translate it. But I'm currently working on a re-mastered version of the story and I'm going to retranslate it soon because... Damn, I really love it. This is my first ever story, my hobby started with it and I can't leave it in its actual state. It will probably take me a lot of time, but fuck it. I have to do it and done.

I think it is time for me to write something about my interests. I really like to write, but you know that. So I will tell you about something else. My favorite writer is Stephen King, you could say that I am even his fanatic. I've been inspired by his style of writing, which has always been about focusing on characters, getting to know them, and having some kind of relationship with them. I also love horror films, my favorite ones are It, It: Chapter 2, Conjuring and Conjuring 2, Sinister and Insidious. I also like computer games, and I love Gothic 2: The Night of the Raven, Skyrim, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Rayman, the Dark Souls series, or one of the best games of my childhood, GTA: San Andreas. I also love the SCP Foundation universe very much, and most of all the themes that touch on mythology. I love the canon in which SCP-073 and SCP-076-2 are the biblical brothers Cain and Abel.

Let's move on to things I don't like very much. I definitely don't like politics and talking about it. I'm not interested in the war between the left and the right side, because I have my own life and my own problems. And the only politics I get involved in is the one that takes place in my country, Poland. And you can believe me that nowadays the Polish political scene is on fire and it does not look good. I'm getting involved because I want to change something in this damn country, even though I've had enough of it. I was born here, I grew up here and I don't want this country to fall. I also don't like situations in which two people I like, for example, argue with each other. Of other things... I don't like wars, I hate idiotic war between PC, Playstation, Nintendo, and Xbox players, because it's just stupid. Regardless of the platform, we are all players, so maybe instead of arguing, let's unite.

Finally, I think I'll add some important information here, so:

Updates of any of the stories are quite rare. Reasons:
- I don't force myself to write. It's not cool, I've been forcing myself to write and I almost hated writing.
- I have many personal problems, including mental ones. I won't write about it, anyway, I've written about it many times in my blog posts, which I'm not really proud of. In any case, I am also a human being and I have my life.
- We are currently in quarantine, but I am a person who attends upholstery apprenticeship and school. This is why I had not much time for writing, and most of all, I lacked any strength. Now my strength is coming back and I feel a little better, so... YAY!

I also invite you to see what's going on on my Twitter and I think I can finish this post here. BOIII ;33

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You just love Johnny with orange on my avatar xD

So I randomly found you.
Now you don't know me and I don't know you, but I find it important that I make this post on your page.


Because you're breathtaking


Look bro... I had a terrible day. I can't think clearly, everything is covered with negative thoughts. I'm sorry.

Of course you are, don't think you're not :derpytongue2:

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