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Wingy San

I'm not a good writer, but I'm trying the best I can. I'm writing, because I love it and I'll never give up.

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I'm done. · 12:32pm Monday

Today I feel so terrible. I've lost another family member, one of my cats. Mr. Fluff (in Polish "Puszek") is dead, and I am completely broken. It so goddamn hurts. I don't really know, what to do now.

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Something, about me [Screw it! I know that no one cares anyway]

Favorite ponies:

Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna, Fluttershy, Lyra Heartstrings, Derpy, Rainbow Dash, Twilight.

Things which I love:

Friendship:yay: Horror books and movies, MLP, writing, Nightmare Moon, SCP Foundation, Fallout game series, Creepypasta [No, I'm not Jeff The Killer fangirl or fanboy, I hate Jeff, Jane and Nina The Killer :twilightangry2:]

Things which I hate:

Haters, Clopfics, Politicians


Patient, nice, friendly, usually calm but sometimes very nervous, a horror lover, respecting the opinion of others, helps if you ask for it.

Favourite games:

1. Fallout 4
2. Dark Souls 3
3. Fallout 3
4. Gothic and Gothic II Night of the Raven
5. The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim
6. Dark Souls - Prepare to Die Edition
7. Half-Life 2
8. GTA: San Andreas
9. SCP - Containment Breach
10. Team Fortress 2

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I love your profile photo. #GottaGoFast :pinkiehappy:

It's all good. In the group, nobody judges. Nothing but good vibes for days 😎


OH! EEEEEEE... *blush* Thank you then. Ahhh, I'm a little bit nervous. I'm sorry.

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