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I think the name tells it all. This group contains HiE stories where the human isn't a doormat. Assertive humans doing assertive things and acting in an assertive manner. Don't add stories that don't meet that requirement.

Considering that said criteria is subjective, I will remove stories if I think the human/s are, in fact, a doormat.

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Comment posted by Evil Derp-Derp deleted Jul 26th, 2020

The thought that a point supporting the idea we humans could create an atleast 99.99% deadly virus that can spread between an entire species is that we *COULDN'T* find a cure for hay fever is insurmountably stupid and fractalman brings up a great point about parasprites and not only how fast they multiply but the amount of damage they could do, the only limiting factor I can think of for them is available food, it seeming to be necessary to multiply.

You can keep up with the doom and gloom all you want. But with the right type of logic and the undying need to survive. Human science will and always be able to Kill, your nightmare that are these rainbow colored cockroaches of horse land.


can't even cure hay fever

If we can't even stop allergic reactions, then what makes you think we could POSSIBLY design a killer plague to wipe out the blatantly magical parasprites? They are tough enough to lift ponies, they won't be easily crushed.

The fact is, we either notice and stop the parasprites within the first 24 hours or we're doomed.

Who knows, for their is still no cure for the 'hay' fever.


And just how long do you think it takes to develop a targeted disease to wipe out an alien biology we've never seen before?

Looks like your the type that gives up or give in when the impossible can be possible. The Egyptians thought they could get rid of a swarm of locusts. But found out they could with ease. Truly only thing that can wipe out life is diseases. Colorful horses and their odject eating, easy to step on bugs.

433355 you are wrong.

Once a parasprite swarm gets going, that's it. we can kiss our world goodbye, because we simply do not have enough insecticide to kill off a 500 mile wide swarm of the things. That's about what they'll be in a mere 5 days without something like the tree of harmony restricting their multiplication.

we couldn't even kill off the rabbits in australia

and those multiply far slower than parasprites, and have biology we actually understand. WHY do you think we can deal with parasprites through any means other than "take them out on day one, maybe day 2, before they have the chance to multiply"?

Yea, only in your nightmares. With a good amount Raid, and those flying pebbles will be no more.

I...don't think you quite understand how quickly they multiply. I suppose a cloud of raid would work too, if you got it delivered early enough, but...

12 hours turns 1 into about a thousand. another 12 and that's a million of em. another 12 hours later and there'd be a billion. After that they're probably going to be limited by their travel speed, but anything in front of the expanding mass of parsprites DIES.

It'll be worse than putting out an out of control forest fire, because this one can fly high up into the air and eat the helicopters and airplanes you're using to deliver the pesticide.
If we miss even one swarm for 2 days that's pretty much it for us, we're doomed.

A smog cloud of Raid will exterminate them out. No need of a nuke. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Yet!

433346 there are some things on that list we'd have a damn hard time beating without magic which aren't incorporeal.

Case in point, parasprites.

Ever heard the term von neumann swarm?

Parasprites are a very fast multiplying von neumann swarm. Sure, we could kill an individual parasprite, or even groups of parasprites without much issue...

But they multiply so quickly that if a single reprogrammed parasprite shows up in our world, we basically have 24, maybe 48 hours to nuke them or they'll multiply faster than we can kill them.

I've only since three things that only magic can touch. But those only three things are ghostly figures. Everything else is Easy Pickins.

Not everything. We have no antimagic or magic, so even if we get lucky destroy discord's body and "kill" him there's nothing we can do about his spirit.

Tirek at full power would be a nightmare for us to take down without nukes-and even then he might be able to survive.

The windigoes might or might not be something we can potentially kill-they're a bit vague, but they could easily be incorporeal enough that our weapons will be utterly useless against them.

Changelings are a subtler threat...well, if they actually use their abilities properly as infiltrators; nevertheless, while we could certainly eventually learn to detect them, they could get US to cause a nasty time for ourselves by setting off our paranoia full throttle.

If the parasprites multiply out of control for too long, that's IT unless we nuke ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, and, well, "nuke everything" isn't exactly what I'd call easy. An individual parasprite? Sure, easily killed. It's that there's almost never just one...Ever heard of grey goo? That's basically what the parasprites are. OUR ecosystem is NOT equipped to stop them, and it's not exactly clear how the equestrian ecosystem managed to defeat what should have been a world-devouring disaster...though the Tree of Harmony is hinted to be responsible, somehow.

Don't get me wrong. In a fight, we could be downright NASTY for the ponies as long as discord doesn't barge in fingersnap all our weapons into something useless, and the ponies themselves have some social vulnerabilities humans could take advantage of to topple equestria with a few well placed snipers (so long as they use high enough caliber bullets-alicorns are pretty tough)...but seriously, the world of MLP is a roughly dnd-level deathworld, and some of its threats are ones even modern humans are ill equipped to deal with.

TL:DR I don't think you actually thought about what you were saying, because equestria has plenty of things that while, sure, we could kill em, it wouldn't be EASY, and it has some things we might NOT be able to kill at all.

Ok i can believe that.

I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say. The MLP fimfic fandom seems to be unreasonably emasculated and I'm not entirely for sure why, especially in HiEs.

I'm just going to say this group is not for the snowflake writer and reader. I'm going to like it here thank you for existing.

Say so you. But still everything there is still easy kill for us. You are just not patience.

Some of us just getting tired of o.c. and MALE m.c. getting knocked over and over till close to the end of a story. Or just being pushed around over and over.

TinMan #54 · Jul 20th, 2018 · · 3 ·

It's disturbing that this fandom needs a group like this. :facehoof:

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