(Note, this story takes place after season 7 and the movie.)

This story was originally World War Changeling but was renamed and reposted because of deleted comments affecting ratings.

It had been 5 years since Chrysalis and a few changelings that didn't turn against her, found an ancient gateway, made their way to earth and took over all of America, life hasn't been the same since for humans as changelings killed innocents for no reason, torched their homes and treated them as if they were slaves. But while scavenging for food, two survivors, Morgan and Jacob meet Celestia, Luna, Twilight and her friends who claim that they are here to stop Chrysalis and help them take back their home. During their journey, they will encounter new friends, discover new and dangerous threats and uncover secrets that have been hidden for years! Will this new rebellion of different species end a raging war and bring freedom to its citizens or will it set things back for the entire human race?

Theme song --- Revolution

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You would think being born to the most powerful Alicorn in Equestria and being protected by second most powerful Alicorn in Equestria would protect you from the darkness outside the walls of Grand Royal Palace, but this is not so. An old enemy of Princess Celestia and Prince Justice Silverlight returns and tries to steal the Princess’s most precious treasures, her beloved foals.

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Fleur de Lis is a model and socialite, a lady of Canterlot high society, and the envy and heartthrob of many a stallion and mare.

Midnight Clad is a Night Guard, a trained soldier bound by solemn oath, who one day hopes to join Princess Luna's honor guard.

A chance encounter brings the two together, and leaves Fleur hungry for answers. Who and what are thestrals? How did they live? Where did they come from?

But the Night Guard are seldom seen for a reason. Ancient rules and the pressures of society weigh heavily, and Midnight Clad is forced to make a decision:

Either play it safe, and adhere to the mandate laid down centuries before.

Or throw caution to the wind, and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes...

Note: Tags and age rating may change as story moves on.

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Melody Heart was a normal teenager before her life was turned upside down. Along with her therapist, she treads along the path of her past and realises that maybe, just maybe, the worst mistake of her life could have been a good thing.

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This story is a sequel to 404: Romance Not Found

Twilight buys Rarity the perfect gift to celebrate their relationship.

Too bad it's cursed.

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Final story of the Iqqelverse

Are you sure you want to hear this story? Everyone's already got a happy ending, so why can't we just let things be?

Alright, alright... if you're absolutely sure. Let's see, then...

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Long ago, the sun expanded, and and the world died and the sea and skies boiled, moon melting. As the planet cooled, it became an almost lifeless icy husk. However, the Princesses foresaw this, and created bunkers for the ponies to dive deep into. Underground cities, really. In these underground worlds, technology thrived and now, the ponies look to the stars in hopes of finding a new world, a new Eden. However, the galaxy's a dangerous place and it's not for the timid. As it was once said: “If you can't take a little bloody nose, maybe you ought to go back home, and crawl under your bed. It's not safe out here! It's wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross; but it's not for the timid.”

The galaxy at large is under the rule of the evil Dark Matter syndicate, and with only prototype suits and voyagers to help defend themselves against their relentless onslaught, sometimes what has been called Equestria's greatest, wonder if they should have run along home. Sadly, there's no turning back now. And maybe, just maybe, they'll become the Paladins this galaxy needs...

Say the Change!

(Kyurangers Adaption.)

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This story is a sequel to Breaking Out to Avoid Being Broken In

Chrysalis has had better days. In fact, she once had it all. A loyal horde, her enemies cocooned as sources of food for her hive, a home not cluttered with useless items like banners, doors, and toilets. Times have changed for the former Queen and she’s going to have to figure out how to adapt to her new life. Or, you know… do something sensible like try to get her old one back.

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They are calling it the Age of Triumph. Multiple threats to the Last City have been dispatched. The Traveler is beginning to heal. The children are no longer frightened.

But for one warlock, her inability to master the self-resurrection technique Fireborn has drawn the ire of the Warlock Vanguard, Ikora Rey. Faced with an ultimatum, she dives deeper into herself in search of an identity she can truly call her own.

What she finds, and the friends she finds with it, could permanently change the balance between Light and the Darkness.

Crossover with the video game Destiny. Takes place at the end of Destiny 1 (Rise of Iron) and before Destiny 2. Familiarity with the setting is recommended. "Violence" and "Death" tags are in line with Destiny's setting.

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When Celestia realized the calamity and chaos that would come to Equestria and that she would need somepony to take her place, she began to look for an apprentice. Eventually, this led to her tutelage of Twilight Sparkle, but she was not Celestia's first apprentice. This is the story of Roberta mi Amore, and how she became The Lady mi Amore Cadenza, heir to Celestia, and the first sorceress to become an alicorn in over a thousand years.

In the same universe as Camaraderie is Sorcery, to be read between the first and second seasons (after Chapter 1:27.4).

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