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  • 6 days
    A question

    Out of the two famous Disney songs which is your favorite

    Is it A:

    We Don't Talk About Bruno From Encanto

    Or is it B:

    Nobody Like U From Turning Red

    The song with the most answers will have a chance to be played at one of my series

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  • 6 days
    Happy Birthday

    AN: Before you read this I just wanted to say that this is not cannon but you may watch this whenever you'd like so now then let's have the party started

    The Episode begins in Fluttershy's backyard as the birds chirped happily and spun around until the screen got down towards Cat Noir, Fluttershy and Pinkie

    "A little birdy told me today is very special. Because it's your birthday!" Fluttershy said

    "Yes and I'm so sad Ladybug couldn't be here" Cat Noir said sadly

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  • 2 weeks
    Trivia, Errors and More of Dark Cupid

    After a certain passing of the queen and the desire to want to finish the series before Christmas I didn't want to do trivia's, errors and more but since it's a tradition I'll have to do it so without further ado let's start with the trivia's

    Trivia 1.1: Internationally, this episode first premiered in France

    Trivia 1.2: This episode is the tenth to air in Korea and France

    Trivia 2: According to Thomas Astruc, the 'internet would break because of 'this episode'

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  • 3 weeks
    Some news

    Hi everyone and welcome to a very sad post which is half good half bad but you'll see what I mean starting off with the worst part

    Bad News:

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  • 3 weeks
    Miraculous Ponies news

    Starts writing only to see she has 24+ days left before the Christmas Special

    "Oh no, I still have 38 days left before I have to start with the Christmas Special!" I yelled in shock before I panted heavily

    Then Twilight and Ladybug came into the room

    "Calm down, I know it seems like much but we got this as long as we team up" Twilight said

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Thanks for the follow

can somepony do an animation of my oc and put it on yt plz?

Thanks for reading my Goo-Jit-Zu story.

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