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  • Saturday
    A little mistake

    Oops, I just realized that I made the biggest mistake in Miraculous Ponies, the mistake being Marinette's house, I watched Miraculous fully but I forgot about what happened in Evillustrator, so, do you guys remember a scene in Evillustrator where Ladybug told Cat Noir and friends they needed to go to Marinette's house? Well, it was supposed to happen after the Puppeteer and I always believed Miraculous Watch Order was correct but unfortunately I was wrong, so guys lesson of the say do

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  • Saturday
    Some news

    After a while of searching on where I can watch Miraculous Season 5 without money or Miraculous.to since it won't work and doesn't have subtitles I found it! So, if Season 5 or any other Seasons don't have their Episodes on Youtube I can use that certain place to make videos also Amaya, how's it going with your Rainbowronpa series

    The screen switches to Rainbow High where Amaya is seen speaking

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  • 2 weeks
    A Few Announcements

    Hi guys, I have a few announcements, first off scorch234 is helping me on the editing of Miraculous Ponies Episodes and chapters so until that's done you won't get any updates on Miraculous Ponies, second of all since my Kingdom Hearts spoof is gaining attention from a few people I've decided to upload Chapters once every 3 days on 5 PM (Belguim time) so you all can still read it but if anything gets in the way by the time I want to upload it I will upload it before or afterwards so don't

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  • 4 weeks
    A 2 year and 7 months anniversary

    Hi guys, Silver Swirl here and today I'm gonna do a little Q&A with you guys where me and the cast will be answering your questions but how will we do it, well, I have created a Google Doc and you guys may answer any questions you have about me, the crew, our adventures or anything else but keep in mind that you have 7 days to ask us stuff and next month I'll be answering your questions so let's get to it


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  • 4 weeks
    Silver Swirl Direct 2023

    The screen then turned to Silver Swirl along with Twilight, Ladybug, Sunny and Amaya Raine sitting in a chair

    "Hi guys and welcome to a brand new Silver Swirl direct, today I'm gonna be announcing some stuff that will come out and some special guests will be joining us so if by any chance you want to collab with me or you want to review a story with me let me know in my private inbox and we can speak about it" Silver said

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