Pony Tales are audiobook versions of MLP: FiM fanfictions created by Scribbler. They come with music, sound effects and often multiple voice actors, giving them a radio play feel. This group is a living library of all the fics here on FimFiction that have been given the Scribbler treatment, for easy perusal of the source material. Expect it to grow. ;)

Please do not add fics yourself. This group is meant primarily as a storage facility so people can access the original stories. However, discussion of these stories (and future suggestions for Pony Tales) in the forum is heartily encouraged.

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Hey, Scribbler. I have to say thank you for showing me something that helps me everyday. I have always needed some sort of noise in the background, and thanks to stumbling upon one of your readings, a new world of entertainment and wonder has been opened up to me. Thank you so much!!


Hi scribbler I'm Dreamcaster I like what you do you make all the story come life like they can read them selves and for that I thank you for it and would you like to help me with my fabric if you have time

how have i not known this was around?

well, i will say that i'm glad it exists, also, scribbler is probably the main reason i'm in this fandom, to be honest. Derpy's Rainy Day was the firs thing of hers that i ever listened to. man, it hurt.

:rainbowlaugh:I think it's safe to say that it's Scribbler's fault I'm in this fandom. Thank you, Scribs!

Do you think Scribbler that you might be able to a reading of Monsters and Other Foalish Things by MedicShy?

Hmm, quite sad I am not knowing this group was here, but I'm really happy that I am here now. :)

Obligatory group addition. :twilightsmile: Check


We Bronies award you with this, Scribbler. Keep up the awesome work. :heart:

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